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This Election Is ALL About R.A.C.E.


Nicolás Llano, Gerente de Vive Digital Regional
Nicolás Llano, Gerente de Vive Digital Regional (Photo credit: Ministerio TIC Colombia)
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Description unavailable (Photo credit: #300091984)
found photo: business leaders
found photo: business leaders (Photo credit: squareintheteeth)

Why is Race/Racism has to come into Politics,who so ever is chosen should be able to lead their country with out bias.


The Militant Negro™

By Jueseppi B.






This is the second election for President Of The United States between a Black candidate & a caucasian candidate in 57 quadrennial United States Presidential elections. This is the first one that is driven & based on race/racism.


The very first election featuring Barack Hussein Obama was not about race/racism but more about change from  failed policies by a failed President/Vice President in George Dubbya Bush/Dick Cheney. Racist caucasian Americans and their handful of house nigger minded, misguided, ignorant, Black Americans didn’t see Barack Hussein Obama coming. His campaign blindsided the Americanracist. They didn’t take Barack Hussein Obama’s chances of actually BEING President, very seriously.


From the very second he was announced, by a shocked media, as the winner of the 2008 general election for President Of The United States, he has been treated with the exact same respect…

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Paul McGrath Article

Paul McGrath v Italy
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It bleeds my heart to see someone of such calibre in sighting such tension within the game of football by suggesting Glen Johnsonshould have thrown the supporting shirt that he wares in support of his fellow team mate on the floor. To show that this guy is intern a no good dirty Racial piece of shit, people from all walks of life have come thus far in accepting each other for who they are except for a few of his type who are backward in reality in looking back in the dirty mud that they have been washed in for so many decay. I now wish the Police would look into his comments as been in sighting what they would call racial tension not just within the game of football but within the community, if you cannot say any good encouraging words then he should shut his trap. I have got multi-mixed relation in my family therefore he should mind his mouth.

Blundering Refs or Bias Refs.

de: Christian Dintar, Fußballschiedsrichter vo...
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For too long now Football Clubs has been calling on the FA to have a look at some of these Blunder and Biasing decissions that most of these Refs made during games that involves Clubs that they support.
As with the case of Mark Clattenberg’s at Stokes this weekend then after investigating these alligations against him if found to be guilty then he should never be allowed to Referee another game again especially if we really intended on cleaning up the game and get rid of any form of misconduct.

Cops probe murder in ‘red light district’ – News – Jamaica Star – May 4, 2011

Red Light District
Image by tx20d via Flickr

Cops probe murder in ‘red light district’ – News – Jamaica Star – May 4, 2011.

Cops probe NYPD officer’s murder – News – Jamaica Star – March 29, 2011

A lieutenant (white shirt) debriefing officers...
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Cops probe NYPD officer’s murder – News – Jamaica Star – March 29, 2011.

The Caption’s that said it’s all.

Ronald Reagan's Cabinet and Margaret Thatcher'...
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Happened to to be reading my faveroiate paper the Mirror this morning when I came across Tony Ps columns which sums up all the questions that comes to mind.
This show’s how much Cameron is determin to follow in the foot step of Thatcher and Blair.

Woman cut off Cheating hubby’s Manhood.

Sex in Video Games cover
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Another lesson on Cheating but why is it it’s only man got something to cut off when they Cheat I wonder what would happened if it was the other way round, only that woman gets away with it.