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Sex addiction explained

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Men: How to keep your woman from straying.

English: Shoulder blade. 日本語: 肩甲骨。
English: Shoulder blade. 日本語: 肩甲骨。 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Two Women (1999 film)
Two Women (1999 film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Cover of "A Good Woman"
Cover of A Good Woman
Joe & Cristina
Joe & Cristina (Photo credit: Vicious Bits)

THE problem with many men is that after they have successfully hunted and caught their prey, they relax and just become plain boring — unimaginative when it comes to keeping her entertained; lacklustre when it comes to keeping her interested; and worst of all, ho-hum in the bedroom.
The problem with this scenario is that when the man becomes boring, the woman many times thinks of straying, as she imagines that all she’s missing is on the outside.
This week I’ve stepped in to help you men — at least those who still have their women around. Here are some tips for keeping your woman interested in you, and for keeping Joe away from your home.
1. Understand and appreciate the power of foreplay. For the benefit of those men who have no idea what this is, it is not a reggae band, and it does not mean a one grab that lasts two to three minutes before sex. It is a sexual mind game that starts way before you touch, as a matter a fact, it is the panacea to most of your relationship problems. Once you understand that it is important to most women, you are on your way to a mind-blowing, earth-moving, and exciting relationship.
2. Send her a gift at work. Women love to feel special, and nothing says special like a gift sent to your woman at work when you have not done anything wrong, and it is not a special occasion. To make it more memorable you have to be creative, like sending a huge box with nothing inside and a card that says, “This is what I want you to wear tonight”. Believe me, if your woman is sensible and does not misunderstand this message, she will be left grinning like a hyena, while she is having inappropriate thoughts about you all day.
3. Amp up your sex game. Calling her at work to ask what colour underwear she’s wearing will be steamy the first six times, but don’t let that be the extent of your seduction tricks. For many women I know, it has become too exhaustive for them to be making a mental note of the colour of their underwear each time they change it, because that’s the only game their men know to play. Google something. Find some other erotic tool to tempt her with, and quit using the old, tired lines to try to keep her interested.
4. Take her out — somewhere else. There are places you can take your woman to other than Emancipation Park, dinner or a movie. Women dig the things that are done with a personal touch in mind. A picnic at Hope Gardens is also cheap, so is a trip to the beach. Be creative.
5. Give her a massage. This process should not lead to her being admitted to hospital when you inadvertently break her shoulder blade and injure her spinal cord. Check YouTube and learn the proper massage techniques; set the tone with flowers and music; and spray some of your favourite perfume on your bed linen to set the right mood.
6. Send her a raunchy picture. And I don’t mean a raunchy selfie taken in your bathroom in front of the mirror, tongue out, LL Cool J style. Nor should this be another picture of your penis. There are other parts of your body that can stimulate her. Find out what they are and use them.
7. Send her a text. A little naughtiness in texting is appreciated, but desist from sending repulsive texts like, “wait till a ketch you tonight, a going to damage your bladder and puncture your spleen”. By no means is that sexy, and if you send any message like that to your woman again, she should call the police.
Men, when you find a good woman who will act like a lady in the streets and drive you crazy between the sheets, do not play the fool and bore her to death with your lame romance tactics. Instead, try to be innovative in the relationship and remember that at the end of the day, a happy woman gives a happy ending.

Divorce Or Stay? Parents Must Put Kids First Either Way

Embarrassing parents - swan duckling
Embarrassing parents – swan duckling (Photo credit: @Doug88888)
Marriage March 2013
Marriage March 2013 (Photo credit: American Life League)
Marriage Day
Marriage Day (Photo credit: Fikra)

Stay together for the sake of the kids? Generations of miserable parents followed that advice, hoping their sacrifices would pay off for their children in the end. Many still believe that it’s the only option for parents stuck in a dead-end marriage.

Based on my own personal experience, I have another perspective. Having been raised by parents that chose to stay together in a miserable marriage, I opt in on the other side. For me, parental divorce is preferable to years of living in a home where parents fight, disrespect one another and children are surrounded by sadness and anger. That’s the world I grew up in and the scars are still with me today, many decades later.

I believe that staying in a marriage only for the kids is a physical choice that doesn’t touch upon the emotional and psychological pain children endure when their parents are a couple in name only. In that environment, there is no positive role model for children to see how marriage can and should be lived. In fact, it makes marriage appear to be something dreaded or to be avoided.

