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Brazil farce hits England as glamour friendly ‘off’ over Maracana safety fears

English: Image of Frank Lampard about to take ...
English: Image of Frank Lampard about to take a penalty against Wales (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
England team (v. Paraguay at the World Cup). F...
England team (v. Paraguay at the World Cup). From left to right: Owen, Crouch, Terry, Lampard, Gerrard, Neville, Ashley Cole, Ferdinand, Robinson and Beckham. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: David Beckham, England, own work (by ...
English: David Beckham, England, own work (by ger1axg). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
World cup England
World cup England (Photo credit: @Doug88888)
Beckham prepares for a set piece. Wow: Beckham...
Beckham prepares for a set piece. Wow: Beckham, Rooney, Hargreaves, Gerrard, Lampard, A Cole, and Terry (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

England‘s friendly against Brazil was in jeopardy after the match was suspended by a Rio court.
The decision will be appealed on Friday morning by the Brazilian FA, who are understood to have the documentation that will ensure Sunday night’s game goes ahead.
Judge Adriana Costa dos Santos put the match on hold after prosecutors claimed there is a lack of safety and said the Brazilian FA do not have the documentation to prove the famous stadium, which was bui lt in 1950 but has undergone three years of renovation work, is safe.
But the local authorities are certain the game will go ahead and issued a statement saying: ‘All safety requirements for the friendly game between Brazil and England have been met. This is only about bureaucratic failure to deliver the document.’
FIFA also believe the fixture will be fulfilled as planned.
A court document said the iconic venue, which has been refurbished in preparation for the World Cup next year, was still full of stones, concrete slabs and building debris that could cause injury to fans watching the match.
After nearly three years of work, the 78,000-seat stadium was reopened last month, four months behind schedule.
Seats were still being installed when the first friendly took place and local reports said there was uneven flooring and flooding, and that photographers were prevented from taking pictures of the problems.

All eyes are on Brazil with the country due to host the 2013 Confederations Cup in two weeks’ time.
The Maracana is one of the stadiums that is set to be used during the two-week tournament.
England’s weary players headed straight for Copacabana Beach after touching down in Rio de Janeiro on Thursday, just 12 hours on from their disappointing draw against the Republic of Ireland
Roy Hodgson‘s men are seventh in the FIFA World Rankings, a staggering 12 places in front of their opponents on Sunday.
England won’t be in Brazil for very long, but they will use the trip as a reconnaissance for the World Cup in 2014, should they manage to qualify.
Frank Lampard has set his sights on yet another accolade as he closes in on a century of England caps.

The 34-year-old Chelsea midfielder has had an eventful season, breaking the west Londoners’ all-time scoring record before winning the Europa League and signing a new one-year deal.
Lampard has also impressed on the international stage and scored England’s leveller on Wednesday night.
Ashley Cole, team-mate for both club and country, captained the side at Wembley after becoming just the seventh English player to reach the 100-caps mark.
It is a milestone that Lampard himself is eyeing, sitting just just four games shy of an elite band of players including Bobby Moore, David Beckham and Sir Bobby Charlton.
‘You can’t not think about it,’ the midfielder said.
‘I am on 96, I have been around for an awful long time.
‘I saw Stevie (Steven Gerrard) get that gold cap, which was well deserved, and then Ash last night.
‘If I can get there and can stay involved in future games then I would be a very proud man if I did reach that.
‘Ash certainly deserves the accolades. To get 100 caps, to start every game and to play at the quality and level he has played for such a long period of time, he deserves everything.
‘I think the fans gave him the very right reception, he deserved the moment and the atmosphere was brilliant.’
Lampard and Cole look set to add to their tally this weekend when England take on Brazil.
Roy Hodgson’s threadbare squad will be hoping to repeat the victory they achieved over the Selecao in February.
Lampard’s stunning strike secured a 2-1 win at Wembley and, having beaten them for the first time in 23 years, now have the chance to get a second win over Brazil in four months.
‘I won’t get carried away, it will be a very tough game,’ he said.
‘I know the Brazilian boys at Chelsea weren’t happy coming here and losing. They are certainly going to want to beat us.
‘If we can go there and get a result that would be fantastic for the lads’ spirit and confidence going into the qualifiers
‘We are trying to keep improving and it is good not to lose a game. We are trying to work on the team and work on our attacking play.
‘There are things we can take away from last night that we are pleased with and things that we can tighten up on.
‘We have a big game on Sunday, then a well-deserved break and then our minds will be on the qualifiers that are coming up.’


How happy are we to see the back of ROY, but less we forget that although Kenny may be one of our heroes,but he too was one of the Managers from the past that got us in this mess that we are in at present,unless he can reverse that past and get us back in the right direction at the top, then we are going to rewrite the book.

Glouting Keegan

English football (soccer) manager Kevin Keegan
Image via Wikipedia

Keegan tells Reds fans: Don’t blame Roy for 20 seasons of hurt and a sub-standard squad.

I don’t believe he meant to say that, I believe he is Glouting because of the position the club and team has found themselves at present.

Let’s hope he would be the last person they did ever ask to manage the club,you have just put your foot in it son.


2008 UEFA European Football Championship
Image by Bernard Garon via Flickr

Come next season only one of the original four in European Football Championship and that is Man U.

T he other three can look forward to Europea Games and that is if some of them ever make it thus far.

For the likes of Liverpool they might not even be in the Premier come next season at the rate that they are playing.

It’s very sad to see all their achievement over the years has finally come to such blantant,abrubt end, if only they could turn back the times.   


View of inside Anfield Stadium from Anfield Ro...
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Can someone please tell me what is happening at our beloved LIVERPOOL FOOTBALL CLUB.
Beaten by BLACKBURN ROVERS 3-1 not like Liverpool of old it’s time someone ass been kick time to shipped out both Manager and Players, especially those who have no dedication or long term commitment to the club,those who are only there for the mega bucks.
If the Owners are as Committed as they say then they got to act now,we need to see the Liverpool of old once more.