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Escaping the Darkness

Quitting drinking lifted me out of Crapsville. When I drank, I would often ponder why other people’s lives seemed to be so much more productive and together than my own messy, unsatisfying and occasionally frightening existence. I am writing about this today because I noted earlier just how content I am these days, and how […]



Girl,12, branded with hairpin, raped and sold for sex at £600 an hour.

Raped with Eyes: Daydream
Raped with Eyes: Daydream (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Raped by an Angel
Raped by an Angel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Length of stay in U.S. foster care
Length of stay in U.S. foster care (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The nightmare began shortly after her 11th birthday. Forced to care for her sick parents, she was desperate for any love and attention.

So when Mohammed Karrar entered her life, bought her perfume and treated her like an adult, she believed in him. But the ‘nicey-nicey honeymoon period,’ as she described it, would last barely a year.

After grooming her, Karrar made sure she was ‘out of it’ on drink and drugs before raping her on his sofa. She was still 11.
From that moment she became his ‘property’ and a sex slave loaned out to abusers around the country for up to £600 an hour.

Over five years she was repeatedly attacked in what she described as ‘torture sex’. Injected with heroin, she was sold to groups of Asian men who violently gang-raped her in bedsits and guesthouses around Oxford and elsewhere.

Now 19, the victim identified as Girl D for legal reasons, frequently broke down in tears giving evidence via videolink as she described her horrific ordeal.

Following the rape, Karrar’s sadistic attacks became commonplace and sometimes he made ‘porn’ movies of her.

If she refused, he would beat her up and threaten her with weapons, once beating her with a baseball bat.

He even raped the girl, who came from a troubled family, at the home she shared with her deaf parents.

Karrar and his brother Bassam forced her to have sex with one of them while she performed a sex act on the other.

Sobbing as she recalled telling Karrar about her pregnancy when she was 12, she said: ‘He was f***ing fuming. He said I should have been a bit more responsible.’

Given two ‘ecstasy-like’ tablets, she was driven to a house in Reading where she was forced to undergo an illegal abortion using a long hook.

The teenager said she could not remember much of the procedure, but believes it took place on a hard living room floor. No doctors or nurses were present, there were no painkillers or medication.
On one occasion, when she was still 12, Karrar branded her flesh with hot metal.

He took a hairpin from her hair, scraped off the paint, bent it into the shape of the letter M, for Mohammed, then held it over a lighter flame.

‘After heating it for a while, he stuck it on my bum, so that I belonged to him,’ the girl said. ‘He was branding me so that if I ever had sex with someone else, people would know I was his.’

Over the following four years Karrar took the girl around the country and sold her for ‘£600 a time’.

She was made to wear short skirts and bikini tops before being repeatedly raped. Parties were held at which she was asked to meet the sexual requirements of up to 15 ‘important guests’.

At the age of 15 she was moved into a foster family away from Oxford and the nightmare stopped.
Two years later she met Karrar after he convinced her he had changed.

During a conversation at his home she demanded to know why he had abused her and sold her for sex. He became angry and raped her a final time.

One victim said she had been so brainwashed by her abusers that even now she sometimes failed to see the evil in the men who had raped her.

Known only as ‘Girl Three’, she endured three years of abuse at the hands of the gang whom she had met when she was 12.

‘It was brainwashing. Even to this day I can almost say, “They were OK”,’ she said. ‘It’s delusional.

They turned me against my mum. They knew everything that they had to say to get a vulnerable person, a young person, on their side.’

Like many of the victims, she had experienced abuse as a child and was in care.

She was later adopted but rebelled by running away and drinking.