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The Football Association

View of Old Trafford from East Stand
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English: Suarez got Liverpool player of the month
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As a BLACK person I would like to challenge the FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION on the LIVERPOOL SUAREZ case as the news is that they are disgusted over the name NEGRO which was used by Suarez a few months ago in a game between Man U and LIVERPOOL.
You people are saying not to call a Black person Black therefore what should they be called or described, because damn you if you called me coloured I would have sued the ass off you for doing so, as my skin pigment does not change from Black to Red, therefore for a everyday banter why is Saurez and Terry been penalised for something that been used amongst the said Blacks that you are trying to defend each day.
I personally would like to meet with either the FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION and any member of the Government for the ANSWER or ALTERNATIVE for the Colour BLACK, as Coloured IS CORRUPTION.


EVRA cries Racism

Evra comes off the pitch after a match versus ...
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Why whenever a Black Footballer had an encounter on the pitch with a White player,they cries Racism.
Let’s reminded Patrice Evra the most Racism is amongst the Black people themselves, let’s not forget that they were the one’s that sold their own people for a loaft of bread, therefore whyenever we are about to accused another fellow men of Racism just kindly take a look at ourselves first.
Why does the word Nigger offend Black people,is it because they don’t like to hear the truth that they are Black and that they are a damn Nigger, I am a Nigger and proud to be a Nigger so why is it such a big problem within the Black community.
People like Evra is helping to put the World back into the dark ages, where you were divided,look bro if you can’t the union then go back to where you once came.

Cleaning up Football

Steven Gerrard, Liverpool F.C. footballer
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If we are un the verge of cleaning up football then there is one other problem whwre Players are lashing out on each other when there is a foul on them.
For example an earlier game I was watching where John Pansil was fouled in the game between Liverpool and Fulham when he attacked Gerrard and Johnson.
These type of behaivour should not be condone within the game and I think it’s time some action is taken not just suspension but get rid of them out of the game forever, I would like these upon coming youngster should know that the game commands disciplines.


View of inside Anfield Stadium from Anfield Ro...
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Can someone please tell me what is happening at our beloved LIVERPOOL FOOTBALL CLUB.
Beaten by BLACKBURN ROVERS 3-1 not like Liverpool of old it’s time someone ass been kick time to shipped out both Manager and Players, especially those who have no dedication or long term commitment to the club,those who are only there for the mega bucks.
If the Owners are as Committed as they say then they got to act now,we need to see the Liverpool of old once more.