Happiness, harmony, cooperation, respect and joy are all absent when parents are emotionally divorced while still living together. Children feel it, are confused by it and too often blame themselves for their parents’ unhappiness. Consequently, they grow up anxious and guilt-ridden, experiencing little peace in childhood. In many ways, the scars are much the same as for children who experience a poorly handled divorce.

In my opinion, parents who find themselves in an ongoing unhappy marriage who consciously choose to create a child-centered divorce are providing a much better option and outcome for everyone in the family.

My own parents should have divorced early in their marriage. They were both miserable together, had little respect for one another, and raised two children in a home fraught with anger, tension, frequent loud arguments and discord.

I remember my mother asking me one day whether she should divorce Dad. “No,” I cried. I wanted a Mom and a Dad like all the other kids. Although my childhood was miserable and filled with insecurity, I feared what life would be like if my parents were divorced. Mom didn’t have the courage to do it anyway. Those were vastly different times, especially for women, and she continued in her unhappy marriage for decades longer.

Today, looking back, I feel that was an unfortunate mistake. Neither of my parents were bad people. They were both just totally mismatched in a bad marriage. Their communication skills were miserably lacking and they were wrapped up in winning every battle at all costs. The real cost, of course, was the well-being of their children. I believe that each of my parents would have been happier and more fulfilled had they parted ways and remained single or chosen another partner.

That’s why I chose the other route when my own marriage was failing. Because of my childhood experiences, however, I intuitively understood what not to do in divorce. I intentionally worked to create what I call a child-centered divorce. My “was-band” and I co-parented cooperatively, shared the important parenting decisions and maintained a positive relationship for the decade to follow when my son grew from ten to twenty years old. Most gratifying for me was the satisfaction of having my now adult son acknowledge the merits of my co-parenting philosophy and choices.

More than a decade after my divorce, I wrote the book that shared my unique approach to breaking the divorce news to my son. As a grown adult, he is a strong supporter of my child-centered divorce network and wrote the forward to my digital guidebook, How Do I Tell the Kids about the Divorce? A Create-a-Storybook Guide to Preparing Your Children — with Love!

Fortunately, despite my painful childhood, I still believe in marriage and have since happily remarried myself. My advice to unhappily married parents can be summed up succinctly:

If parents have the maturity and determination to get professional assistance before divorce, learn how to positively reconnect and renew their commitment to marriage, that is undeniably ideal. The entire family will benefit and the healing will be a blessing to all.

However, if children are being raised in a war zone or in the silence and apathy of a dead marriage, divorce may open the door to a healthier, happier future for parents and children alike. But parental divorce in itself is never a solution. To give children the best outcome parents must consciously work on creating a cooperative child-centered divorce that puts the children’s psychological well-being first as the basis for all parenting decisions!

Heidi Klum spotted for first time since Seal split wearing dark glasses – mirror.co.uk


Heidi Klum with Liza Minnelli at The Heart Tru...
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Heidi Klum spotted for first time since Seal split wearing dark glasses – mirror.co.uk.Why is it people with money is more likely to have a Broken Marriage or Relationship, is it because of unfaithfulness or Greed.

The Silent Relationship Killer

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What has started out as an easy way of communication has now become a major roll in killing off relationships between your partner and yourselves.
This one is call the beloved TEXT which have been used more and more everyday to commit what they call infidelity because of it’s silence way of communicating, very secretive if one should asked.
Knowing of personal relationships which is been destroyed by the finger of TXT so here we go just watch the reaction when those fingers go topping.

Forced Marriage Britten

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Is it the right thing to say that the British People if I should put it this way has been now told by the Government to enter in what seems to be a forced Marriage if they needs a Tax break.
Where does the true value of Christian Marriage gone,isn’t it better to look at ways and means of creating a more stable Economy than trying to win votes, have we forgotten how sacred it is when two people are join together in holy matrimonial.
What the Government is suggesting is in no way different from a man telling his daughter or son that if they do not married to the person that they chooses for them then they will be cut off from the family inheritance.
Time to stop interfering in people family life and do the job that you were elected to do.

Woman cut off Cheating hubby’s Manhood.

Sex in Video Games cover
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Another lesson on Cheating but why is it it’s only man got something to cut off when they Cheat I wonder what would happened if it was the other way round, only that woman gets away with it.