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For the Men: The Right Way to Grab Your Wife’s Boobs


My Boobs Are OK
My Boobs Are OK (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Jorge in Boob's World
Jorge in Boob’s World (Photo credit: Daniel Spillere Andrade)




Flickr is scared of boobs
Flickr is scared of boobs (Photo credit: Malingering)


For the Men: The Right Way to Grab Your Wife’s Boobs.



Only Cheats offer to do Hoovering

Before He Cheats
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Craftsman 16 Gallon Wet/Dry (shop) Vac
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A Dyson DC07 upright cyclonic vacuum cleaner u...
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The researcher who claim that only men who cheated offer to do the hoovering, is he, she or they just talking from their own experience or what as I certainly no cheat and so are many more men out there.
I do my cleaning, cooking, washing and help with my little girl from time to time, therefore I would like to know where did they get that stupid ideology nonsense from.
Why is it people have to come up with some form of crop to make money, silly findings I guess.

Question Time

Iain Duncan Smith-Nightingale House-March 2010
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If you watch Question Time tonight then you might agree with me that most of Ian Duncan Smith answers to questions that was put to him seems to come from his ass instead of his brains
It got even better when David told him to come with a better answer than what he’s got on his paper, look like he was brief with these questions why he has prepared his answers forehand.

TV Packages:

Cable tv
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Have you ever taught about how your TV Packages Suppliers Trick you into buying their packages.
First it is free set top recordable box with the added half price installation.
But what they don’t tell you is even thou you can record these Favorited program it’s been repeated on about four other channels, so then why would I want to record something that I can catch up on another channel immediately after.
Think about it they certainly know how to rip us off.

Rastamouse a Racist thing or a Good thing.

Old times.
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Time and again we have come up on the word RACIST but what are we defining as Racist because I believe that Racism is created by those said person’s who cried racism.
For Christ sake can people grow up Rastamouse is only a children program and I know that my nine months old daughter will enjoy it, there’s too much stereotype Black people who are living amongst us.
Long live RASTAMOUSE and sud the haters well done BBC, IGNORE these stupid people.

RASTAMOUSE landed BBC in race row.

Character for children of FCC"Broadband"
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Load of Bullshit, how can one little programmed cause such of sturr this is not like these children are not hearing these phrases everyday whether it may be in the school playground,on the bus, train or where ever there is Black children it will always be used and heard.
The point is the 95 people who complained about the animated character speaking mouse are themselves creating racial friction by saying that they do not want their kids to hear or speak these phrases.
My daughter is of both Black and White parents and I would not like to see or hear of been treated in any way different because of which ever.
If they are so stuck up to their ass then they need to live on a different planet, can’t they see people is trying to live as one without seggration, come on people lighten up and don’t be a drag.

Stupid Idiot

Upton-upon-Severn flooded Interview with ITV (...
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After all what happened to two other presenters Jason Gardiner has to make headlines as he is now been branded as Mr Nasty for attacking coach Karen Barber on her opinions on Dancing on Ice.
Well let’s hope ITV producers are listening to the people who made their programs such success, bin him.