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Husband of murdered T&T TV host released from hospital, declines to give police statement

Sheldon Henville, a person of interest in the murder of his wife Marcia Henville, declined last night to be interviewed by police investigators, according to his attorney.

Henville was released from hospital on Tuesday where he was treated for burns suffered the night of his wife’s death on January 23.

Henville’s attorney, Fareed Ali, said that Henville has been left in “solitary confinement” in the Maloney Police Station.

Ali said that Henville was not given a sheet or a towel, neither a toothbrush or soap to have a bath.

Ali said the cell was “dirty and the cold concrete he has been made to sleep on without the benefit of a bed was aggravating his injuries”.

Henville is also being monitored at half hour intervals.

Marcia Henville, 51, the host of TV6’s Point Blank talk/reality show was beaten, stabbed, and her throat cut, at her home at Fidelis Heights, St Augustine.

Her body was also set on fire.

Sheldon Henville was also injured in the fire, but the couple’s two children escaped without injury.

A senior investigator of the Homicide Division in Arouca has refuted the attorney’s claims.

The investigator said “Henville is being afforded all the rights and privileges of an arrested person. That includes being allowed to take a bath and brush his teeth. We are interested in human dignity, worth and pride. And we seek to maintain that.”

The senior officer said that the Maloney Police Station where Henville is being kept “is a new station, less than a year old”, and the cells are fitted with bathrooms and toilets can be used without police interference.