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Drugs Sport Britain

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Disgusting is this the kind of sports that our children are encouraged to part take in today, a sports that fill with Cocaine,Cannabis and Ecstasy then I did rather banned my from taking part in any form of sports whatsoever.
We tend to comment on the rest of the World when we heard of their Drugs shame but within our own sports we cover up our own shame, mind you if our Politicians are full of it themselves then who cares if we have a society that full of Drugs and Illicits.

TV Packages:

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Have you ever taught about how your TV Packages Suppliers Trick you into buying their packages.
First it is free set top recordable box with the added half price installation.
But what they don’t tell you is even thou you can record these Favorited program it’s been repeated on about four other channels, so then why would I want to record something that I can catch up on another channel immediately after.
Think about it they certainly know how to rip us off.

Some Women Do Choose Them

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Poor Liz Hurley taught she had found the Perfect man in Shane Warne only for him to become one of the world most serial cheat’s ever amongst living men.
So often we asked why do we all do it and can a wild cheat- a be tamed, let’s find out, but then can we blame temptation or is it in our genes.

Good Luck to West Ham

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Good luck to West Ham in bidding for the Olympic stadium after the 2012 game.
I wish them success in their bid and not their arrogant neighbor who only wish to used it for profiteering instead of accommodating our youngsters of the future.
At least they are East ender and the other is not.


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Now that we have had apologies, resignations and sacking over the Soccer Sexism,I now think it’s time we accept these results and move on.
The majority of us all have now come to realised that any form of discrimination is no longer acceptable in society today and we should all accept others for who or what they are, whether it’s sex, colour or creed.

The Grudge in Football

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There is always going to be a grudge and shout of Racisim within the Footballing world.
Foreign Managers and Players will always get the flack from both British Managers and Players as their style and playing is way ahead of us.
If we do not start to promote the British Players more then the greed of these clubs will always Promote nothing more than Racisim forever.


2008 UEFA European Football Championship
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Come next season only one of the original four in European Football Championship and that is Man U.

T he other three can look forward to Europea Games and that is if some of them ever make it thus far.

For the likes of Liverpool they might not even be in the Premier come next season at the rate that they are playing.

It’s very sad to see all their achievement over the years has finally come to such blantant,abrubt end, if only they could turn back the times.   

Singing your own praise

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Certainly it won’t be any surprise seeing England singing their own praise going into the Ashes series and come out to be a cropper.

Too often we seems to get carried away about these games, get so much hype by the media and then get slaughtered by their opponents.

whether  it is Cricket, Football,Tennis or any other form of sports we are not good enough, mind you we created the games but been out class by others when playing.

The answer is let others sing your praises for you and not you singing your own.