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Cleaning up Football

Steven Gerrard, Liverpool F.C. footballer
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If we are un the verge of cleaning up football then there is one other problem whwre Players are lashing out on each other when there is a foul on them.
For example an earlier game I was watching where John Pansil was fouled in the game between Liverpool and Fulham when he attacked Gerrard and Johnson.
These type of behaivour should not be condone within the game and I think it’s time some action is taken not just suspension but get rid of them out of the game forever, I would like these upon coming youngster should know that the game commands disciplines.



English football (soccer) referee Howard Webb
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What a load of cobler the FAs disciplinary committe are they should be chargeing Howard Webb instead for not been able to do his job properly in the first place.

Howard Webb has made two very big blunder in sundays FA Cup game and he should be suspended for that unless he’s been taken backhander,can’t simply blame someone else for your messup Webb.

You messup with the gome in South Africa and now sundays, you are not fit enough to ref any big game whatsoever.

Backoff FA.

Glouting Keegan

English football (soccer) manager Kevin Keegan
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Keegan tells Reds fans: Don’t blame Roy for 20 seasons of hurt and a sub-standard squad.

I don’t believe he meant to say that, I believe he is Glouting because of the position the club and team has found themselves at present.

Let’s hope he would be the last person they did ever ask to manage the club,you have just put your foot in it son.