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Social Services forcibly remove unborn child from woman by caesarean after she suffered mental health breakdown.

A pregnant woman has had her baby forcibly removed by caesarean section because she had suffered a mental breakdown.
In what has been described as an unprecedented case, Essex social services obtained a High Court order that allowed her to be forcibly sedated and her child removed from her womb.

According to The Sunday Telegraph, the council said it was acting in the best interests of the mother.

Social services are refusing to give the baby girl, who is now 15 months old, back to her mother, despite the woman claiming she has recovered.

The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, is an Italian national who came to Britain in July last year to attend a training course with an airline at Stansted Airport in Essex.

She is reported to have suffered a panic attack, which her relations believe was due to her failure to take regular medication for an existing bipolar condition.

She called the police, who took her to a psychiatric facility where she was restrained and sectioned under the Mental Health Act.

Essex social services then obtained a High Court order in August 2012 for the birth “to be enforced by way of caesarean section”, according to legal documents seen by The Sunday Telegraph.

The baby was born five weeks later after which the mother returned to Italy.

Brendan Fleming, the woman’s lawyer, told the newspaper: “I have never heard of anything like this in all my 40 years in the job. I can understand if someone is very ill that they may not be able to consent to a medical procedure, but a forced caesarean is unprecedented.

“If there were concerns about the care of this child by an Italian mother, then the better plan would have been for the authorities here to have notified social services in Italy and for the child to have been taken back there.”

An Italian High Court judge has questioned whether British care proceedings should have been applied to the child of an Italian citizen.

The matter will be raised in Parliament this week by John Hemming, a Liberal Democrat MP who chairs the Public Family Law Reform Coordinating Campaign.

Gunmen trick, rob foreigners – Pretended to be Good Samaritans.

An American family visiting the island who were robbed at gunpoint in July along the Penn Hill Road in Manchester is pleading with those responsible to return their travel documents and house keys.

The Fort Lauderdale, Florida, natives are scheduled to return home shortly, and are appealing for the return of their documents, house and car keys.

G’nadine Grant, who was with her husband, daughter and friend when the ordeal took place on July 20 about 10:15 p.m., explained that the car they were travelling in had broken down when the gunmen pounced.

“A friend came to pick us up at the airport but the car broke down on the Penn Hill Road and we were there about one hour. Other persons stopped to help us but my husband is a mechanic so when they stopped he asked for a pliers but when they realised they had none, they would say they couldn’t help us,” she said.

Soon, another car stopped. The occupants seemed to be Good Samaritans but they had other intentions.

“The car passed to go up the hill and then shortly afterwards the same car came back down the road. They parked behind us on the road and pretended they were going to help us get the car started,” Grant recalled. ” My husband asked if they had a pliers and one pretended to go and look for a pliers while the others were there just lingering. Soon afterwards, one of them held a gun to my husband’s head and pushed him over into a ditch.”

Grant said there were four men but it seemed only one was armed with a knife and a gun. She said she and her husband were standing outside during the attack while her friend and daughter were seated in the car.

She said they were robbed of jewellery, cash, gadgets, their travel documents and keys. However, she is only concerned with the return of the documents and other more important items.

She estimated the attack lasted about five minutes. “It happened so fast,” she remarked.

Grant explained that shortly after the men left, a wrecker company they had been in contact with, her pastor, and the police arrived.

She is asking anyone who may assist with the return of their travel documents and house keys to contact 433-2057, or 896-0899, or any police station.

“Any police station, anywhere on the island, we will drive. That’s how urgent the matter is right now,” she remarked.

The Mandeville police confirmed the robbery and said the probe is still in progress.


