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Don’t eat them! Authorities warn against mongoose consumption

The Ministry of Health is discouraging human consumption of mongoose meat following reports that the rodent is being consumed in some parishes.

Dr Linnette Peters, the head of veterinary public health in the ministry, recently issued a public warning during a television interview, that people who eat this meat do so at their own risk.

Neville Graham, director of communications in the ministry, explained that, “Dr Peters issued an advisory that we want to be careful about eating mongoose meat because we don’t have any testing regime for it. It is not one of the meats that we test, therefore we run the risk of contracting any pathogens that may be transferred”.

There have been reports of the consumption of the meat in St Thomas, Portland and Manchester.

Numbers of young women dying due to alcohol increasing

This figure shows the probability of dying eac...
This figure shows the probability of dying each year, depending on your age, for the United States in 2003 . The graph is dominated by an exponential increase in mortality rates with age, with the exceptions of very young children and teenage children. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: No alcohol logo No beer logo Nederlan...
English: No alcohol logo No beer logo Nederlands: Geen alcohol logo Geen bier logo alcoholvrij (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Skull and crossbones
English: Skull and crossbones (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Researchers claim the number of women aged 34 and under who are dying from alcohol related conditions such as liver disease has more than doubled since the 1980s.
They warn that in the past decade, while there has been a downward trend in alcohol related deaths among young men, they are increasing among young women.
Researchers assessed drink related deaths in three cities – Glasgow, Manchester and Liverpool – and blame cheap alcohol and a shift in the way drink is marketed towards women for the increase in deaths.
Dr Deborah Shipton, from the Glasgow Centre for Population Health, said the trends appeared in these cities appeared to reflect what was happening nationally.
She said: “Among young men aged 29 to 34, the trends seem to reflect what we see nationally.
“We see the number of deaths among young men go up in the 1990s and early 2000s but then that starts to fall again in the late 2000s.
“Among women of the same age, however, it goes up and they are not decreasing like have seen in other parts of the population.
“What this indicates is that young women are drinking a lot more. If this continues it is going to have huge implications as they get older.
“As people get older, there tends to be more people dying from these diseases, so the fact we are seeing so many deaths at a younger age is very concerning.”
There are around 8,700 deaths each year due to alcohol in the UK. Most are caused by liver disease due to damage from alcohol but also include alcohol poisoning.
This week the ministers shelved plans to introduce a minimum price for a unit of alcohol along with a pledge to outlaw multi-buy offers on drinks in supermarkets.
A group of government advisers have now resigned in protest at the decision.
The new findings, which are published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, show that since the 1980s the number of alcohol related deaths in Glasgow trebled overall from 24 in every 100,000 to 64 in every 100,000.
In Manchester and Liverpool the death overall death rates trebled and quadrupled respectively over the three decades.
However, between 2007 and 2011, there has been a small decrease in the number of deaths. Among young men aged between 29 and 34, mortality rates fell from around 38 in every 100,000 to 30 in every 100,000.
Among women aged between 29 and 34, mortality rates have increased from 14 in every 100,000 to 20 in every 100,000.
Dr Shipton added: “I think this has been driven by the increase in availability of alcohol.
“It has become a lot cheaper and as this has happened, it has become more acceptable for women to drink to excessive levels culturally.
Drinks are marketed much more at women now and drinking venues have also been marketed more at women.”

‘British women are great… you don’t expect anything’

