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It’s Not Fair!

For many years George has served as president of a Christian ministry. Before that, he was a pastor and a professor. He had dedicated his whole life to the spiritual well-being of others. Now he is in his early sixties  and has began to think about retirement. Maybe, after all these years of loyal service, he could slow down a little and enjoy his golden years.

Then he noticed some chest pain. Probably just indigestion, he thought, but maybe he should get it checked out. Sure he had  put a few pounds on, but he was really quite fit. A swimmer all his life, he went to the gym regularly. Still, this new chest pain was worth a doctor’s visit,especially when he started having trouble breathing.

The doctor was concerned enough to send George for some tests, and the tests showed a disturbing mass in his lung. More tests  confirmed it: lung cancer. The condition has four stages, and George was already in stage three. Testing and treatment soon become a full time job. As he waited in doctor’s offices and hospitals, his new reality began to sink in. He needed to get his house in order, because he might not live for much longer.

George is a mature believer. In his various ministries, he has coached many others through similar crises, but even he was not immune to that gut-wrenching question: “”Why me, God?” His co-workers were   stunned during one staff meeting when he broke down crying and left the room. They had looked to him for strength, but now he was struggling.

Sometimes life is just not fair. What did George  ever do to be snatched away from his family like this, from his ministry, from his many friends? With lung cancer, you think about smoking, but George had not  or had never been a smoker, nor had others in his family. He’d lived a healthy lifestyle. Certainly he had not brought this on himself. And if anyone deserved to live a long and healthy life, it was this man. He had given himself in so many ways to so many others, he should get some credit for that, shouldn’t he?

Well, shouldn’t he?

Most of us believe in fairness. One good turn deserves another. You pick up the check today, and I’ll pay next time. In many of our relationships we keep a kind of running tab. We repay kindness with kindness and snubs with snubs. In our human relationships, if a friend owes us a favour and refuses to come through, we feel betrayed. We believe we deserve a better treatment.

We assume that God operates the same way. After all, doesn’t our human sense of fairness derive from God’s eternal justice? It would only make sense for God to honour those who honour him. Good people should get good things in return.

But when we look closely, we can see that the world has never worked like that. Even in the Psalms, we find people complaining that the wicked are prospering at the expense of the righteous. just take a look at Psalms 10 and 73.

So here’s the shocking truth: God isn’t fair, at least not according to our common definitions of fairness. In its totality, the Bible does not promise the righteous person a life of ease, at least not on this earth.

Isaiah 41:10

Do not fear, for I am with you , do not be afraid, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my victorious right hand.


When I was drinking all I could ever think about was “I,I,I”, or “Me,Me,Me.” Such painful obsession of self, such soul sickness, such spiritual selfishness bound me to the bottle for more than half my life.

The journey to find God and to do His will one day at a time began with the word the First Step….”We.” There was power in numbers, and there was strength in numbers,there was safety in numbers, and for an alcoholic like me, there was life in numbers.

If I had tried to recover alone I probably would have died.With God and other alcoholics I have a divine purpose in life….I have become a channel for Gods  healing love. Thank the Higher Power for One Step, that First Step,I am Free from alcoholic prison.

Church getting very good support for anti-gay protest in MoBay.

English: Protoje on the Irie Fm road show in M...
English: Protoje on the Irie Fm road show in Montego Bay (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Français : Le port de Montego Bay
Français : Le port de Montego Bay (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Architectural fretwork at Westgate Sh...
English: Architectural fretwork at Westgate Shopping Centre Montego Bay, Jamaica. Commissioned by architect Cosmo Whyte and designed and built by Will Robson and the Magic Toy crew.http://www.will-robson.com (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power, a group a...
The AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power, a group against AIDS, protests in New York City against the Anti-Homosexuality Bill in Uganda. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
a shell gas station in Montego bay,jamaica
a shell gas station in Montego bay,jamaica (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Statue of Samuel Sharpe in Montego Bay, Jamaica
Statue of Samuel Sharpe in Montego Bay, Jamaica (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