English: NISSAN TIIDA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
State police hunt for the McMath kidnappers in...
State police hunt for the McMath kidnappers in Cape Cod section (Photo credit: Boston Public Library)
Police downtown
Police downtown (Photo credit: Toban B.)
Andrew Jacobs / 20070811.10D.44761 / SML Skydive
Andrew Jacobs / 20070811.10D.44761 / SML Skydive (Photo credit: See-ming Lee 李思明 SML)

A police officer looks into the bag of one of the men who was at the abandoned house on Millsborough Avenue in St Andrew yesterday. The police were at the property where they evicted a group of alleged homosexual men from the premises. – Gladstone Taylor
A large group of self-proclaimed homosexuals was booted from an abandoned house in the upscale Millsborough community in upper St Andrew, yesterday.

The highly bleached men wept as a heavy contingent of police wearing dust masks monitored their removal.

The men told the police that they were prepared to point out members of the group who had been committing a range of criminal activities including robbery and assault.

Under the watchful eyes of members of the media and the police, the men walked slowly out of the compound, while another group left in a white Nissan Tiida, which was parked in the yard.

Commander of the Operation, Christopher Murdock, told The STAR that the house would be demolished tomorrow

Woman caught in high-speed chase gets bail extension

English: 1993–1996 Mitsubishi Lancer (CC) Exec...
English: 1993–1996 Mitsubishi Lancer (CC) Executive sedan, photographed in Woolooware, New South Wales, Australia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: 2000-2002 Mitsubishi Lancer sedan pho...
English: 2000-2002 Mitsubishi Lancer sedan photographed in Cainta Rizal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
2011 Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart photographed i...
2011 Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart photographed in Centreville, Virginia, USA. Category:Mitsubishi Lancer (eighth generation) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A woman who was involved in a police high-speed chase in March of this year had her bail extended when she appeared in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate‘s Court on Monday.

She is 28-year-old Tahira Howell from Kingston 19. Howell is charged with malicious destruction of property.

Allegations are that, on March 21, Howell was driving a green Toyota motorcar along Mountain View Avenue when she allegedly hit a Mitsubishi Lancer and sped off. She was then chased by the police who were instructing her to stop. She continued driving.

She was eventually accosted by the police along Richmond Park Avenue. It is alleged that Howell refused to exit the vehicle and respond to the police. She was eventually removed and, while being questioned, it is further alleged that she stripped herself of her clothing.

She was then taken to the Kingston Public Hospital where she was admitted under police guard.

It is also alleged that during the car-chasing episode, she damaged several service vehicles.

A psychiatric evaluation was done and she was diagnosed with acute psychosis.

The vehicle, which belonged to Howell’s mother, was taken to the Elletson Road Police Station for safe keeping. Howell returns to court for mention on July 31.

Lasco Top Cop Offered Bail In Rape Case Yesterday

English: Agriculture
English: Agriculture (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Bail du 23 vendemiaire an 7 confiant la gestio...
Bail du 23 vendemiaire an 7 confiant la gestion du Canal d’Orléans à la famille Bellesme. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Pictures of S&H Bail Bonds store fron...
English: Pictures of S&H Bail Bonds store front and sign of bail bonds company. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Photo of Kyle Patterson taken by myse...
English: Photo of Kyle Patterson taken by myself following the friendly game between Tamworth and Burton Albion on 23 July 2011 at The Lamb Ground in Tamworth. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The reigning LASCO top cop for 2012-2013, who is facing a rape charge, appeared yesterday in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate‘s Court and was offered bail in the sum of $300,000 with a surety.

He is 32-year-old Sergeant Oneil Patterson and he has been ordered to return to court on July 9 for a preliminary inquiry into the matter.

The Crown is alleging that on May 23, he sexually assaulted a 29-year-old medical doctor in his motor car on the compound of the Elletson Road Police Station in Kingston.

It is further alleged that the accused and the complainant had gone on a date when the incident took place.

Attorney-at-law Tamika Harris, in making the bail application, said Patterson was not a flight risk. She said he would not interfere with the witness and regarded his reputation too dear to jeopardise it. She also told the court that Patterson was willing to answer to the allegations.

Patterson was charged this week following a ruling by the director of public prosecutions.

