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Chubby darts legend Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor dates his fitness instructor after splitting from wife of 23 years – mirror.co.uk

Phil Taylor with 2005 Premier League trophy
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Chubby darts legend Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor dates his fitness instructor after splitting from wife of 23 years – mirror.co.uk.

Torres Jibe at Liverpool

Fernando Torres. Image cropped from original a...
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So Torres pop jibes at Liverpool as he move to Chelsea.
Well lets say good riddance to him as I say all along he was only in it for the money, he wanted to move long after the World Cup.
I only hope when he cannot deliver for Chelsea the fan will give what for as he is trying to create bad blood between clubs.


Assorted international currency notes.
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What misery I did not Condemned you, you did it yourself.
We asked you to Vote not under oats but false pretence,taught you would that I was only telling you fibs when I say no VAT rises,no NI increase, but you didn’t know I was telling you lies.
I told you we are all in it together, but I tricked you again poor old fools because my rich mates and I will never be,because you will be the one paying until you die.
Sorry I am off on a Ski-ing holiday see you.

Great Strike Partner.

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Just pointing out a few details to one dearly football club up north, it’s so easy spending millions buying new players,but it’s very hard blending them into a winning team.
Try and mould your players together first I supposed that might help.


The Salt Wound Routine
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Goes to show Multi-Millionaire Chancellor on Ski holiday while the majority of Britten suffered Vat and Fuel duty.
The saying isn’t wrong Rubbing Salt in the Wound, what a way to treat the people who trusted in the first place.
Let’s hope the blades fall off those ski.


Another wonderful news for Liverpool. One of their most dedicated player of all time as been fast track to become England Manager in the name of JAMIE CARRAGHER.

This I must say is another milestone in our club history at Liverpool and I bet he will do a darn good job by winning the WORLD CUP FOR ENGLAND by doing the job he loves Football.

What’s the need to Argue

Lord Randolph Churchill; Member of Parliament ...
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What’s the need in Argueing over Gods natureal treasure the Snow that comes from the sky.
In stead of finding ways and means dealing with the issue on helping the Elderly throughtout the bad wintery weather, the MPs are fighting over whose fault it is why the snow cause such a havoc over the past couple of days, who is fit to do what come off it man.