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British PM to visit Jamaica

British Prime Minister David Cameron is expected to visit Jamaica next week.

His imminent visit to the island was confirmed by a Government source a short while ago.

In May, Cameron won the first Conservative majority since 1992, and secured himself another term as Britain’s prime minister.

Cameron’s visit comes on the heels United States President Barack Obama’s visit to Jamaica.

In April this year, Obama met with Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller, members of her Cabinet as well as with CARICOM heads of state during his brief visit to the island.


Kengate: Prime Minister David Cameron Personally Implicated In Scandal!

David Cameron disappears Kengate Tapes whilst Head of Corporate Communications for Carlton Television during the “Cash for Questions” scandal back in 1994. Will he be above the law as well?
The Metropolitan Police Paedophile Unit confirmed this week to me personally that there was indeed a government and Carlton Television conspiracy over the Kengate Tapes. The police confirmed that Ian Greer along with Carlton Television conspired to cover up the “Cash for Questions” scandal for John Major’s government back in 1994. So the Prime Minster David Cameron covered up a scandal of paedophilia in 1994 as a corporate “sleaze fixer” for Carlton Television, on behalf of John Major’s Conservative Government, through Ian Greer. Now as Prime Minister, David Cameron is preventing the Metropolitan Police from investigating my case against Kenneth Clarke MP, who was involved in the scandal of sexually assaulting me in Ian Greer’s office, which Cameron helped cover up!

Okay, let’s just take a breath…

A number of political scandals in the 1980s and 1990s created the impression of what was described in the British press as “sleaze”: a perception that the then Conservative Government was associated with political corruption and hypocrisy. In particular, the successful entrapment of Graham Riddick and David Tredinnick in the “Cash for Questions” scandal of 1994, the contemporaneous misconduct as ministers by Neil Hamilton, Tim Smith, and the convictions of former Cabinet Member Jonathan Aitken and former party deputy chairman Jeffrey Archer for perjury in two separate cases leading to custodial sentences damaged the Conservatives’ public reputation. Persistent rumours about the activities of the party treasurer Michael Ashcroft furthered this impression. At the same time, a series of revelations about the private lives of various Conservative politicians such as Hague, Portillo, etc, etc., made the headlines. Scallywag Magazine even accused Lord McAlpine of being a paedophile. However the investigation was stopped but McAlpine didn’t sue Scallywag Magazine as they had photographic evidence apparently which then subsequently disappeared. See the pattern? Paedophile rings all operate in the same way.

Kenneth Clarke MP who is above the law according to the Metropolitan Police

Detective Constable Ben Lambskin of the Met Police’s Paedophile Unit told me that Central Television had been bought by Carlton Television in order to shut down the Cook Report and control the now infamous Kengate Tapes. DC Lambskin said, “The possible location for the tapes is that it was taken away by a Carlton Television lawyer who was dealing with the Cook Report and that was the last time it was seen” However I have discovered that the lawyer who took the tapes was indeed operating under the direct orders of our now Prime Minister David Cameron.

Is it possible that in order to protect the Major Government from a scandal of both parliamentary corruption and paedophilia at the heart of government David Cameron, then working at Carlton Television, conspired to mislead the British public, hide evidence that is in the public interest and pervert the course of justice in order to protect paedophiles by disappearing the Kengate Tapes. David Cameron was rewarded by being made Prime Minister nominated at Bilderberg by, now Minister Without Portfolio and Chairman of the Bilderberg Steering Committee – Kenneth Clarke MP. In fact this year Kenneth Clarke MP is taking Prime Minister David Cameron to Bilderberg.

We know that Kenneth Clarke MP was in Ian Greer’s office because of the Kengate Tapes. Clarke joked that he was there so often Greer should put a parliamentary bell in his office, so he’d know when it was time to go and vote.

So now it starts to become clear how far reaching the Kengate scandal goes. It appears that the paedophile ring in Westminster is now also connected to the monarchy by Prince Charles, who had a close and intimate relationship with Jimmy Savile. Of course, if Kenneth Clarke cannot be spoken to by the Police then Prince Charles isn’t going to be spoken to about what exactly his relationship with Savile was. We know now that – “your lovely ladies in Scotland” in a note Prince Charles wrote to Jimmy Savile was actually referring to children.

