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Liverpool vs Bolton 27/08/2011
Liverpool vs Bolton 27/08/2011 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Liverpool v Oldham Athletic F.A. Cup 3rd Round...
Liverpool v Oldham Athletic F.A. Cup 3rd Round 6th January 2012 (Photo credit: Diego’s sideburns)
Liverpool emblem
Liverpool emblem (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Luis Suarez made by Paul Blank of www...
English: Luis Suarez made by Paul Blank of http://www.postproduktie.nl Nederlands: Luis Suarez, foto gemaakt door Paul Blank in 2009, http://www.postproduktie.nl/voetbal/Luis-Suarez.htm . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The FA has decided to use their Big Stick on SUAREZ for a bite on on Branislav Ivanovic which did not even appears to have drawn any form blood or injuries whatsoever, is it that the FA have a vendetta against the like of Luis Suarez and Liverpool FC.

I have seen worst happened within the game and nothing done about it, but as soon as the name Suarez is mention he is being castrated for whatever reason their is.

Talk about racism in the game of Football, I think the FA should look within their department before castrating other players and people within the sports.

The FA is bias in many ways and I can’t reasonably believe  that I am the only person to see that.

It’s a shame to know that they have done more injustice than justice within all their inquiries and findings.

Would be much better if they did throw him out of the game completely than to slowly destroyed the young man’s career with a 10 games ban.

You educated fools make me sick.