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Liverpool 2 – 2 Manchester City

Howard Gayle
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Just to show you that Liverpool FC can utilised the players that they have without the need of spending mega bucks on players who are only the money and not the passion of the game.

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“Liverpool ended a 16-year wait for a return to Wembley as they drew 2-2 with Manchester City to secure a 3-2 aggregate success and set up a Carling Cup final against Cardiff next month. Former City striker Craig Bellamy was the hero for the team he rejoined in August, scoring the decisive goal 16 minutes from time. The Wales international played a pivotal role throughout and will now face another former club – and city of his birth – Cardiff, as the Reds seek to end a trophy drought dating back to 2006.” ESPN

Cup Competitions Are What You Make of Them
“Cup competitions never mean the same thing each year; or indeed, the same thing to each and every club. For starters, when it’s your team that’s in a final, even the League Cup can hold some importance.” Tomkins Times

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Torres Jibe at Liverpool

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So Torres pop jibes at Liverpool as he move to Chelsea.
Well lets say good riddance to him as I say all along he was only in it for the money, he wanted to move long after the World Cup.
I only hope when he cannot deliver for Chelsea the fan will give what for as he is trying to create bad blood between clubs.

Torres, Carroll, Suarez, Adam: Transfer Chaos. (via Scissors Kick)

Fernando Torres
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Thank goodness for that Torres is out ao Liverpool FC.

Torres, Carroll, Suarez, Adam: Transfer Chaos. Adoration of the Golden Calf, Jacopo Robusti “For the first couple of seasons at Liverpool, Fernando Torres was the most complete striker I’d ever seen at the club; Ian Rush’s pace and finishing prowess, but with the ability to also beat defenders with skill and hit a wider variety of strikes. He seemed humble, hard-working and devoted to the club. He was perfect. While his goalscoring remained impressive last season, in spite of injuries and the … Read More

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