English: The Santa Monica Pier and beach in Sa...
English: The Santa Monica Pier and beach in Santa Monica, California. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Venice Beach and the Boardwalk, as seen in the...
Venice Beach and the Boardwalk, as seen in the music video for “When Love Takes Over” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Wilshire blvd. in Santa Monica at twilight.
Wilshire blvd. in Santa Monica at twilight. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: A busy day on Third Street Promenade ...
English: A busy day on Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica, California; the south end is the entrance to Frank Gehry’s Santa Monica Place. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Deutsch: irgendwas ist an diesem Strand immer los
Deutsch: irgendwas ist an diesem Strand immer los (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I want to start a business importing British women,’ says the semi-successful ageing soft-rock singer sitting beside me at dinner. I’m halfway through a mouthful of jumbo shrimp when he makes this announcement, so I nod my encouragement until I’m able to answer. Of course he does. Why, exactly? ‘British women are great. You guys don’t expect…’ he ponders the right word, ‘well, anything.’
Clearly this man has never overheard Chelsea housewives engaging in great bitchathons over their husbands’ shortcomings in the shallow end of their local Virgin Active pools (‘Taupe – can you imagine? I mean when have I ever worn taupe? Naturally I asked for the receipt.’) But I get where he’s going with this.
By and large – certainly in comparison with LA women – we’re an easygoing bunch. Those of us who have exported ourselves to this bright and boundless land are so enchanted by the celebrity sightings, the palm trees (also imported, but who cares?), the consumer mentality and that omnipresent, cartoon-like sun that they bounce through life on a permanent high.
You’ll see them on the rooftop balcony at Soho House, on Santa Monica promenade or downing pomegranate martinis in the bars of Venice Beach, and the thought bubbles above their heads all read the same: ‘LA, baby! I can’t believe I’m living in LA!’ They’ll tell you in faux-cynical tones that the glamour of it wears off, but that spiel is only part of the enjoyment. When, like me, you grew up in Shepherd’s Bush, nothing titillates quite as much as being able to come out with phrases like ‘Let’s hope it cools down by the weekend,’ and, ‘Do you have a table in the shade?’
Of course it’s all a lie, as the semi-successful soft-rock singer can testify. ‘I had a girlfriend from Manchester,’ he wistfully recalls. ‘And all she ever wanted to do was get mani-pedis, visit the three-eyed Bengalese cat on Santa Monica boardwalk, and tan.’
He’s right about that. British girls in LA will barbecue themselves in the midday sun every chance they get, turning their pallid, freckled skin into the rashers of charred flesh that distinguish them from every other tourist on Rodeo Drive.
Aware that the woman to my right is being left out, I ask her whether she feels importing a load of British men out here might be a good idea. ‘Oh I don’t know,’ she replies with a shiver. ‘There’s the teeth… And anyway, I’ve heard those guys are really high-maintenance.’


Work Continues on The Rock Church
Work Continues on The Rock Church (Photo credit: Old Shoe Woman)
Pastor Rick Warren at Saddleback Church.
Pastor Rick Warren at Saddleback Church. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Rear view of a church building changing owners
Rear view of a church building changing owners (Photo credit: JDB Photos)
Català: Església de Sant Just i Pastor (Barcelona)
Català: Església de Sant Just i Pastor (Barcelona) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
A Different Church Building
A Different Church Building (Photo credit: justshootingmemories)

A community in Manchester has been left in a state of shock when a male pastor and a deacon were caught having sex inside the church.

A church member who spoke to THE WEEKEND STAR said that the men were discovered having sex when a young church brother, who had been suspicious of the pastor’s ‘undercover activities’, one night came across his vehicle at the church.

His suspicions were further fuelled by the realisation that there were no scheduled meetings that night, and that the grill to the front of the church was also closed.

It was said that the church brother decided to ‘screechie’ into the church from a window at the side of the building.

On entering the church, the young man was hit with the sight of the men in a sexual act. The church brother at first kept his discovery to himself but with the knowledge of the incident so overbearing he eventually told a church officer who convened a meeting with the pastor and other church officers.

The pastor is reported to have admitted to the incident, and has since resigned while the deacon has stopped attending the church.

“The act itself is bad but to do that in the church is just disgraceful,” the very disturbed church member said.

Efforts by THE WEEKEND STAR to get an official comment from the church were futile.