The Palace is speeding up plans for the Queen to abdicate within the next few months in order to make Charles King to protect him against the Savile scandal. Originally it was planned for the Queen to abdicate before the unveiling of the Ministry of Defence’s release of the World War 2 records of the Royal’s connection to the Nazis. However, the Queen has to allow the Police to question Prince Charles now in order to keep up the pretence of democracy.

On an even more serious note; there is no separation of government and monarch if the Prime Minster is a direct relation to HRH Queen Elizabeth II, which David Cameron is. The fact that the Queen sat in on a cabinet meeting last year was indication enough of the lack of separation. So we’re not living in the democracy we thought, if the Queen can pick up the telephone to the Prime Minister and have her wishes enacted by her relative, the Prime Minister David Cameron.

HRH Prince Charles has questions to answer over the Jimmy Savile scandle

We know that HRH Prince Charles was friends with known paedophile Jimmy Savile. In fact Jimmy Savile was the Prince’s unofficial social secretary. We also know that last year for the Queen’s Jubilee Celebrations the Royals invited a known convicted paedophile onto their Thames Barge. We know that Kenneth Clarke allowed Jimmy Savile access to Broadmoor, by literally giving him a set of keys to enter the maximum security prison, in order for Savile to abuse patients and associate with imprisoned paedophiles and serial killers. Kenneth Clarke and David Cameron are obviously connected to Ian Greer as Ian Greer Associates had Carlton Television, where David Cameron was Head of Communications, as a major client in the 1990s.

So for the circle to be complete how is Prime Minister David Cameron connected to Prince Charles?

Well, it’s very simple if we understand who David Cameron is. David Cameron, is related to the Queen. He is the first Eton-educated Conservative leader since Sir Alec Douglas-Home in the early 1960s. David Cameron, Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince Harry are all members of ‘Whites’ a private members gentlemen’s club in Mayfair – they get a family discount I guess!

David Cameron’s headmaster at Eton was Eric Anderson, who had also been Tony Blair’s housemaster at Fettes Public School, which is dubbed the Scottish Eton. After University Cameron’s first job was in the Conservative Research Department. He progressed quickly through the ranks and was soon briefing ministers such as Kenneth Clarke etc. for their media appearances. He worked with David Davis on the team briefing John Major for Prime Minister’s Questions, and also hooked up with George Osborne, who would go on to be shadow chancellor and his leadership campaign manager.

Cameron spent seven years at Carlton, as Head of Corporate Communications, travelling the world with the firm’s boss Michael Green. But Mr Cameron’s period at Carlton is not remembered so fondly by some of the journalists who had to deal with him. Jeff Randall, writing in The Daily Telegraph where he is a senior executive, said he would not trust Mr Cameron “with my daughter’s pocket money”. “To describe Cameron’s approach to corporate PR as unhelpful and evasive overstates by a widish margin the clarity and plain-speaking that he brought to the job of being Michael Green’s mouthpiece,” wrote the ex-BBC business editor. “In my experience, Cameron never gave a straight answer when dissemblance was a plausible alternative, which probably makes him perfectly suited for the role he now seeks: the next Tony Blair,” Mr Randall wrote. The Sun newspaper’s Business Editor Ian King, recalling the same era, described Mr Cameron as a “poisonous, slippery individual”.

Prime Minster David Cameron needs to answer questions regarding his direct involvement in the Kengate Tapes disappearance, the purchasing of Central Television by Carlton which he oversaw and why is he protecting what appears to be the lead players in an elite paedophile circle.

So all we need to do now is take bets on which “Clarkian” response he will give to these allegations.

A) I have no recollection of those events, what tapes? Etc, etc,.


B) It wasn’t me. They made me do it. I’ve signed a confidentiality agreement. It’s not my fault. I’ll have to look in to it. It a case of mistaken identity.

What is clear is that the Kengate scandal, whilst perhaps having a small seemingly insignificant start, is set to rock the very foundations of our society as the breakdown of this corrupt civilisation goes to the heart of government. To say what’s happening is biblical is an understatement!

