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Katie Price and Rio Ferdinand’s tweets probed by ads watchdog – mirror.co.uk


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Katie Price at Clothes Show Live
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Katie Price and Rio Ferdinand’s tweets probed by ads watchdog – mirror.co.uk.Money can make you stupid.

The Football Association

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English: Suarez got Liverpool player of the month
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As a BLACK person I would like to challenge the FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION on the LIVERPOOL SUAREZ case as the news is that they are disgusted over the name NEGRO which was used by Suarez a few months ago in a game between Man U and LIVERPOOL.
You people are saying not to call a Black person Black therefore what should they be called or described, because damn you if you called me coloured I would have sued the ass off you for doing so, as my skin pigment does not change from Black to Red, therefore for a everyday banter why is Saurez and Terry been penalised for something that been used amongst the said Blacks that you are trying to defend each day.
I personally would like to meet with either the FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION and any member of the Government for the ANSWER or ALTERNATIVE for the Colour BLACK, as Coloured IS CORRUPTION.

I Would Like To Wonder

Man Utd V Dynamo Kiev

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I would like to wonder if the people who works at the FA ever actually kick a football ever, do they know that a banter is a banter on the pitch, so why is it that when some little BLACK BOY by the name of EVRA ran to Daddy and cry that he was call names they had to bow to the pressure or can I actually asked how much back hander was passed throughout their investigation for Suarez to be looking at a ten match ban.
I wonder how can a dirty minded , kaniving bastards like Evra live with himself knowing that he done a dirty on a fellow player, lets hope all none Black players take note and beware of a nasty ,dirty , back stabbing Nigga like Evra.
Anyhow Guys not all Blacks is as nasty as Evra but do take care on and off the pitch when thoes type of people are about.

Suarez Banned by FA for Racism.

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So the FA has banned Suarez for Racist remarks against a BLACK serial Football Lier, can the FA publicly point out on what evidence was Evra abused Racially as the word NEGRO in Spanish means Black and if he is not proud to be called Black then he should either go bleach himself or find a jungle to hide himself in.
If the FA really bow to that kind of pressure without evidence then they are a bloody disgraced themselves.

Suarez Charge for Racism

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How Ironical it is for two Black Boys to cried out Racism against another Footballer who is none Black ( NEGRO)as I know it.
It’s a shame to know that another Black person can call you a Nigger and you have to accept it but whenever anyone else do so it is racism, I for one would like to tell these fellow Black boys one little sentence in my own words if you can’t take the heat in the game get out in stead of tarnishing other players name to be Racial.
What are they seeking extra gambling or drugs money, grow up lads and stop been a wimp.

EVRA cries Racism

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Why whenever a Black Footballer had an encounter on the pitch with a White player,they cries Racism.
Let’s reminded Patrice Evra the most Racism is amongst the Black people themselves, let’s not forget that they were the one’s that sold their own people for a loaft of bread, therefore whyenever we are about to accused another fellow men of Racism just kindly take a look at ourselves first.
Why does the word Nigger offend Black people,is it because they don’t like to hear the truth that they are Black and that they are a damn Nigger, I am a Nigger and proud to be a Nigger so why is it such a big problem within the Black community.
People like Evra is helping to put the World back into the dark ages, where you were divided,look bro if you can’t the union then go back to where you once came.


English football (soccer) referee Howard Webb
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What a load of cobler the FAs disciplinary committe are they should be chargeing Howard Webb instead for not been able to do his job properly in the first place.

Howard Webb has made two very big blunder in sundays FA Cup game and he should be suspended for that unless he’s been taken backhander,can’t simply blame someone else for your messup Webb.

You messup with the gome in South Africa and now sundays, you are not fit enough to ref any big game whatsoever.

Backoff FA.


Cristiano Ronaldo
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Just wondering how many others for the like of Christiano Ronaldo is going to learn that you cannot buy one’s emotion when it involve a child.
You may be a Multi-Millionaire, but at least the Portuguese Law will not be changeing for you or anyone, therefore just count your losses and you both care for that child as best as you both can be.
You should both cast aside your differences and focus on your son.


How happy are we to see the back of ROY, but less we forget that although Kenny may be one of our heroes,but he too was one of the Managers from the past that got us in this mess that we are in at present,unless he can reverse that past and get us back in the right direction at the top, then we are going to rewrite the book.

Glouting Keegan

English football (soccer) manager Kevin Keegan
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Keegan tells Reds fans: Don’t blame Roy for 20 seasons of hurt and a sub-standard squad.

I don’t believe he meant to say that, I believe he is Glouting because of the position the club and team has found themselves at present.

Let’s hope he would be the last person they did ever ask to manage the club,you have just put your foot in it son.