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Fruit Nutrition Facts – How Much Calories Fruits Contain

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Nutrition facts – Apples


Apples are packed with vitamin A and C – plus they are great to get rid of colds and infections. Moreover, apples are potent blood purifiers that bring on varied benefits to the blood and lymphatic systems. Apple juice in fact is an amazing cleanser, and helps in losing weight as well as is useful as a general tonic.
One medium size apple packs approximately 100 calories. For beautiful skin (how to get clear skin) have apples, fresh pineapple, grapes, and kiwi fruits.

Nutrition facts – Grapes


Grapes are potent cleansers as well as have the power to stimulate the metabolism – that’s why grapes are utilized in elimination and weight loss diets. Additionally, grapes are full of magnesium thus promote bowel movement as well as proper kidney function.
Grape juice helps to cleanse blood and liver as well as gets rid of…

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Raheem Sterling hits back at fans’ criticism about being too tired to play for England


Raheem Sterling (second right) started England’s game in Estonia on the bench (Picture: Getty Images)

Raheem Sterling has hit back at fans who have criticised him for being too tired to play in England’s Euro 2016 qualifier against Estonia on Sunday – by saying he’s only human.

The Liverpool winger was left on the bench for The Three Lions’ 1-0 win on Sunday after admitting that he needed a break, although manager Roy Hodgson eventually brought the 19-year-old on for the final 30 minutes of the game.

Following the match in Estonia, Sterling was bombarded with tweets from supporters, who criticised him for asking not to play in the Euro 2016 qualifier, before the winger decided to respond to the messages on the social network site.

[metro-link url=”http://metro.co.uk/2014/10/13/wayne-rooney-turned-into-ogre-in-comical-cartoon-parody-of-englands-win-over-estonia-4903488/” title=”Wayne Rooney turned into ogre in comical cartoon parody of England’s win over Estonia”]

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#AceWorldNews – MOSCOW – October 12 – Russian President Vladimir Putin will attend the G20 summit in Brisbane, Australia, in November, despite tensions surrounding Ukraine over the course of the past year.

Australia's Treasurer Joe Hockey delivers opening remarks to the G20 meeting. Australia’s Treasurer Joe Hockey delivers opening remarks to the G20 meeting.

“I spoke with the Finance Minister of Russia only yesterday… and he did confirm that President Putin will be coming to the G20 leaders’ summit in Brisbane,” Australian Treasurer Joe Hockey confirmed to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation on Sunday morning.

“That has certainly been the consensus of other members of the G20 that President Putin should attend.

And I think there will be some full and frank dialogue with President Putin at that meeting.”


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Women And Children Are Among Those Holding The Front-Lines Of Ferguson

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Protesters cheer after blocking an intersection after a vigil in St. Louis, Mo. on Oct. 9, 2014. Photo by Jim Young/Reuters Protesters cheer after blocking an intersection after a vigil in St. Louis, Mo. on Oct. 9, 2014. Photo by Jim Young/Reuters

From MSNBCAmanda Sakuma:

Women hold the front-lines of Ferguson

FERGUSON, Missouri For a time, little more than a few inches of space separated a delicate line between peace and chaos.

Protesters tested the limits to the invisible boundary Friday night, toeing dangerously close to the row of officers lined up to protect the police headquarters here. Warnings from law enforcement officials that they may soon begin arresting people were easily drown out by music and chants from the thickening crowd. Photographers readied their cameras, waiting for something to pop as demonstrators on the front lines stared down their opponents, leaving little room to breathe.

All except for Shermale Humphrey — she was facing the other way.

While the fallout of a teen’s death at the…

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