MONTEGO BAY, St James — Chairman of the St James Ministers’ Fraternal Rev Glendon Powell says there has been an overwhelming response to tomorrow’s anti-gay protest in the historic Sam Sharpe Square.
“The response has been very, very good. We expect people from all different denominations from across western Jamaica to be in attendance,” Rev Powell told the Jamaica Observer yesterday.
Dubbed ‘Western Jamaica Mercy Cry’, the prayer meeting is being staged ahead of Monday’s hearing of an application challenging the constitutionality of the buggery law in the Supreme Court.
The claim was filed by United States-based advocacy group AIDS-Free World on behalf of Jamaican Javed Jaghai. The group is asking the court to determine if the anti-sodomy law breaches rights guaranteed under the Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms, which was passed into law in 2011.
Speaking at a press conference earlier this week at the Trumpet Call Ministries International, The Meeting Place Church, a resolute Rev Powell stressed that the group is firmly against any amendment to the buggery law.
“If the law is changed, society will change, because society is governed by law. Our children will be taught that unions of two men or two women are normal and good, and there’s nothing that we will be able to do about it, because the law will now enforce this secular agenda,” Rev Powell explained.
He argued that the fraternal has no doubt that a repeal or amendment to the buggery law wlould be “the final straw that will bring on this nation the wrath of God”.
“God has not changed, we have seen it in the past that when unrighteousness pervades and the church is silent, it opens the door for further moral decay and ultimately for God’s judgement. It is, therefore, the obligation and mandate of the church to speak out and to warn the people of the impending judgement of God. If the church does not do this, the blood will be upon our head,” he stressed.
And Rev Carriel Graham, an executive member of the St James Ministers’ Fraternal, emphasised that the group would not compromise its anti-gay stance.
“We will not compromise; we will not bow, we will not break. The St James Ministers’ Fraternal has always obeyed God and we will continue to stand up for that,” he told reporters.
Another member, Rev Marc Mullings, said while the group recognises the need to reach out and love those who struggle with same -sex attraction, it opposes the practice of homosexual acts on biblical, medical and social grounds.
“We stand resolute on the word of God and we stand against the practice of homosexuality,” he argued.
Meanwhile, the fraternal said it would also be using tomorrow’s event to highlight the many ills in the society.
“We believe that our nation is in crisis, and it is time to stand up against moral decay and gross degradation,” the fraternal said, citing crime and violence, inhumane acts against our children, suicides and sexual deviations, as contributing factors to “the escalating mess in the country”.


Work Continues on The Rock Church
Work Continues on The Rock Church (Photo credit: Old Shoe Woman)
Pastor Rick Warren at Saddleback Church.
Pastor Rick Warren at Saddleback Church. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Rear view of a church building changing owners
Rear view of a church building changing owners (Photo credit: JDB Photos)
Català: Església de Sant Just i Pastor (Barcelona)
Català: Església de Sant Just i Pastor (Barcelona) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
A Different Church Building
A Different Church Building (Photo credit: justshootingmemories)

A community in Manchester has been left in a state of shock when a male pastor and a deacon were caught having sex inside the church.

A church member who spoke to THE WEEKEND STAR said that the men were discovered having sex when a young church brother, who had been suspicious of the pastor’s ‘undercover activities’, one night came across his vehicle at the church.

His suspicions were further fuelled by the realisation that there were no scheduled meetings that night, and that the grill to the front of the church was also closed.

It was said that the church brother decided to ‘screechie’ into the church from a window at the side of the building.

On entering the church, the young man was hit with the sight of the men in a sexual act. The church brother at first kept his discovery to himself but with the knowledge of the incident so overbearing he eventually told a church officer who convened a meeting with the pastor and other church officers.

The pastor is reported to have admitted to the incident, and has since resigned while the deacon has stopped attending the church.

“The act itself is bad but to do that in the church is just disgraceful,” the very disturbed church member said.

Efforts by THE WEEKEND STAR to get an official comment from the church were futile.

A life of fellowship

The front of the University of London building...
The front of the University of London building, Malet Street (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: The Cave Hill Campus of the Universit...
English: The Cave Hill Campus of the University of the West Indies. (Located in Cave Hill, St. Michael). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Ardenne High School
Ardenne High School (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Sign of the Cave Hill Campus of the U...
English: Sign of the Cave Hill Campus of the University of the West Indies. (Located in Cave Hill, St. Michael). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Dormitories at the Cave Hill Campus o...
English: Dormitories at the Cave Hill Campus of the University of the West Indies. (Located in Cave Hill, St. Michael). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: The Cave Hill Campus of the Universit...
English: The Cave Hill Campus of the University of the West Indies. (Located in Cave Hill, St. Michael). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

