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The Sly Old Dog

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What a Cunning Sly Old Dog our PM has been he seems more like a man in desperation in using Constitutional Dodges to overturned Defeats by the House of Lords.
The Coalition defiant style of running the country is more like ruling Dictator than a Government that is willing to listen to the people who put their trust in the hands of a Government that has now condemned the volubility of this Society to the scrap heap of their early grave.
He should have run for President instead of PM.

MPs to probe Racism in Football

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No to racism!
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Are we having a laugh or what, when they suggest MPs to probe what they think is Racism in Football.

I did rather say look in the House of Parliament first before they can actually cries foul of anyone else in such area because even their PM makes Racist jibes at his opositions members.

Shouldn’t they try to clean their house first before turning their nose up at others.

What’s The Hell:

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What the hell does anyone cares if they are selling off the African Centre for Arts and Politics when our NHS and other high profiles commodities is either sold off or closed down and no one gives a hoot.
Remember the aggressors are here to take from the poor, sold to the rich or destroyed forever.
Sorry BJ and DT but your voice will only fall on barren land.


They Don't Talk to Strangers



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This is beyond Disgrace towards a nation who are suffering from cuts left right and centre.
Only to learned that MPs who are Parents like myself has gone and help themselves to a rised while majority of the Country suffers.
How can they justified such action when for the likes of others and myself has to make do with £300.00 weekly wages, has to rent private has they cancelled social housing and slashed Child Benefits.
Is this we are all in it together or some of us only in it for ourselves.
How can these people ever face the voters that trusted them in the first place by voting for them.
These MPs need to know what hard life is all about, Voting for them Obstained.

Big Society

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David Cameron say that Big Society is his mission, I did not know that this is the only thing the people of this country put’s him in the House of Parliament to do.
Can’t he see that his so call Big Society is Dead,is he beginning to become a Dictator and if so is he been watching what is happening in the world lately as people want what is good for them and not what is been shove down their throat any more.
Watch out Mr Cameron people talk not you.

Con-Dem to Die

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Not only are we Con-Dem to die by slashing funds for the NHS but also slashing funds for the Asbestos AdS campaign which warned us mostly people that works in the Building Services.
According to one News Paper research more than 35,000 victims with an average of 20 Tradesman Die each week,but yet the Con-Dem Government believe it’s a waste of fund in eradicating such threat within the Industries.

Did the N H S let Cameron

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Did the N H S let David Cameron down why he is bent on destroying it, think about it he maybe blame his lost on the health service why he has gone back on his word , but all we have seen is a Government gone mad.

Here We Go Again Why

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Why the coalition can’t cut the Cable, even the blind can see that if the Cable is been cut at such vital session of ruling or been in Government then they might just find themselves in a situation worst than a tuition fee protest as the Cable seams to be the binding within the Coalition as the only Experience Politician within. Axe him and they will crumble.

What’s the need to Argue

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What’s the need in Argueing over Gods natureal treasure the Snow that comes from the sky.
In stead of finding ways and means dealing with the issue on helping the Elderly throughtout the bad wintery weather, the MPs are fighting over whose fault it is why the snow cause such a havoc over the past couple of days, who is fit to do what come off it man.