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Lone Ranger Cam:

The leader de facto of Libya, Muammar al-Gaddafi.
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Hi did you hear we have got a Lone Ranger in our Prime Minister who want to take on Gaddafi on his own as his no fly zone over Libya has been slapped down by the rest of the world.
Let’s hope we don’t have anather Iraq on our hand.

Cameron on Gaddafi.

Muammar al-Gaddafi
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Cameron has warned Gaddafi that the World is watching him, certainly it doesn’t look as if there’s anyone who is ready to take on the Colonel as he Slaughtered his own people.
Threat of sanctions and possible war crimes seems to be falling on deaf ears and without action then words alone just won’t let him understand that World is against him.
As for our GOVERNMENT they we very slow in getting our Citizens out of a war zone which is been riped apart, is this our new way of approaching world crisis.

Now that Libya Crisis.

War in the Middle East
Image by Stewf via Flickr

Now that the Libya crisis is deepened is Britten ready to get involve as the interest of most British Industries is now at stake.
As we all know that where ever there’s Oil and then word Crisis is been mention there is always help at hand, wonder what will it be this time round to get our over stretch under cut Arm Force to be dumped in the middle of it all, surely it can’t be Weapon of Mass destruction this time and we all know what they will be fighting for.
Let’s see how long it is going to take for our Boys to be on the move.
Britten and America Saviour of the World to the Rescue in the Middle East once more.