AS a lawyer, Helene Coley-Nicholson has to practise the law of the land and takes pleasure in dispensing legal advice to her clients, but as a Christian she has to subscribe daily to the rulings of an even higher judge whose laws are not man-made, but based on the tenets of love, faith and hope.
Being the newest president of the Lawyers’ Christian Fellowship (LCF), Coley-Nicholson hopes to inspire other Christian attorneys like herself to acknowledge their greater calling and be God‘s witnesses in their public and professional lives.
She believes the sense of comradeship that the group fosters can help to in some way mitigate a number of the issues affecting lawyers daily which at times affect how they carry out their duties.
“Lawyers — including Christian lawyers in the cut and thrust of life — are affected by things that affect ordinary human beings; but on top of that, the nature of the profession is so brutal, so stressful, that lawyers and Christian lawyers alike can fall like flies if they are not careful,” she said.
She pointed out that “among the profession — not just the men, but the women — there is a high rate of divorce, there is a high rate of fractured families, stress levels are high, there are health issues, hypertension and so on”.
No stranger to stress
Coley-Nicholson is no stranger to working in a stressful environment, having been a practising journalist for many years — but her deep connection with the Supreme Being has been her solace and has got her through many of the trials she encountered along the way to becoming the phenomenal woman she is today.
For years, her voice and face were what many Jamaicans heard and saw as they switched on their televisions to take in the local news, and this same calm and reassuring voice were what greeted the All Woman team on a visit to her private practice recently.
Not looking a day older than she did back in the days when she anchored the nightly news, the attorney updated us on life beyond the media glare and shared her personal testimony of how God brought her back to the fold after years of doing her own thing. She also shared her vision for the growth of the LCF.
“The organisation is looking at structuring itself to establish a permanent office, to go through its archives of members and look at exactly where we are now with a view to determining what we have to work with and charting a course forward,” she said.
Coley-Nicholson became a Christian in first form at Ardenne High School, and was very active in the Inter-School Christian Fellowship and Jamaica Youth for Christ. But by the time she entered the University of the West Indies, Mona, to pursue her first degree, everything changed.
“It was when I went to university, I really thought that I was in charge of my life, because I now had my own independence and I was working full-time,” she said.
As the public relations officer for the university’s Guild of Students, Coley-Nicholson was now assisting in planning secular events such as carnivals and parties. She was also earning a salary as a full time employee at the then Jamaica Broadcasting Corporation (JBC) and felt she was therefore in a better position to assert her independence from God.
“I lived life, not mindful of any commitment that I had made to the Lord,” she said.
But for God’s grace
She was forced, however, to rekindle her relationship with God when her brother died in 2001. At first, she was in search of answers from the one source she acknowledged was the only authority over life and death. What she found, instead, was a supernatural encounter, which saw her turning away from her old life and charting a different course for herself.
Pursuing a law degree at the University of London was a part of that new plan and she did so with honours. She later entered the Norman Manley Law School and excelled there as well.
“It was at that time that I really called on God. I called out to God and I would not have got through law school without divine intervention,” she said.
“When I finished law school, the temptation was to go back to my old life, because now that I had this practising certificate, I felt the world was my oyster and there are so many lawyers in Parliament, there are so many lawyers on various boards, and there are so many lawyers who are doing exceptionally well, so I can go back to my world,” she added. But, she said, “By that time, the relationship I had with God was so personal that I simply could not go back to the default position of thinking that I was in charge of my life.”
After completing law school, Coley-Nicholson was able to land a job as the group legal officer for CVM Communications Group and while there was also the co-host of Drive Time Live. The attorney later got to sharpen her legal skills while working in the chambers of noted Queen’s Counsel Lord Anthony Gifford and alongside legal luminaries like Garth McBean.
One of the issues she couldn’t help but observe in today’s legal fraternity, is the fact that there are not as many men pursuing law at the various training institutions as in years gone by. In fact, there is only one man on the eight-member committee of the LCF. She said going forward, the group hopes to try and attract more men.
“We are mindful of the fact that, even now, graduating from law school, there is a preponderance of women graduates and the men are diminishing in numbers, so eventually you will see, I think based on what is happening now, mostly women judges too.”
In addition to trying to build a relationship with lawyers, she said the LCF wants to partner with other groups in civil society, particularly those which have an interest in strengthening the family and the country at large.
“We think we have something to say and we think that we are stronger if we bond together people of like mind who are concerned about the health of this nation, and that includes the spiritual health, the economic health and the social health of this nation,” she said.
AW creds
In 2004, she decided to open her own law practice and today offers her services in a wide range of legal matters.
Given her personal testimony, Coley-Nicholson can greater appreciate the need to sustain the LCF, and along with the members of the fellowship’s committee, is on a drive to increase the membership, start chapters islandwide, and pursue activities that would help to foster relationships of trust and care.
“I would say that in Jamaica, we have hundreds and probably thousands of lawyers who are also Christians, so we want to be a source of fellowship to bring those persons together,” said Coley-Nicholson, who also sits on the Press Association of Jamaica committee.
“It (law) can be a difficult profession, but there is a way to navigate it and to serve without bending or breaking under pressure, and the Lawyers’ Christian Fellowship wants to be that place where we can show how to practise without breaking,” she said.