What will the Police do now? Will they be investigating and talking to Prime Minister David Cameron about his involvement in hiding the truth from the British public which was in their interest to know? What will Parliament do now?

There needs to be a General Election. Prime Minister David Cameron’s position is untenable. He needs to do the honourable thing and resign his post in order for an investigation into his personal involvement with the disappearances of the Kengate tapes and the obvious paedophile ring involving politicians and members of the Royal Family to be investigated.

Paedophile Jimmy Savile

It is clear that Prince Charles, Jimmy Savile, Kenneth Clarke MP and Prime Minister David Cameron are simply the Heads of Department for the paedophile ring and it obviously involves many more people. We now know for a fact that it involves Parliament, the Royal Family, the entertainment industry and the Metropolitan Police who are all involved in protecting paedophiles, procuring children for paedophiles or being paedophiles.

When is enough, enough?

This whole situation can easily be resolved. It’s just about the Kengate tapes and there whereabouts? Find the tapes and this matter will be cleared up once and for all. The very fact that the tapes have been disappeared and the person in Carlton Television who did it just so happens to be now Prime Minister David Cameron who conducted a billion pound corporate takeover of Central Television in order to get hold of the tapes in the first place, speaks for itself.

It appears that David Cameron becoming Prime Minister was a reward by the Bilderberg elite for covering up the paedophile and “Cash for Questions” scandal in the 1990′s.

If once you’ve read this and you still think you live in a democracy…wake up and welcome to the real world.

I’ll leave you with a final word from Detective Constable Ben Lambskin of the Metropolitan Police Paedophile Unit, in attempting to explain the disappearance of the Kengate Tapes, he said “You wouldn’t want that kind of thing out there” .

Obeying the law will no longer be enough to protect you from the police

Obeying the law will no longer be enough to guarantee you are able to live peacefully in the UK without harassment from the state.

David Cameron is set to announce a string of new powers that are seen by many as a challenge to our basic civil liberties.

This sentence from the Tory leader is particularly chilling:

“For too long, we have been a passively tolerant society, saying to our citizens ‘as long as you obey the law, we will leave you alone’.”

Well, in simple terms: obeying the law will no longer be enough to be enough to ensure you escape retribution by the authorities.

Even if you are not suspected of committing any crime, you could be hit by orders preventing you from speaking in public or associating with specific people.

The planned “snooper’s charter” will give the police the right to read your private messages, even if you’re not suspected of any wrongdoing. Now, it seems that if they see anything they don’t like (even if it isn’t criminal) they won’t be obliged to leave you alone.

We know that the Tory government are also planning to scrap the current Human Rights Act and replace it with one that would introduce a “threshold below which Convention [human] rights will not be engaged” – allowing UK courts to strike out certain cases.

This could leave you with no legal recourse to challenge any controls you are subject to.

Why is David Cameron doing this?

He wants to preemptively combat extremism and terrorism. But we already have a number of laws which allow police and counter-terrorism officers to monitor and arrest anybody suspected of being involved in terrorism, or in planning a terrorist attack.

Although these fundamental changes are being brought in under the guise of combating terrorism, this isn’t the limit of their application.

These new changes have the potential to be used against all of us.

Louise Mensch Just Told David Cameron And The Queen To ‘F**k Off’ Over Saudi King Abdullah

Former Conservative MP Louise Mensch has unleashed an extraordinary tirade on Twitter, instructing both David Cameron and the Queen to “fuck off”.

Mensch became enraged after the British Government declared all UK flags be flown at half mast to mourn the death of King Abdullah on Thursday.

She began by criticising US President Barack Obama for paying tribute to the Royal, whom Mensch said “whipped women for driving & is currently starving his daughters.”

Variously describing herself as “INCANDESCENT WITH RAGE” and “galactically pissed off”, The Sun columnist delivered an ominous warning to “anybody from the Conservatives” against paying tribute to the Middle Eastern royal, otherwise she would “blast them from the highest heavens in the Sun as the biggest hypocrites ever to walk the earth.”

