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English: Alan Johnson, British Labour Party po...
English: Alan Johnson, British Labour Party politician photographed in the Houses of Parliament, London, England. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: A portentiously positioned election s...
English: A portentiously positioned election sign put up by the in , in the Na h-Eileanan an Iar constituency, , for the . It was photographed on the first full day of campaigning. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Liberal Democrat Poster
Liberal Democrat Poster (Photo credit: divinenephron)
David Miliband and Tessa Jowell
David Miliband and Tessa Jowell (Photo credit: dominiccampbell)
Gordon Brown
Gordon Brown (Photo credit: lukemontague)

Former home secretary Alan Johnson has done an interview with the Guardian in which he reveals,

“… that he was prepared to lead the Labour party into coalition with the Liberal Democrats in 2010 – even though it was ‘a shit job’. In an interview with the Guardian, the MP for Hull West and Hessle said that when the Lib Dems came to talk to Labour in May 2010, just after the general election resulted in the first hung parliament in 36 years, he believed the two parties would form a coalition. Talks between the Conservatives and the Lib Dems had broken down.

“‘The condition they laid was that Gordon [Brown] had to go and we all knew that anyway … I thought, well, if there’s a leadership election in these circumstances I’ll stand.’

“… Johnson said it would have made sense for him to lead the party because it was a poisoned chalice and they did not want to sacrifice younger talent. ‘I was home secretary. David Miliband was foreign secretary. Alistair Darling was chancellor. It would have been one of us that were expected to go forward. It wasn’t the right way for David – or Ed Miliband, or whoever else was going to come in – to take over. It was a shit job to be done for a period of time.'”

The question that many will be asking, however, is: why didn’t Johnson challenge Brown for the ‘shit job’ ahead of the 2010 general election? How different would that election result have been for Labour had it been led by the charismatic, working-class, Blairite ex-postie? I guess we’ll never know…

The Sly Old Dog

English: Passing of the Parliament Bill in the...
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Photograph of the debating chamber of the Hous...
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What a Cunning Sly Old Dog our PM has been he seems more like a man in desperation in using Constitutional Dodges to overturned Defeats by the House of Lords.
The Coalition defiant style of running the country is more like ruling Dictator than a Government that is willing to listen to the people who put their trust in the hands of a Government that has now condemned the volubility of this Society to the scrap heap of their early grave.
He should have run for President instead of PM.

Politicians up to their tricks again.

Battle of Puebla, 1863
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So it’s another Election on the Cards again for May the 5th and all the Politicians are begining to pesterd us once more.
They all seems to know what is right and what is wrong at present, also what is good and what is bad for us all, but it will always be the same old story to help them secure their seat in whatsoever unhealthy department that will stiffeled our society.
It’s just that time again when your letterbox will be filled with all the junks mail from whatever party bidding for your X, but what does X stand for ? wrong I soposed therefore just remember whatsoever you do on the 5th of May by making that X it will be wrong, but it got to be done.


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CAMERON has just crawl out of his shell on Migrant while posing with them during his Election campaign to get their vote so he could become Prime Minister and kick them in the teeth.

His body language could tell that every thing about him was only a face card, has he forgotten about post war Britten and why these Migrants or many of them are here, it’s a shame that his education has let him down, he made Nick Griffits look like an angel compare to him and his party.
How nice it would have been if all Immigrants could pack up and go elsewhere where their services are more welcome and leave Cameron and his buddies to do the dirty work that none of his work shy buddies vowed not to do in the first place, which is why the influx of his hated Immigrants are here.
Wonder if Cameron realised the tention that he is sturring amongst people.


Prime Minister David Cameron
Image by The Prime Minister's Office via Flickr

Officially there’s more Dignity within the Labour camp now than in the Tory‘s camp.
David Cameron’s and his Bully friends has make sure of that by Killing the morals of ordinary Citizen’s.
The once respect Cameron has now gone to become unloved, out of touch, unthinkable and most unpopular lier any Government ever seen in the History of Politics in this Country.
Dream on Mr Dictator.

Con-Dem to Die

The logo of NHS Wales.
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Not only are we Con-Dem to die by slashing funds for the NHS but also slashing funds for the Asbestos AdS campaign which warned us mostly people that works in the Building Services.
According to one News Paper research more than 35,000 victims with an average of 20 Tradesman Die each week,but yet the Con-Dem Government believe it’s a waste of fund in eradicating such threat within the Industries.

Who is Deluding Themselves.

DAVOS/SWITZERLAND, 29JAN10 - David Cameron, Le...
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I think this one has backfired on the Government because they inturned are now Deluding themselves instead of the Bankers who is now showing the ConDems that the Government is a laughing stack and the Bankers are incharged or should I say untouchable when it comes to handing out Big Bonuses.
Are they afraid that these Bankers are going to move shops if Government steps in too hard or is it a matter of we got to keep our money friends sweet.