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Katie Price and Rio Ferdinand’s tweets probed by ads watchdog – mirror.co.uk


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Katie Price at Clothes Show Live
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Katie Price and Rio Ferdinand’s tweets probed by ads watchdog – mirror.co.uk.Money can make you stupid.

Now on to the Cage Fighter.

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As the story goes, the Law has a mind of it’s own because I taught by now Alex Reid would have given up and vacate Jordan‘s mansion, instead he is still hanging on.
He is a man in desperation, a man who will do anything to steal from his ex-partner.
If Alex is any man of such he would put his tail between his legs and move on, why does guys like those without ambition have to exist amongst honest decent men.


Jordan katie price
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Oh my it’s Katie Price again, only this time she is as bad a mother as a wife.
How sad can one be, straightening a three year old child hair, but then again a desperate woman like Katie will do anything to seek public attention.

Funny to see Jordan.

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How Funny it is to see Jordan o/c Katie Price calling in Security Guard to guard her bedroom door from to be ex-hubby Alex.
Shouldn’t this be the other way round as it seem she can’t do without it anyway.