She was rapidly disappointed: “Jesus Christ. Disgusted by David Cameron and Philip Hammond who have utterly failed women today. I hope every Conservative woman MP tells them so.” [At this point Mensch accidentally tweeted her screed at a Paul Hammond, who replied: “I think you mean Philip Hammond MP. I don’t think I’ve failed any women today… ]

When the British embassy in Riyadh tweeted Cameron’s condolences, Mensch replied with: “FUCK YOU #FREETHE4”

Upon being informed by Paul Twinn that the half mast order was made by Buckingham Palace, “So the Queen then”, Mensch retorted: “FUCK HER.”

She later tweeted: “Tbf, somebody pointed out it was the Queen on the advice of the government, so I redouble it to Cam, withdraw to HM.”

She added: “It is so unacceptable to offer deep condolences for a man who flogged women, didn’t let them drive, saw guardian laws passed & STARVES THEM.”

Saudi Arabia imposes a strict interpretation of Islamic law, forbidding women to work or travel without the authorisation of their male guardians.

It is also the only country in the world that bans women from driving, and a woman cannot obtain an identification card without the consent of her guardian.

Mensch’s hashtage #FreeThe4 refers to the four daughters the late king’s former wife Princess Alanoud Al Fayez claims have been imprisoned in a royal compound for the last 14 years.

It is unclear at present exactly where the decision to fly the flag at half mast originated.

The Department of Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) told Huffington Post UK the order had come from Buckingham Palace. Buckingham Palace said that it had come from DCMS.

“Buckingham Palace is flying the Union Flag at half-mast in accordance with the guidance issued by DCMS,” a spokesman told HuffPost.

Mensch had praise for “One UK leader, just one”, in the form of Ruth Davidson of the Scottish Conservatives, who tweeted: “Flying flags at half mast on gov buildings for the death of Saudi king is a steaming pile of nonsense. That is all.”

Mensch has form for online outbursts. In October she suggested voters would “not risk” the Labour Party should there be a “serious outbreak” of Ebola in the UK.

The Tory leadership is prepared to use dishonesty as a weapon”

The Conservatives have been accused of using “dishonesty as a weapon” after making inaccurate claims that the Government had halved Britain’s deficit.

The claim – contained in the party’s first general election campaign poster – was branded a “fib” and condemned as deceptive even by right-leaning commentators.

What was intended to be the smooth launch of the new year Conservative message on the economy rapidly unravelled just hours after David Cameron had unveiled the poster which is due to go up on billboards across the country.

Under the headline “Let’s stay on the road to a stronger economy”, the poster goes on to list the Government’s achievements of “1.75 million more people in work”, “760,000 more businesses” and “the deficit halved”.

But the final claim was immediately debunked by the normally supportive Spectator magazine.

It pointed out that the assertion was only true if the deficit – the difference between what the public sector receives and what it spends each year – is measured as a proportion of national income. In cash terms, the deficit has only been reduced by about a third.

Writing on the Spectator’s website the magazine’s editor and former business journalist Fraser Nelson said: “It’s a relatively small deception … but this poster makes a more important, and more depressing point: the Tory leadership is prepared to use dishonesty as a weapon in this election campaign.”

Mr Nelson said that most people understood the word “deficit” to mean the amount, in cash, between what is spent, and what is raised.

But the Tories claim that the deficit had been halved was based on saying the word “deficit” has another meaning: the ratio of deficit to GDP.

“I don’t dispute that the ratio is widely accepted and more useful to economists, but a deficit/GDP ratio is different to ‘the deficit’ which is measured in pounds,” Mr Nelson wrote. “If you want to talk about the ratio, you need to say so – otherwise the sentence is a porkie.”

Labour joined in the attack with the shadow minister Chris Bryant accusing the Conservatives of skewing the truth.

“It is a bit troubling when [the] first Tory campaign poster has a fib,” he said.

On Twitter the Tories attempted to rebut Mr Nelson’s assertion tweeting: “You are simply wrong about this. The independent Office for Budget Responsibility said at (the) Autumn Statement “the budget deficit has been halved to date.”

But Mr Nelson took on that claim as well – pointing out that the full OBR quote included the caveat that the deficit had only been halved “relative to GDP”.