Fighter Jets Scrambled To Plane

English: Typhoon, RAF Coningsby
English: Typhoon, RAF Coningsby (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Boeing 777-340ER - Pakistan Internati...
English: Boeing 777-340ER – Pakistan International Airlines (AP-BHV) Polski: Boeing 777-340ER – Pakistan International Airlines (AP-BHV) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Two men have been arrested on suspicion of endangering an aircraft after a plane was escorted to the ground by fighter jets.

The British nationals were led off the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) plane by armed police officers, after it was diverted to Stansted Airport following a disturbance in the cabin.

Superintendent Darrin Tomkins of Essex Police confirmed a threat was made as the plane, flying from Lahore to Manchester with 297 passengers on board, was preparing to land.

According to Pakistan’s Express News , one of the passengers claimed there were explosives on the plane, although Supt Tomkins said no suspicious items have been found.

“The cabin crew informed us that basically (the men) tried to come into the cockpit a few times,” passenger Umari Nauman told Sky News.

“Because they had been asked not to do that, they got into a bit of an argument with the crew and made a few threats.”

Another passenger, Shahid Yaqoob, told Express News: “There was a conflict between two passengers after one of them got into a confrontation with the stewards.

“The two middle-aged passengers who previously had the altercation were simply asked to come with police who had boarded the aircraft. They were then handcuffed and taken away.”

Zohaib Sattar was awaiting the arrival of his wife and father, who he spoke to on the phone shortly after the plane touched down at Stansted.

“They have taken two people off the plane and are checking the plane all over,” he said. “My father said there was no warning or threat. All of a sudden, the plane just turned around.”

RAF Typhoon fighter jets were scrambled when the plane, a Boeing 777, sent out an emergency code which alerted the Ministry of Defence and the police.

Flight PK709, which was due to land in Manchester at 1.30pm, was heading west towards the airport when it was suddenly re-routed near York.

Mashood Takwar, a spokesman for Pakistan International Airlines, said air traffic controllers in Manchester contacted the pilot 25 minutes before the plane was due to land, after receiving information from British security services.

The aircraft headed back out to the North Sea before travelling south to Stansted, escorted by Typhoon jets from RAF Coningsby in Lincolnshire.

Passengers were ordered to leave their possessions on board before leaving the plane, which was directed to an isolated stand.

Supt Tomkins said the two men arrested were aged 30 and 41 and would be questioned by detectives at a local police station.

“The plane will remain at its current location and will be subject to forensic investigation by specialist officers,” he said.

Stansted, along with Glasgow Prestwick, is designated to deal with emergency situations such as terror threats and has specially-trained teams.

Flights to and from the airport continued to operate as normal.

Brave new world of Universal Credit benefits finds an uncertain welcome on the streets of Ashton-under-Lyne

English: Kensal Road JobCentre Plus office New...
English: Kensal Road JobCentre Plus office New offices. For JobCentre Plus organisation, part of the government Department for Work and Pensions, see http://www.jobcentreplus.gov.uk/JCP/Aboutus/index.html. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Iain Duncan Smith-Nightingale House-M...
English: Iain Duncan Smith-Nightingale House-March 2010 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Iain Duncan Smith, British politician...
English: Iain Duncan Smith, British politician and former leader of the Conservative Party. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To the Work and Pensions Secretary in Westminster, Monday’s tentative launch of Universal Credit was the “start of a fundamental cultural shift of the welfare system”. To many of those in the vanguard of Iain Duncan Smith’s reforms in one small part of Greater Manchester, though, it was a confusing and worrying move into the unknown.

There was a steady stream of visitors to the Jobcentre Plus in Ashton-under-Lyne, a small town to the east of Manchester, chosen as the first place in the country to implement Universal Credit.

Most came and went in ones and twos, while G4S security staff stood at the door. One visitor said there were five security guards inside, perhaps in readiness for protests against the new system. Many said little had been explained to them about how they will claim the benefits to which they are entitled in future. They were also worried about the eventual shift to monthly payments and online claims.

“It is better to carry on receiving the money every two weeks because of the cash flow problems monthly payments will cause,” said Danielle Phythian, 20, who was claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance. Others agreed that, once they moved on to the new monthly system, they could struggle to meet their bills in the short term.