Residents shocked by chopping death

My Family Coat of Arms given to the youngest f...
My Family Coat of Arms given to the youngest family members. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: James Young Simpson grave, Warriston ...
English: James Young Simpson grave, Warriston Cemetery (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Cottages of victims of the 1665-1666 plague in...
Cottages of victims of the 1665-1666 plague in , Derbyshire, England. On the left is the “Rose Cottage”, home of the Thorpe family, where all nine family members died. On the right is the home of Mary Hadfield and her family; all members of the household except Mary died. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
StateLibQld 1 167999 Wilson family members on ...
StateLibQld 1 167999 Wilson family members on the lawn at Claremont, Milford Street, Ipswich, 1912 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Simpson (Photo credit: Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue)

Police, family members and residents of Shay Shay district near Gayle in St Mary, were left shocked and puzzled on Friday following the chopping death of a man in the district.

What is even more confusing for the family members is that one of their own, the deceased man’s former in-law, has been detained in connection with the killing.

Dead is Garth ‘Puss Eye’ Simpson, 39, a security guard.

Family members said Simpson used to be in a common-law relationship with one of their relatives for several years. The relationship produced a son. However, four years ago, their home was razed by a fire which not only destroyed their belongings, but also claimed the woman’s life.

Following the fire, he moved from the district but maintained good communication with his former in-laws, at times visiting to look for his son who stayed with his mother’s family.

Last Thursday, it is understood, Simpson visited to spend some time with his seven-year-old son who they said wasn’t doing so well in school. He was to stay there for several days.

gruesome incident

The family said they thought every thing was okay as they went to bed leaving Simpson and the accused man watching television on Thursday night. They later woke to the gruesome incident on Friday morning.

Police said Simpson retired to bed but was attacked and chopped all over his body. He was rushed to hospital by his former in-laws but eventually died from his injuries. Another family member was injured when he tried to intervene in the incident after hearing screams. The accused family member later handed himself over to the Gayle police.

“Mi deh inna mi room and can’t sleep and mi hear somebody (cursing). When mi go out deh a the youth mi see a sink the cutlass inna the man and a chuck mi chuck down pon him same time and him swing the cutlass,” the injured family member told THE STAR. “If mi never put up mi hand a inna mi face him woulda chop mi. Now mi little nephew him no have a mother or a father.”

Some family members were too distraught to talk and some consoled each other. “God know, I wish God could blow some breath inna him and put him back where we could see him. He was a good friend … like a brother. It rough, it rough, him mother weh birth him no feel it like we feel it,” another family member said of Simpson.

Another neighbour said following the incident, it was the accused man who told her to call the police, which she did.

He said the marriage is … not for love

Letter from Jamaica
Letter from Jamaica (Photo credit: aditza121)
Marriage March 2013
Marriage March 2013 (Photo credit: American Life League)
Marriage Day
Marriage Day (Photo credit: Fikra)
English: Coat of arms of Jamaica. Español: Esc...
English: Coat of arms of Jamaica. Español: Escudo de Jamaica. Русский: Герб Ямайки. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dear Pastor,

I want to know if what I am about to say is love. I am with my fiancé for four years. We were living together until I left Jamaica to live overseas. Every year I go to Jamaica to be with him and to take care of him. And even though I live overseas, I have never cheated on him or talk to another man.

Pastor, some tragedy occurred in my family and I had to go to Jamaica. And while I was there, I found evidence that he sent post card and photos to someone who has his last name. I knew something was wrong. To cut a long story short, I found out that he got married for over a year. I asked him about it and he told me that he got married to get his papers to live abroad, but it was not for love. But, pastor, he had asked me to marry him and we were planning our wedding for the year 2014. So I asked him why he did not tell me that he got married. And he said he didn’t want to hurt me because he would get through and go away, then divorce her and marry me.

I got hold of the woman’s number and I called her and she told me he was lying to me. I told him what the lady said and that I would leave him; he said no I should not leave him because the marriage is not for love. He cried and begged me to stay with him. This woman is 20 years older than he is. I don’t know what to do because I love him, but I know he has been lying to me for a long time.

He calls me each morning and we talk until I reach work. When I am on break at work, he calls. And when I leave work until I reach home, we talk. And we talk at night. He is so jealous. He told me that if I should leave him he would find me and I won’t be able to come back to Jamaica. My kids love him, so I cannot even tell them what he has done to me.


Dear J.C.,

You know this man is a liar. So why would you believe what he says to you about his marriage? Perhaps he found this lady and got married to her because he wasn’t sure whether you would marry him. Perhaps he got married to her because he believes that he would get to America faster. Could it be that he is getting money from this woman?

The reason he has given you for marrying her is very poor and it doesn’t make any sense. The woman has told you that he is lying to you. It is really up to you to decide what you should do. He behaves as if he is a con man. What do you think?