The Tory party chairman Grant Shapps defended the way the reduction in the deficit was being portrayed by his party. “There’s only one definition of the deficit and that’s the amount of overspend in the economy by comparison to the size of the overall economy,” he told the World at One.

Ukip leader Nigel Farage: ‘I’ll keep Tories in power to get EU poll next year’

Slippery Nigel Farage finally has admitted he would prop up a Tory Government if UKIP wins enough MPs next year.

The UKIP leader, who had claimed he would never do a deal with the Conservatives, said a referendum on Europe next summer would be his “price” for keeping the Tories in power.

“The price would be a full, free and fair referendum on our continued membership of the European Union,” Mr Farage said.

“Sometime in July next year strikes me as a very good time to do this.”

David Cameron has already promised a referendum on Europe in 2017 should the Tories win the next election.

But Mr Farage said this would be brought forward if UKIP pick up enough seats to hold the balance of power in a hung Parliament.

“I’m not prepared to wait three years,” Mr Farage said.

“I want to have a referendum on this great question next year.

“If UKIP can maintain its momentum and get enough seats in Westminster, we might be able to achieve that.”

Mr Farage is a former member of the Tory party and describes UKIP as “the true inheritors of Thatcher.”

Despite his ‘man of the people’ persona, he has promised more tax cuts for the rich in UKIP’s 2015 manifesto.

Labour said his comments on a hung Parliament come as no surprise.

“UKIP is a party joined at the hip to the Conservatives by Tory policy, Tory politicians and Tory money,” blasted Shadow Cabinet Minister Michael Dugher.

“They are more Tory than the Tories.”
The UKIP U-turn comes after a weekend poll found one in four voters now say they back the anti-Europe party.

Experts said UKIP could win anything between 12 and 128 seats in Westminster if the Survation poll for the Mail on Sunday, putting them on 25% of the vote, is borne out next May.

The poll heaps massive pressure on Mr Cameron, who has already lost two MPs to UKIP and is now braced for further defections.

Four Conservative MPs have been told they have more chance of keeping their seat if they quit the Tories and join UKIP.

And in a direct attack on the PM’s authority, London Mayor Boris Johnson – favourite to be the next Tory leader – has blamed Mr Cameron for a “big deception” over immigration.

The Tory Mayor said Mr Cameron should never have promised to cut annual immigration to below 100,000-a-year.

It has since soared to more than double that rate.

“We said we could control the numbers, and we couldn’t,” Mr Johnson said.

It is the latest brickbat for Mr Cameron since the Tories were trounced by UKIP in last week’s Clacton by-election.

An unnamed Cabinet Minister said a second defeat to UKIP, this time in Rochester and Strood, would see rattled Tory backbenchers trigger a leadership contest.

The senior Minister said a victory for turncoat MP Mark Reckless in next month’s by-election would be enough to convince the required number of Tory MPs – 46 – to sign a letter triggering a leadership vote.

“If Reckless wins Rochester, there will be 46 names,” the Cabinet Minister warned.

“Cameron would win. But it would be very damaging.”

Defeat in another by-election would also heighten the prospect of further Tory defections to UKIP.

A new study by politics expert Professor Matthew Goodwin concluded four Tory MPs would be more likely to keep their seat if they abandon their party.

Amber Valley MP Nigel Mills, Cleethorpes MP Martin Vickers, Bury North MP David Nuttall and Dudley South MP Chris Kelly were all told they could increase their vote share by defecting to UKIP.

All four insisted they remain loyal to the Tories.

However, both previous Tory defectors – Mr Reckless and Douglas Carswell – had both inisted they would stay loyal right to the very last moment.

Mr Goodwin said: “Victories in Clacton and potentially also Rochester will increase the likelihood of further defections.

“And I can see no reason why UKIPs average poll rating will fall significantly this side of the election.”

Mr Farage also said he expects more Tory defections before the election.

“I think there are people who say to themselves ‘you know what, we’ve got a better chance on a UKIP ticket than where we currently are’,” he crowed.

“I would be surprised if there weren’t more defections.”

UKIP is also now targeting Labour voters and politicians after coming within a whisker of snatching the safe seat of Heywood and Middleton in a separate by-election last week.

