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Suarez Charge for Racism

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How Ironical it is for two Black Boys to cried out Racism against another Footballer who is none Black ( NEGRO)as I know it.
It’s a shame to know that another Black person can call you a Nigger and you have to accept it but whenever anyone else do so it is racism, I for one would like to tell these fellow Black boys one little sentence in my own words if you can’t take the heat in the game get out in stead of tarnishing other players name to be Racial.
What are they seeking extra gambling or drugs money, grow up lads and stop been a wimp.



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Why in these modern days when some White person make a comment about a black person it become such a topic for Racism.
How is it whenever the Black discriminate against the White it is not all over the paper.
The same people who are crying out racism they are the racist within these argument.
As for Richard Keys remarks about CHOCO JOCKO I woul dismiss it as a mare joke, I personally call Black people worst than that as most of the Black Bastard deserved to be called names.
Anyone who sold their brothers for a loaf of bread I hate their guts.
One word of advise if you don’t like to be called names then don’t call other people names, do unto others as you would like them do to you.