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14-y-o and mom beat granny – Elderly woman reports to teen’s school

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A grandmother is now receiving counselling from a school in central Jamaica where her granddaughter attends, after she reported that she was given a proper beating by the 14-year-old and her mother.

Reports reaching THE STAR are that the beating took place recently after an argument developed between the granny and her daughter, who is the child’s mother, after the grandmother wore a pair of slippers belonging to her daughter one rainy afternoon.

It is learnt that the old lady’s daughter became hopping mad when she wore her pair of slippers outdoors and it got soiled with mud. It is learnt that although the old lady apologised and offered to clean the slippers, her daughter would not stop quarrelling with her, resulting in a serious argument between them.

THE STAR further learnt that the 14-year-old granddaughter heard the quarrel and decided to take side with her mother, to the disgust of her grandmother who started to quarrel with her.

It is understood that the argument between the grandmother and her granddaughter got very heated after the elderly woman told her she was a child and she should not get involved in adults’ argument.

This was not digested nicely by the teen and her mother, who slapped the elderly woman. It is understood that the teen then grabbed a foot of the slippers at the centre of the argument, and started to beat the old woman all over her body, causing several swellings to appear.

The matter was reportedly brought to the school’s attention by the grandmother the next day. This was done by the grandmother with the hope that the school’s administration would take disciplinary action against her granddaughter.

The grandmother was, however, told that the school could not take action against her granddaughter, as the incident was a family matter which took place at home. However, the grandmother reportedly got some counselling from guidance counsellors before she left the school and was told to return for more sessions.

Going To Bat For Your Ex? Why?

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Divorce Your Speed
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Photo taken by me as an example of a stay at home dad and kids. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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Befriending Your Ex After Divorce: Making Life Better for You, Your Kids and Yes, Your Ex. Someone called in and in an irate voice asked: “Befriend your ex? Why? What if you hate your ex? What if your ex hates you? What if you were betrayed and cheated on? What if your ex was verbally abusive to you?”

I paused. I took a deep breath. And I wondered what to say.

I understand how angry people can feel in the midst of a divorce, how vicious they can behave when they feel hated, betrayed and cheated. Because when I got divorced, I shared many of those sentiments. I was angry, hurt, resentful and disappointed, not only with my ex, but with myself. In my mind, I had failed at one of the biggest commitments of my life: marriage.

When I became a parent, I believed I would be there for my children forever. I would do everything possible to create a good environment for them. And I knew that getting divorced would disrupt my childrens’ lives; there was no getting away from that. Although I vowed I would be there forever for them, after divorce I found myself with an ex who I didn’t particularly care for. Who I didn’t want a lot to do with. But I knew that children do better when they have two involved parents. So even though we were divorced, my ex would be in my life forever.

In listening to my irate caller, I was torn about how to respond. Although I understood that his emotional response was normal, I have learned one of the very difficult lessons of divorce: a divorced parent’s responsibilities include not only being the best parent, but keeping the other parent in the loop. This translates into helping your ex be the best parent he or she can be — even though, especially in the beginning of my divorce, I’d have preferred if my ex had moved to Mars.

Helping my ex be the best parent he could be? Let me tell you exactly what that meant.

It meant prioritizing my children’s well being. I didn’t have to love or like their father, but I had to respect the significance he had and should have in the rest of their lives.
It meant moving over, making room for his way of being.
It meant being gentle.
It meant letting go of all that happened in our marriage.
It meant creating a new relationship centered solely on co-parenting.
It meant letting go of old scripts, tapes, internalized messages.
One incident early in my divorce stands out. I’d been divorced about a year when my 13-year-old son had a terrible blow up with his father. My son had been sleeping at my ex’s house and during this fight, came running over to my house, crying. Part of me felt tickled that my son saw how angry his dad was. I might have even felt a sense of vengeful satisfaction; now my ex would have to admit he couldn’t manage his temper — something I’d told him for years!
But another part of me saw how upset my son was, being at odds with his dad. And my intuition led me to help my son and his dad repair their relationship. My words were deliberate:

Zach, just because your dad blew up doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you. He does. He just can get really angry sometimes. And sometimes we all get angry — too angry. It’s not a good thing but he’s your dad and he loves you.

