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My Heart Bleeds

My heart bleeds to see headlines like This is what drinking 24 cans,7 pints and a bottle of whatever every day does to 35 years old or whoever.

Has anyone ever stop to think or asked the question,”Did Alcohol ever says to anyone drink me or else?”, I guess the answer is no.

We all know the Medical effect of Alcoholic Consumption but seems to ignored such fact after which we then proceed to blame the Drinks and the Government for not doing much to help reduce these risk.

Firstly I believed that everyone should take responsibility for their own action, no body forces anyone to drink alcohol or take drugs, but most people sees these things as the only solution to whatsoever problems that they may have in life.

As for the young lady who is trapped in her bed with Cirrhosis to her liver,rotten teeth,cannot speak or feed herself,I am very sorry for her, but this was her doings, a choice that she made of her own free will. How many of us who read these stories ever acknowledge the very serious effect of Alcoholism,a few if any, but my message is Stop blaming Alcohol and the Government and point to yourself for what may befalls you of which ever alcohol or drugs abuse that you have chosen.

Women say Kids get in the way.

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For those Women who think’s that having Children gets in the way of their life style,careers or looks, thgeir is only one question that I would like to ask.
When you are unable would you ask another person child to assist you, I guess not, as I did rather say let your lifestyle,career and looks do you the honours or rotted in hell.

Human-trafficking elimination – Senator Nelson reassures public that Gov’t aims to rid Jamaica of crime – News – Jamaica Star – April 21, 2011

Tougher Penalties for Human Trafficking

Human-trafficking elimination – Senator Nelson reassures public that Gov’t aims to rid Jamaica of crime – News – Jamaica Star – April 21, 2011.

Sheilas Wheel Squeals

Discrimination, Diversity, Equal rights
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Euro ruling on sex equality has put the Squeals on Sheilas wheels insurance for Women.
Now Sheilas is classified as discrimination of which I say B-O-L-L-O-C-K-S how often has women been discriminated against by us Machoo men.
BRUSSELL can you wake up please, it’s time the Sexism and racism crap been trown on the Scrap heap.
Only no hoper’s would do that to women.

Girl 20 Died from Beauty OP.

I Hate This Part
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Just can’t be sorry for circumstances like these where Women dislike or hate their body that God has created them with.
One should love themselves for what and who they are and not for what others think about them.
This is what fame has create for our younger generation and it is taking their lives day after day, only because they want to look like someone that they are not.
Many more will have to suffer and die before they understand that you don’t fix what is not broken.

Men calling Women.

Hurting (song)
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Men calling Women Golddigger but on many occasion they are only refering to themselves.
Why do they have to marry for financial gained and then it all end so nasty.
Remember there are children around they might not be yours, therefore when you end your relationship please end it without hurting these children ok.


Tadpole 4
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My heart goes out to all those women who have had Contraceptive Implant and still fell Pregnant.
It must have had such a devastating effect on their lives,but then they should have known that they are only taken a risk which they taught would have been perfect in giving them time to have fun without falling a victim to one of the most powerful Tadpole ever.
Can I say Double up next time you are considering to keep these little fellas away.