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Liverpool 2 – 2 Manchester City

Howard Gayle
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Liverpool emblem
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Just to show you that Liverpool FC can utilised the players that they have without the need of spending mega bucks on players who are only the money and not the passion of the game.

Scissors Kick

“Liverpool ended a 16-year wait for a return to Wembley as they drew 2-2 with Manchester City to secure a 3-2 aggregate success and set up a Carling Cup final against Cardiff next month. Former City striker Craig Bellamy was the hero for the team he rejoined in August, scoring the decisive goal 16 minutes from time. The Wales international played a pivotal role throughout and will now face another former club – and city of his birth – Cardiff, as the Reds seek to end a trophy drought dating back to 2006.” ESPN

Cup Competitions Are What You Make of Them
“Cup competitions never mean the same thing each year; or indeed, the same thing to each and every club. For starters, when it’s your team that’s in a final, even the League Cup can hold some importance.” Tomkins Times

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I Would Like To Wonder

Man Utd V Dynamo Kiev

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I would like to wonder if the people who works at the FA ever actually kick a football ever, do they know that a banter is a banter on the pitch, so why is it that when some little BLACK BOY by the name of EVRA ran to Daddy and cry that he was call names they had to bow to the pressure or can I actually asked how much back hander was passed throughout their investigation for Suarez to be looking at a ten match ban.
I wonder how can a dirty minded , kaniving bastards like Evra live with himself knowing that he done a dirty on a fellow player, lets hope all none Black players take note and beware of a nasty ,dirty , back stabbing Nigga like Evra.
Anyhow Guys not all Blacks is as nasty as Evra but do take care on and off the pitch when thoes type of people are about.

Blundering Refs or Bias Refs.

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For too long now Football Clubs has been calling on the FA to have a look at some of these Blunder and Biasing decissions that most of these Refs made during games that involves Clubs that they support.
As with the case of Mark Clattenberg’s at Stokes this weekend then after investigating these alligations against him if found to be guilty then he should never be allowed to Referee another game again especially if we really intended on cleaning up the game and get rid of any form of misconduct.

Imogen Thomas footballer: Prem ace sues Twitter – mirror.co.uk

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Imogen Thomas footballer: Prem ace sues Twitter – mirror.co.uk. You should have kept your trouser on if you did not want your dirty lining to be hong out in public.Picture this.


Gold Digger
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It’s such a shame knowing that there’s one law for the Rich and one for the Poor of this Country, Personally I believe as a man if you are big enough to Fornicate your mirage or your Relationship then you should be Big enough to stand up and accept the Wrong you have done your FAMILY in the first place,WHY should you be able to gain gagging order rights over the Woman that you have just degrade her pride.
I am not saying that the Woman in question should not be jointly blame for their actions, Why should the Woman be Publicly named and the SCUMMED of a so called man be made to Hide His Filths from his Family.
Does these people have Daughters or Female relations, do they ever think about anyone around them before they chat women up, take them to Hotels and have their wicked ways with them, about the hearts that they are breaking.
No I am a Footballer,Member of Alimentary, Judge or a member of the Super RICH club.
I am so sorry for these young ladies who are caught up in situation like poor Imogen,
Don’t try it with any of my Daughters or Sisters God help you.
Come on girl tell me his name and I will shout it for you, the Judge call you a Gold Digger but how much did he get Paid to Gogging you, you are not a Blackmailer, you are only trying to come clean and let his family know what a Dirty scumbag this not so much of a person is.


Should homosexuality be accepted in Society? P...
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Now that we have had apologies, resignations and sacking over the Soccer Sexism,I now think it’s time we accept these results and move on.
The majority of us all have now come to realised that any form of discrimination is no longer acceptable in society today and we should all accept others for who or what they are, whether it’s sex, colour or creed.

Football at it again.

Andy Gray, Scottish footballer turned sports c...
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Only this time it’s the well paid Presenters for Mocking a Female Lines-woman.
For too long we men are been sexist against women and it’s time we begin to accept people for what they are and what they want to become in life.
When it’s not racism, it’s sexism when will they ever learn.
Shame on Andy Gray and Richard Keys, well done Sky for taken action.