Even though we were divorced, I went to bat for my ex. I tried to hold in my mind the mantra: Children benefit when they have two involved parents. I tried to treat my ex as I would have if we were still married — with compassion and forgiveness. I know it sounds difficult and maybe flies in the face of what you have been led to believe about how to treat someone who has hurt you deeply, but that is what came to me in that moment.

Comforting my son was first on my agenda. Then I called my ex. I invited him over to my house and when he came in, he apologized for losing it. Eventually, I left the room so he and my son could reconcile. Later, my ex thanked me.

And in the many years that passed between that incident and his death just last year, my ex referred back to that moment frequently.

Perhaps that moment was a turning point, because in the decades that followed, my ex went to bat for me in so many profound and significant ways — sometimes concretely, at other times, emotionally: helping me negotiate with a slippery car salesman, helping me straighten out my mother’s finances when she was diagnosed with dementia, comforting me when our daughter moved to California and I felt bereft, and later on, when my second husband was diagnosed with cancer.

So back to the caller, who wanted to know: why befriend someone you can’t stand?

I told him my answer is both simple and complex. Children need two parents. Your ex may have been an unsuitable mate but still can be a good parent. Helping your ex be the best parent he or she can be will benefit your child and ultimately may benefit you as well. Your mandate now is not only to be a good parent, but to help your child have two loving and involved parents. And even though you and your ex may have failed at your marriage, you can succeed now, and build a strong “after-divorce” family.

Thank God for Mother:

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I must say thank God for MY Mother for the old fashion way in which she brough us up.
At least she didn’t spare the rod and spoilt the child as we are doing today because of Political Correctness which interfares in the up bringing of our children‘s today.
My Mother may have used the magic of a belt or whip, but it didn’t break me instead it makes me a better man today.
It teaches me to Respect the Elders and always be kind and gentle and to love people as they are, my dad wasn’t around but it did not make me a lesser person or lost my way to crimes.
Certainly she did raised us single handed and I will always remember that and will try to pass this down to my children as long as I shall live.
Ask that God will always Bless you Mom.


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Why in these modern days when some White person make a comment about a black person it become such a topic for Racism.
How is it whenever the Black discriminate against the White it is not all over the paper.
The same people who are crying out racism they are the racist within these argument.
As for Richard Keys remarks about CHOCO JOCKO I woul dismiss it as a mare joke, I personally call Black people worst than that as most of the Black Bastard deserved to be called names.
Anyone who sold their brothers for a loaf of bread I hate their guts.
One word of advise if you don’t like to be called names then don’t call other people names, do unto others as you would like them do to you.

Home Alone Mom

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Home alone Mom Wendy Paduch should have her children taken away from her and given a year imprisonment for her behaviour and banned from having any contact with them.
It’s such a shame that she is the mother of these two beautiful children.


Cristiano Ronaldo
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Just wondering how many others for the like of Christiano Ronaldo is going to learn that you cannot buy one’s emotion when it involve a child.
You may be a Multi-Millionaire, but at least the Portuguese Law will not be changeing for you or anyone, therefore just count your losses and you both care for that child as best as you both can be.
You should both cast aside your differences and focus on your son.


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A young woman who gave up her son at birth for the sum of £10 million is now begging to be reunited with the child which seem to be a very good turn of heart,but is the owner of the £10 million ever going to be reunited with his money.

Certainly if this woman should gain such access rights then she should by law she should returned the money or is it that the cash is almost finished why she suddenly have a change of heart, one way or the other but this is turning out to be a case of Fraudulent obtainable by deception.