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Fruit Nutrition Facts – How Much Calories Fruits Contain

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Nutrition facts – Apples


Apples are packed with vitamin A and C – plus they are great to get rid of colds and infections. Moreover, apples are potent blood purifiers that bring on varied benefits to the blood and lymphatic systems. Apple juice in fact is an amazing cleanser, and helps in losing weight as well as is useful as a general tonic.
One medium size apple packs approximately 100 calories. For beautiful skin (how to get clear skin) have apples, fresh pineapple, grapes, and kiwi fruits.

Nutrition facts – Grapes


Grapes are potent cleansers as well as have the power to stimulate the metabolism – that’s why grapes are utilized in elimination and weight loss diets. Additionally, grapes are full of magnesium thus promote bowel movement as well as proper kidney function.
Grape juice helps to cleanse blood and liver as well as gets rid of…

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