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Ghost?! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Fearful Symmetry (Frye)
Fearful Symmetry (Frye) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
This image was selected as a picture of the we...
This image was selected as a picture of the week on the Malay Wikipedia for the 29th week, 2010. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The St Elizabeth family who claim they are being repeatedly attacked by ghosts, are now pleading for help to combat the mysterious assaults, THE STAR understands.

The past several weeks have been so eventful for the family who resides in Red Bank, Rose Hall, they say they are now out of cash, medical supplies, appliances, furniture and other valuables.

A member of the family told THE STAR that a preliminary count of losses is estimated to be $500,000.

He said, “Nuff money we lose and we out of food right ya now … Mi mother can’t eat and she sickly.”

The 70-year-old woman who is the head of the house declined to give her name on record, however, she told THE STAR the events have taken a toll on her.

She said, “Three times now mi catch stroke, three times heart attack … I’m diabetic now for 30-odd years, and I can’t eat or take my medications … A bare beat up mi a get.”

nowhere to rest

She continued, “A 47 years now mi married and a di first mi a see or go through something like this … Mi nuh know where mi ago sleep tonight … No bed nowhere to rest …”

Her son told our news team that although he is a bit fearful, he will not show the enemy any signs of such.

He said, “Last night mi deh here with dem til bout 3 a.m. and mi nuh see no sign til bout when morning light, mi hear mi mada and mi sister a bawl fi help, and mi can see dem a fight but mi can’t see what dem a fight.”

The son continued, “Dem a fight and mi vex cause mi want defend dem but mi can’t defend dem because mi can’t fight weh mi can’t see … Mi a beg the church all over, anybody, we are suffering … Help!”

The mother also told THE STAR that even though there are relatives who want to help, the relatives are scared because if they go to stay with them, the ghost appears and the rock and stone throwing continues.

Her husband, who our news team was told is much older than she is, took THE STAR around the house, pointing to all the damaged windows.

He said, “Me and my wife, five children and two grandchildren occupy the house … All the windows, dresser, fridge, bed, sofa, chairs and clothes destroyed. Three tvs damaged, radio and other appliances … This is happening in front our eyes and we can’t do nothing.”

The family claims that even a dog, once considered as one of the most fearful in the community, was now showing signs of fear.

A neighbour told THE STAR, “Yuh see all da dog deh, yuh si how him quiet? A from the duppy dem rise him a behave so and him did bad, nobody couldn’t come ina da yard yah.”

Meanwhile, crowds of people have been gathering in the quiet community daily in an attempt to witness the mysterious happenings.



English: Badger's Holt, Blackhurst Lane A gate...
English: Badger’s Holt, Blackhurst Lane A gated community. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The Last Ghost and Other Stories (1999)
The Last Ghost and Other Stories (1999) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Ghost?! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Wray & Nephew, the Rum That Wards Off Evil
Wray & Nephew, the Rum That Wards Off Evil (Photo credit: SBPR)
This image was selected as a picture of the we...
This image was selected as a picture of the week on the Malay Wikipedia for the 29th week, 2010. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There was high drama in Braeton, St Catherine, on Wednesday following an incident in which a woman reportedly got into a fight with what residents said was a ghost.

The incident left many residents speechless and cowering in fear after the ghost, said to be that of a male, reportedly knocked the woman unconscious.

A woman who said she glimpsed the ghost, described the spirit as a short, bald-headed man, who was not wearing a shirt.

“Everybody a wonder a weh di duppy come from, but I don’t have a thing to say because mi remember one time duppy tell mi dat mi chat too much,” a resident from the area said.

THE STAR understands that since the incident, the woman has been wandering in the community barefooted.

It is reported that sometime after 7 p.m., the young woman was at home when she was knocked unconscious by what she later told residents was a strong force.

Residents say that when the young woman regained consciousness, she started fighting the ghost and kicking a fence.

THE STAR was told that incident drew a large crowd, and sent tongues wagging. The woman, it was further heard, was taken from the area to a gated community in St Catherine by relatives a couple hours later, but was then taken aback, apparently as the ghost was still tormenting her.

One resident who heard that the woman was taken to a gated community, made several comments, one of which caused much laughter. “How di duppy fi go a dat community, is a gated community,” said the resident to much laughter.

A resident who was a part of the crowd said he too became afraid, as the young woman is known by many in the community as a sane person.

“Mi never see anything like dis, mi always hear dem a talk about duppy, but a first mi ever see somebody a run up and down so and a fight back duppy. One person even seh dat dem see di duppy so people start ketch dem fraid because it look like everywhere di girl go, di duppy go deh to,” the resident said.