Cashier arrested for receiving stolen documents, fraud

Looking south above Interstate 80, the Eastsho...
Looking south above Interstate 80, the Eastshore Freeway, near Berkeley, California on a Saturday afternoon. Picture taken by Minesweeper on May 14, 2005. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Certificate of the Miss title in the ...
English: Certificate of the Miss title in the United States of America. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Fraudulent coupon warning at Taco Bell.
English: Fraudulent coupon warning at Taco Bell. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A thirty-four year old cashier employed to Tax Administration Jamaica (TAJ) and assigned to the Constant Spring Tax Office was arrested and charged on April 8, 2013, with receiving stolen documents and faces additional charges of tendering stolen and forged documents.

Simonda Blake is accused of tendering to the Constant Spring Tax Office a motor vehicle Certificate of Title to secure transfer of ownership of the motor vehicle. The title was subsequently identified by the TAJ to be stolen as it was identified as one of those belonging to the batch of high-value documents stolen from TAJ stores.

Further, information obtained by the Revenue Protection Division (RPD) indicates that the information on the fraudulent Certificate of Title relates to a motor vehicle that had been destroyed by fire a week earlier.

17 arrested

Blake returns to court on June 5, 2013.

Her arrest brings to 17 the total number of persons arrested in the, investigations concerning the high-value documents that went missing from TAJ.

The RPD is reminding members of the public that the presentation of fraudulent documents is an offence and that the full force of the law will be brought to bear on the offenders.

The division is imploring members of the public who may have information regarding the possession or use of motor vehicle documents suspected to be fraudulent, or information concerning suspected fraudulent activities as it relates to Tax Administration Jamaica, to contact the Revenue Protection Division at rpdinfo@mof.gov.jm, or 1-888- CALLRPD (225-5773).

specifically mandated

Re-established as a division of the Ministry of Finance in June 2008, the RPD is one of four entities under the ministry’s Enforcement, Regulations and Compliance Programme specifically mandated to protect the Government’s revenue through the enforcement of the revenue and customs laws, conducting investigations, minimising corruption and fraud within the revenue services, and improving the efficiency of revenue collection.

Residents shocked by chopping death

My Family Coat of Arms given to the youngest f...
My Family Coat of Arms given to the youngest family members. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: James Young Simpson grave, Warriston ...
English: James Young Simpson grave, Warriston Cemetery (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Cottages of victims of the 1665-1666 plague in...
Cottages of victims of the 1665-1666 plague in , Derbyshire, England. On the left is the “Rose Cottage”, home of the Thorpe family, where all nine family members died. On the right is the home of Mary Hadfield and her family; all members of the household except Mary died. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
StateLibQld 1 167999 Wilson family members on ...
StateLibQld 1 167999 Wilson family members on the lawn at Claremont, Milford Street, Ipswich, 1912 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Simpson (Photo credit: Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue)

Police, family members and residents of Shay Shay district near Gayle in St Mary, were left shocked and puzzled on Friday following the chopping death of a man in the district.

What is even more confusing for the family members is that one of their own, the deceased man’s former in-law, has been detained in connection with the killing.

Dead is Garth ‘Puss Eye’ Simpson, 39, a security guard.

Family members said Simpson used to be in a common-law relationship with one of their relatives for several years. The relationship produced a son. However, four years ago, their home was razed by a fire which not only destroyed their belongings, but also claimed the woman’s life.

Following the fire, he moved from the district but maintained good communication with his former in-laws, at times visiting to look for his son who stayed with his mother’s family.

Last Thursday, it is understood, Simpson visited to spend some time with his seven-year-old son who they said wasn’t doing so well in school. He was to stay there for several days.

gruesome incident

The family said they thought every thing was okay as they went to bed leaving Simpson and the accused man watching television on Thursday night. They later woke to the gruesome incident on Friday morning.

Police said Simpson retired to bed but was attacked and chopped all over his body. He was rushed to hospital by his former in-laws but eventually died from his injuries. Another family member was injured when he tried to intervene in the incident after hearing screams. The accused family member later handed himself over to the Gayle police.

