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Liverpool vs Bolton 27/08/2011
Liverpool vs Bolton 27/08/2011 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Liverpool v Oldham Athletic F.A. Cup 3rd Round...
Liverpool v Oldham Athletic F.A. Cup 3rd Round 6th January 2012 (Photo credit: Diego’s sideburns)
Liverpool emblem
Liverpool emblem (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Luis Suarez made by Paul Blank of www...
English: Luis Suarez made by Paul Blank of http://www.postproduktie.nl Nederlands: Luis Suarez, foto gemaakt door Paul Blank in 2009, http://www.postproduktie.nl/voetbal/Luis-Suarez.htm . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The FA has decided to use their Big Stick on SUAREZ for a bite on on Branislav Ivanovic which did not even appears to have drawn any form blood or injuries whatsoever, is it that the FA have a vendetta against the like of Luis Suarez and Liverpool FC.

I have seen worst happened within the game and nothing done about it, but as soon as the name Suarez is mention he is being castrated for whatever reason their is.

Talk about racism in the game of Football, I think the FA should look within their department before castrating other players and people within the sports.

The FA is bias in many ways and I can’t reasonably believe  that I am the only person to see that.

It’s a shame to know that they have done more injustice than justice within all their inquiries and findings.

Would be much better if they did throw him out of the game completely than to slowly destroyed the young man’s career with a 10 games ban.

You educated fools make me sick.  

The Football Association

View of Old Trafford from East Stand
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English: Suarez got Liverpool player of the month
Image via Wikipedia

As a BLACK person I would like to challenge the FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION on the LIVERPOOL SUAREZ case as the news is that they are disgusted over the name NEGRO which was used by Suarez a few months ago in a game between Man U and LIVERPOOL.
You people are saying not to call a Black person Black therefore what should they be called or described, because damn you if you called me coloured I would have sued the ass off you for doing so, as my skin pigment does not change from Black to Red, therefore for a everyday banter why is Saurez and Terry been penalised for something that been used amongst the said Blacks that you are trying to defend each day.
I personally would like to meet with either the FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION and any member of the Government for the ANSWER or ALTERNATIVE for the Colour BLACK, as Coloured IS CORRUPTION.

I Would Like To Wonder

Man Utd V Dynamo Kiev

Français : Patrice Evra (Manchester United) fa...
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I would like to wonder if the people who works at the FA ever actually kick a football ever, do they know that a banter is a banter on the pitch, so why is it that when some little BLACK BOY by the name of EVRA ran to Daddy and cry that he was call names they had to bow to the pressure or can I actually asked how much back hander was passed throughout their investigation for Suarez to be looking at a ten match ban.
I wonder how can a dirty minded , kaniving bastards like Evra live with himself knowing that he done a dirty on a fellow player, lets hope all none Black players take note and beware of a nasty ,dirty , back stabbing Nigga like Evra.
Anyhow Guys not all Blacks is as nasty as Evra but do take care on and off the pitch when thoes type of people are about.

Last Laugh

Graph showing the final league position of Liv...
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Liverpool FC just got the better end of Chelsea FC and the last Laugh over the Torres saga, what a result Chelsea 0 – Liverpool 1.

Torres Jibe at Liverpool

Fernando Torres. Image cropped from original a...
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So Torres pop jibes at Liverpool as he move to Chelsea.
Well lets say good riddance to him as I say all along he was only in it for the money, he wanted to move long after the World Cup.
I only hope when he cannot deliver for Chelsea the fan will give what for as he is trying to create bad blood between clubs.

Torres, Carroll, Suarez, Adam: Transfer Chaos. (via Scissors Kick)

Fernando Torres
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Thank goodness for that Torres is out ao Liverpool FC.

Torres, Carroll, Suarez, Adam: Transfer Chaos. Adoration of the Golden Calf, Jacopo Robusti “For the first couple of seasons at Liverpool, Fernando Torres was the most complete striker I’d ever seen at the club; Ian Rush’s pace and finishing prowess, but with the ability to also beat defenders with skill and hit a wider variety of strikes. He seemed humble, hard-working and devoted to the club. He was perfect. While his goalscoring remained impressive last season, in spite of injuries and the … Read More

via Scissors Kick

Cleaning up Football

Steven Gerrard, Liverpool F.C. footballer
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If we are un the verge of cleaning up football then there is one other problem whwre Players are lashing out on each other when there is a foul on them.
For example an earlier game I was watching where John Pansil was fouled in the game between Liverpool and Fulham when he attacked Gerrard and Johnson.
These type of behaivour should not be condone within the game and I think it’s time some action is taken not just suspension but get rid of them out of the game forever, I would like these upon coming youngster should know that the game commands disciplines.