Yes friends the WikiLeak thing is now taking effected on World Leaders as it goes. This is the bigest busted of all times, because while they were sitting there watching and listening to innocent people, their eyes, heart and soul was been ripped wide open by the same people whom they employed to spy on decent citizens.

Wonder what are they going to do about that now.

Tube Strikes.

I am very sympathetic with the strikers and wish that they accomplish what they are striking for, I know Londoner are very unhappy about the situation but if they were intended on getting to work then they would have just like myself and many others who made it in from outer London area.

It is your lively hood  and believe if there were more support in your direction there’s would be a settlement by now and the disruptions would have ended,

The Dead Are Coming To Life.

The dead are coming to life according to the British Museum, exhibition about Egyptian funerary rites, there is a small painted wooden figure of the god Osiris. It is instantly striking because of the bright green of its face and hands, but its verbal eloquence lies hidden  inside. The statue was made as a container for a Book of the Dead, a collection of magic spells to help a departed person  on their journey through the Western Lands, where gods and monsters live and the dead walk.

This sounds like I will have to pay a visit to the Museum, to try some of this portion, don’t worry folkes I will be right back to tell you the results. Why not check out more of these History or myths, can be very interesting.