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The Immigration System That’s Embedded In Racism

Britten’s Immigration System is now said to be Embedded in a Crisis of Racial discrimination against Black and Asian people who lives and work in Britten.

As the Equality and Human Rights Commission findings suggested the Government has granted special power to the Immigration and Police authorities to stop and search any Black or Asian person who come within their path from day to day, while other Entice from  other part of the continent are able to go about their duly affairs unnoticed.

If this is the case,isn’t the Government seething a Racial unrest amongst our communities.

These Politicians talk about stumping out Racism but instead they are the ones who are causing more problem than finding proper way in dealing with a System that is out of control.

As for the Go Home or face Arrest adverts,is this another sixties trend of no Blacks, no Irish, no Dogs situation, it is a matter of you Politicians should come clean and deal with people as humans and not as an animals, because whenever it comes to Elections time you all seems to use Entices children as your scapegoat to get votes.

If Britten should fall back into the Racial tension of the sixties, it won’t be the doing of the ordinary Citizens of Britten, but of some stupid Politicians who cannot look after their own affairs much more the affairs of the country.       

This Election Is ALL About R.A.C.E.


Nicolás Llano, Gerente de Vive Digital Regional
Nicolás Llano, Gerente de Vive Digital Regional (Photo credit: Ministerio TIC Colombia)
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found photo: business leaders
found photo: business leaders (Photo credit: squareintheteeth)

Why is Race/Racism has to come into Politics,who so ever is chosen should be able to lead their country with out bias.


MPs to probe Racism in Football

House of Commons, Parliament Hill, Ottawa, Canada
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No to racism!
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English: No racism Lietuvių: Ne rasizmui
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Are we having a laugh or what, when they suggest MPs to probe what they think is Racism in Football.

I did rather say look in the House of Parliament first before they can actually cries foul of anyone else in such area because even their PM makes Racist jibes at his opositions members.

Shouldn’t they try to clean their house first before turning their nose up at others.

Hansen’s Blunder in Racism Row

1885 illustration from Mark Twain's Adventures...
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Nigger: The Strange Career of a Troublesome Word
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First of all let’s not blame Hansen for saying the word Coloured as this is what he was taught by our Government’s and their Political Correctness Cartoonist who told our White counterpart’s that by using the word Black is an offensive word.
Neither the word Black or Negro as a matter of fact is offensive although a minor 2% of Black people might feel that way only because it was embedded in their heads by their predecessors’ who were illiterate.
In the case of Suarez and Terry there should never have been a charge in the first place as all Blacks call each other a damn Nigger 9 out of 10 times, take for example a Black DJ against each other on the Reggae scene all you can hear is ( dutty nigger) therefore if they can accept name calling from each other why can’t they when other people uses such word and one other thing if the Black community does not like to be called Black or Nigro or Nigger then stop calling the Gay people 9 Batty Man ) as it is as Offensive in the same manner and should be dealt in the same manner as Racism, there cannot be one rule for one community and another for the other.
The Government and their Political Cartoonist are the Racist ones in such case.

Suarez Banned by FA for Racism.

Opposition poster for the 1866 election. Geary...
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So the FA has banned Suarez for Racist remarks against a BLACK serial Football Lier, can the FA publicly point out on what evidence was Evra abused Racially as the word NEGRO in Spanish means Black and if he is not proud to be called Black then he should either go bleach himself or find a jungle to hide himself in.
If the FA really bow to that kind of pressure without evidence then they are a bloody disgraced themselves.

Suarez Charge for Racism

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How Ironical it is for two Black Boys to cried out Racism against another Footballer who is none Black ( NEGRO)as I know it.
It’s a shame to know that another Black person can call you a Nigger and you have to accept it but whenever anyone else do so it is racism, I for one would like to tell these fellow Black boys one little sentence in my own words if you can’t take the heat in the game get out in stead of tarnishing other players name to be Racial.
What are they seeking extra gambling or drugs money, grow up lads and stop been a wimp.

EVRA cries Racism

Evra comes off the pitch after a match versus ...
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Why whenever a Black Footballer had an encounter on the pitch with a White player,they cries Racism.
Let’s reminded Patrice Evra the most Racism is amongst the Black people themselves, let’s not forget that they were the one’s that sold their own people for a loaft of bread, therefore whyenever we are about to accused another fellow men of Racism just kindly take a look at ourselves first.
Why does the word Nigger offend Black people,is it because they don’t like to hear the truth that they are Black and that they are a damn Nigger, I am a Nigger and proud to be a Nigger so why is it such a big problem within the Black community.
People like Evra is helping to put the World back into the dark ages, where you were divided,look bro if you can’t the union then go back to where you once came.

Rastamouse a Racist thing or a Good thing.

Old times.
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Time and again we have come up on the word RACIST but what are we defining as Racist because I believe that Racism is created by those said person’s who cried racism.
For Christ sake can people grow up Rastamouse is only a children program and I know that my nine months old daughter will enjoy it, there’s too much stereotype Black people who are living amongst us.
Long live RASTAMOUSE and sud the haters well done BBC, IGNORE these stupid people.


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Why in these modern days when some White person make a comment about a black person it become such a topic for Racism.
How is it whenever the Black discriminate against the White it is not all over the paper.
The same people who are crying out racism they are the racist within these argument.
As for Richard Keys remarks about CHOCO JOCKO I woul dismiss it as a mare joke, I personally call Black people worst than that as most of the Black Bastard deserved to be called names.
Anyone who sold their brothers for a loaf of bread I hate their guts.
One word of advise if you don’t like to be called names then don’t call other people names, do unto others as you would like them do to you.