“Mi deh inna mi room and can’t sleep and mi hear somebody (cursing). When mi go out deh a the youth mi see a sink the cutlass inna the man and a chuck mi chuck down pon him same time and him swing the cutlass,” the injured family member told THE STAR. “If mi never put up mi hand a inna mi face him woulda chop mi. Now mi little nephew him no have a mother or a father.”

Some family members were too distraught to talk and some consoled each other. “God know, I wish God could blow some breath inna him and put him back where we could see him. He was a good friend … like a brother. It rough, it rough, him mother weh birth him no feel it like we feel it,” another family member said of Simpson.

Another neighbour said following the incident, it was the accused man who told her to call the police, which she did.

Multiple shooting incidents rock downtown Kingston

Massacre in Tivoli Gardens
Massacre in Tivoli Gardens (Photo credit: freestylee)
Jamaica-Suzuki SX4 Sedan(Jamaican Constabulary...
Jamaica-Suzuki SX4 Sedan(Jamaican Constabulary Force Motorized Patrol) (Photo credit: JLaw45)
@US-ARMY_CSA-2005-12-15-115649 (Photo credit: MATEUS_27:24&25)

The Kingston Central Police Division yesterday had their hands full yesterday with a number of shooting incidents.

Crime fighters had to first step in after receiving word of a robbery in progress in the commercial district. Two alleged robbers were shot in that incident by the police. Reports are that two other men escaped.

Not long afterwards, panic gripped a section of East Queen Street, central Kingston, when two men were shot, one fatally, by unknown assailants.

The men reportedly ran into the Central Police Station before they collapsed and were rushed to the hospital. One was pronounced dead.

Later, another man with gunshot wounds was taken to the hospital in a brown SUV with three other occupants who released the injured man into the care of hospital attendants then sped out of the facility before the police could accost them.

Police rescue alleged thief

Deutsch: Star Bicycle - Hochrad
Deutsch: Star Bicycle – Hochrad (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Bicycle Party
Bicycle Party (Photo credit: Where is Clifford The Big Red Dog?)
Working bicycle
Working bicycle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Linstead police in St Catherine had to rescue a man who allegedly stole a bicycle from an angry mob yesterday.

It is revealed that about 8 a.m., the man was held along Fletcher’s Avenue in Linstead, St Catherine.

He was accused of stealing a bicycle that was parked nearby, and the mob started to beat him.

A police party was patrolling the town and rescued the man from the angry mob.

Persons told The Star that the owner parked the bicycle and the man allegedly jumped on it and rode it away.

When The Star called the police, it was revealed that the man was being held on suspicion of larceny. ‘

Court staff, cops clash – Civilians witness tracing match

Office 2.0
Office 2.0 (Photo credit: Peter Kaminski)
BAW's Home Office
BAW’s Home Office (Photo credit: bayareabaw)

Senior police officers had to rescue one of their colleagues from the wrath of some members of staff at the Family Court on Wednesday after she was targeted and verbally attacked over a dirty sink.

THE WEEKEND STAR was told that the row exacerbated after other cops came to their colleague’s aid and exchanged indecent language aloud with those members of staff who targeted her.

A meeting has been scheduled for today between police and the court management service to discuss the disgraceful event.

The squabble reportedly took place in full view of civilians, other cops and staff.

“It happened around midday while court was in session and people a move back and forth in the court office doing their business,” a witness revealed.

Reports said the row emanated from disgust at a dirty kitchen sink in the court’s canteen. The female cop, who was having lunch in the canteen, was blamed for the mess and verbally attacked by some members of staff.

However, she kept her composure and ignored the insults until she reached boiling point and was forced to defend her honour – hurling her own taunts at her ‘attackers’.

“Dem go up inna her face like dem wah beat her and her superiors told her to come to the office and sit,” the witness shared.

The encounter soon worsened after the policewoman went into the office reserved for cops and the door was closed.

“When she go inna the office, dem start beat down the door and a bang it loud for a long while,” the witness said.

After a while, the enraged staff retreated from the door. Nobody involved in the encounter was charged.