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Watching QT

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Did you watch QT tonight, did you hear Anna Soubry or should I call her Sud bury tries to fluff their way on the Question of Breaking up or should I say the selling off of the NHS.
Even when real people from the real world tries to let her see sense in leaving the NHS as it is she become on Hell Bent on breaking it up.
She certainly kicking the same Tax Payers who are Paying her wages up the goo lies.
Wonder if she was born in an NHS run Hospital or at home seen to by the Rich and Famous.

What’s The Hell:

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What the hell does anyone cares if they are selling off the African Centre for Arts and Politics when our NHS and other high profiles commodities is either sold off or closed down and no one gives a hoot.
Remember the aggressors are here to take from the poor, sold to the rich or destroyed forever.
Sorry BJ and DT but your voice will only fall on barren land.


The Banker who taunts Nurses and Doctors who were protesting to save our NHS by waving a £10 note, should not be suspended but sack instead for disrespecting the needs of the poor and needy even the sick.
Let’s hope that the Deutsche Bank that he works for would whipe the smirk off his face forever by puting him on the scrap heap.

Con-Dem to Die

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Not only are we Con-Dem to die by slashing funds for the NHS but also slashing funds for the Asbestos AdS campaign which warned us mostly people that works in the Building Services.
According to one News Paper research more than 35,000 victims with an average of 20 Tradesman Die each week,but yet the Con-Dem Government believe it’s a waste of fund in eradicating such threat within the Industries.

Town Hall Staff skip NHS waiting List.

Nick Clegg and other MPs
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We are all in it together,but new revelation show that David Cameron is Paying for his Town Hall Staff to jump the queues on the NHS while terminally ill Citizens have to wait.
Goes to show how distant we are from the Government and it’s promise on better Health Service for all.

Did the N H S let Cameron

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Did the N H S let David Cameron down why he is bent on destroying it, think about it he maybe blame his lost on the health service why he has gone back on his word , but all we have seen is a Government gone mad.

SOLD OUT FOR £750,000.00

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This is more than classic our NHS has been sold off for a mesly sum of £750,000.00 pounds.
There we go how can we trust a Government that stand bareface in front of this Country on National Broadcasting Radio and Television and continueously Lying to the People who Voted for them.
This Cameron was so determined to be Prime Minister that he has draft Clegg in as is whipping boy and jackass.
Just remember the NHS never help him when he needs it and that is the reason why he is destroying it.
He will be class as Britten most hated Prime Minister ever, thanks Cameron.