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Escaping the Darkness

Quitting drinking lifted me out of Crapsville. When I drank, I would often ponder why other people’s lives seemed to be so much more productive and together than my own messy, unsatisfying and occasionally frightening existence. I am writing about this today because I noted earlier just how content I am these days, and how […]



A Changed Outlook

and the magic words are...
and the magic words are… (Photo credit: joestupidstupid)







People should photograph, people should be hea...
People should photograph, people should be healthy, people should be into the warm, people should find love, people should read, they got a brain! Magic words, indeed!:) (Photo credit: || UggBoy♥UggGirl || PHOTO || WORLD || TRAVEL ||)


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STEPS 2011 Group Shot-3 (Photo credit: Inkyhack)


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When I was drinking, my attitude was totally selfish, self-centered, my pleasure and my comfort came first. Now that I am sober, self-seeking has started to slip away.


My whole attitude toward life and other people is changing. For me, the first “A” in our name stands for attitude. My attitude is changed by the second “A” in our name which stands for action.


By working the Steps, attending meetings,and carrying the message, I can be restored to sanity. Action is the magic word! With a positive, helpful attitude and regular A.A. action, I can stay sober and help others to achieve sobriety.


My attitude now is that I am willing to go to any length to stay sober!




Divorce Causes: A Rising Number Of Divorces Are Being Blamed On Wives’ Drinking, Says UK Lawyer

A Kranz (wreath) of Kölsch beer.
A Kranz (wreath) of Kölsch beer. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Divorce Busting
Divorce Busting (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
McAlister dedication_9504
McAlister dedication_9504 (Photo credit: Tulane Publications)

A growing number of Brits are citing alcohol as a contributing factor in their divorces — and it’s the wives who have the drinking problem in the majority of the cases, according to one divorce attorney.

Family law attorney Amanda McAlister told the Daily Mail Wednesday that she sees 40 to 50 divorce cases every year where drinking played a part in the marital breakdown. By her calculations, the number of men citing alcohol as a cause in these cases has risen by 70 percent in the last five years.

“Husbands will often initially cite a different reason for divorce, such as that their wife doesn’t work or help around the house,” McAlister told the newspaper. “It only later comes to light that the reason she’s not doing so is because she’s often drunk or nursing a hangover.”

It’s not the first time the link between drinking and divorce has been in the news as of late. In February 2013, researchers from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health found that heavy drinking and incompatible drinking — where one spouse consumes far more alcohol than the other — increase the chance of divorce. The risk of divorce was especially high when the wife was the one imbibing.

Click through the slideshow below to see how our readers said drinking affected their marriages, then head to the comments to share your experiences.

The joy of accepting been an Alcoholic.

alcoholic travel
alcoholic travel (Photo credit: Marco Garofalo – FreaKingNews.com – PSMandrake.)
New York Alcoholic Anxiety Attack performing a...
New York Alcoholic Anxiety Attack performing at Seven in Nottingham on 11/10/2009 (Photo credit: napalmgram)
New York Alcoholic Anxiety Attack performing a...
New York Alcoholic Anxiety Attack performing at Seven in Nottingham on 11/10/2009 (Photo credit: napalmgram)
Alcoholic (Photo credit: pepperazzi)
Alcoholic beverages
Alcoholic beverages (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
العربية: مجموعة مشروبات كحولية. Català: Divers...
العربية: مجموعة مشروبات كحولية. Català: Diverses begudes alcohòliques. Cymraeg: Rhai diodydd alcoholig traddodiadol. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Jack Daniels whiskey
English: Jack Daniels whiskey (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The joy of accepting been an Alcoholic..