John Gartland, 55, said: “I think it is a con, it is another way of keeping the figures down; if someone can’t claim for whatever reason, it is another month until they can.” He wondered if the trial, in a Labour constituency, was “a bit of a north-south bias”. “We seem to get the brunt of it first then it will go down south if it works. I think it will work, it will be made to work because it is the system they want now.”

Much has been made of the Government’s increasing move to online service provision and the greater efficiency it can offer. But one resident, among those who said they could not afford a computer, said many people’s only way of accessing IT facilities was via the local library, which yesterday was closed because of cuts. “You can only really use the computers for an hour at a time anyway,” added John Lunga, 28, adding: “It’s OK if you have a friend who has a computer you can use.”

Not everyone who spoke to The Independent yesterday was that fortunate. Mr Gartland said of the online transition: “My old employer had a hell of a time online because she had 2,000-3,000 applications for a job that was 20 hours a week. I don’t think it works online because there are too many going for the same position. Jobs are better advertised locally.”

Few people were sure of whether they would be caught up in the Universal Credit changes and were worried by the lack of clear information. Very few are currently subject to the changes but more and more will come under the new system as it is gradually rolled out.

The fact that the Department for Work and Pensions has decided to only explain the changes to claimants when they are affected by them was causing some worry yesterday.

The DWP said that it would provide advice for people who struggled to make the transition from fortnightly to monthly payments, and could possibly arrange an advance.

But the assurance about advice did little to cheer up John Johnson, 23, who went in to sign on for Jobseeker’s Allowance after a period of employment. He said: “I have not been told anything about the changes. It was no different today than any other day. They should have explained the different system they are introducing to us a little bit more.”

Alleged pornographic website mastermind in custody

A University of Salford exhibition at the Manc...
A University of Salford exhibition at the Manchester Science Festival will follow in the footsteps of Monty Python by asking: “What has the Internet has ever done for us?” The Family Telecommunications Exhibition is showing this weekend and features a collection of artefacts and demonstrations including the Morse telegraph, telephones, mobile phones, home computers, the Internet and much more. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
website ideas
website ideas (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)
Description unavailable
Description unavailable (Photo credit: aliteratia)
Two cellphone SIM cards (bottom and top)
Two cellphone SIM cards (bottom and top) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Alleged Jamaican Mobster from Tivoli ...
English: Alleged Jamaican Mobster from Tivoli Gardens, West Kingston (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: A mini SIM card next to its electrica...
English: A mini SIM card next to its electrical contacts in a . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The man who the police allege is the mastermind behind the pornographic Jamaicangirls- exposed website is now in custody and is set to appear before the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate‘s Court next Wednesday.

Charged with multiple offences under the cybercrimes and larceny acts yesterday is 27-year-old Ronald Oates, who was arrested by detectives on Monday.

Oates was arrested at his home where the police say that several computers, mobile phones, wireless modems, jump drives and telephone SIM cards were seized.

In a press conference yesterday morning, officials of the Organised Crime Investigation Division (OCID) revealed that Oates had been under surveillance for some time.

Deputy Superintendent Dwight Daley, who is the head of operations at OCID, said already 25 victims of the website have come forward.

However, Daley said that their investigation had revealed that hundreds of persons have been targeted by the scheme.

It was revealed that majority of the victims were in Kingston and St Catherine, but there were victims as far as Manchester.

Investigators outlined their allegations that the accused used an elaborate scheme to gain access to the e-mail accounts of his victims, then informed them that nude photos were taken from the accounts. It is further alleged that he demanded between $10,000 and $20,000 from individuals to prevent the publishing of the photo and videos on the Internet.

“He would also invite persons who want to expose others to upload pornographic pictures and videos of these persons to the blogs he created,” the acting OCID head alleged.

THE STAR had previously reported that several photos of persons, including a popular Jamaican entertainer, had appeared on the website and that there were demands of money to remove the sexually explicit contents from the website.