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Blundering Refs or Bias Refs.

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For too long now Football Clubs has been calling on the FA to have a look at some of these Blunder and Biasing decissions that most of these Refs made during games that involves Clubs that they support.
As with the case of Mark Clattenberg’s at Stokes this weekend then after investigating these alligations against him if found to be guilty then he should never be allowed to Referee another game again especially if we really intended on cleaning up the game and get rid of any form of misconduct.

Thanks For Visiting, Summer. Could You Leave Me Alone Now?

Yellow Fever!
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Thanks For Visiting, Summer. Could You Leave Me Alone Now?. When heye fever strikes the only thing we can do is asked,when is it going to be over.

Stop Sniffing man.

The Caption’s that said it’s all.

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Happened to to be reading my faveroiate paper the Mirror this morning when I came across Tony Ps columns which sums up all the questions that comes to mind.
This show’s how much Cameron is determin to follow in the foot step of Thatcher and Blair.

Woman cut off Cheating hubby’s Manhood.

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Another lesson on Cheating but why is it it’s only man got something to cut off when they Cheat I wonder what would happened if it was the other way round, only that woman gets away with it.

The Grudge in Football

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There is always going to be a grudge and shout of Racisim within the Footballing world.
Foreign Managers and Players will always get the flack from both British Managers and Players as their style and playing is way ahead of us.
If we do not start to promote the British Players more then the greed of these clubs will always Promote nothing more than Racisim forever.