Mr Carswell, now UKIP’s first elected MP, claimed he spoke to a Labour backbencher last Friday who was considering switching sides.

“UKIP is not the Conservative party in exile,” Mr Carswell said.

“I try to work with MPs from all parties.”

Mr Carswell refused to name the Labour MP amid speculation it is Greater Grimsby’s Austin Mitchell, a eurosceptic who is stepping down next May. He was unavailable for comment last night.

Labour moved to head off the UKIP challenge yesterday with a fresh promise to clamp down on immigration.

But warnings of a high-profile defection were dismissed out of hand.

“This is typical bulls***,” Mr Dugher said bluntly.

“Speculation that Labour MPs may be casting affectionate glances towards Nigel Farage is ridiculous.

“Whatever UKIP claim, it’s Tory MPs and Tory donors who have collapsed into Farage’s welcoming arms.”

Ironically his stance was effectively backed by London Mayor Mr Johnson, who admitted there is little to choose between the Tories and UKIP.

The top Tory described the two parties as “doppelgangers” who want the same things.

In a message to “beloved Kippers” Mr Johnson said: “It doesn’t seem to me there is a lot between us.”

In a bid to win back support, the London Mayor even said he would be happy to campaign for Britain to leave the EU if major reform is rejected by other foreign leaders.

“You’ve got to be willing to walk away,” he said.

But he insisted the rise of UKIP was as much to do with Mr Cameron’s false promises on cutting immigration as the large numbers of eastern European migrants who moved to Britain during the last decade.

“There were two big deceptions,” Mr Johnson said. “The first was when (Tony) Blair took the brakes off in 2004.

“Other countries kept their borders sealed and we didn’t.

“That was a mistake – and the other thing was saying we could control the numbers and we couldn’t.”

David Cameron tells Eurosceptics: trust me I get it

David Cameron has made a personal appeal to floating voters to give him their backing in this month’s European elections.
The Prime Minister is determined to assure sceptics that he understands their concerns on Europe.
Writing in The Telegraph, he proclaims his “passionate” and “optimistic” belief in Britain’s potential, arguing that “real” patriots should vote Tory rather than be tempted to support the UK Independence Party.
Mr Cameron insists that despite overseeing deep public-spending cuts, the Conservatives do not care more about economic results from “gilt yields and bond markets” than about giving families peace of mind.
As postal ballot papers arrive in homes for the European elections, the Tory leader insists that he is not just another politician who will break his promises.
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“If you’re thinking ‘I’ve heard all this before’ – I get it,” he says, before going on to offer his personal guarantee that he will resign as prime minister if he cannot deliver an in-out referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU after the election next year.
His rallying cry comes as Tory MPs demand new policies to win back Ukip voters, amid widespread expectations that Nigel Farage’s party will beat the Conservatives into third place in the European elections on May 22.
Immigration will return to the top of the agenda next week when official figures are expected to indicate that at least 30,000 more migrants from Romania and Bulgaria have moved to Britain for work in the past year, as border controls were relaxed.
Government statistics will show there was at least a 25 per cent rise in the number of migrants working in Britain from Europe’s two poorest countries over the past 12 months, according to forecasts from Oxford University’s Migration Observatory.
A series of recent polls have suggested that Ukip will force the Conservatives into third place in a national election for the first time in the party’s history.
In his article, Mr Cameron responds to the rise in popularity of Mr Farage’s party by setting out his own three key reasons why undecided voters should give him their vote.
“If your pencil is hovering over the Conservative box – or if you’re wondering if you’ll make it to the post box at all – I’m writing this directly to you,” he says.
Only the Tories can deliver meaningful changes to the terms of Britain’s membership of the EU, he says.
Only the Conservatives have a “long-term plan” for reforming Europe and rebuilding the British economy, based on the same values that inspired Baroness Thatcher, he says.
Finally, Mr Cameron insists that he is the only party leader who can be called a true patriot, because he is genuinely optimistic about Britain’s future.
The Prime Minister makes a thinly veiled jibe at Mr Farage — although he declines to name him – for what he calls Ukip’s permanently pessimistic outlook.
Ukip is constantly crying “we’re all doomed”, like the Dad’s Army character, Pte Frazer, Mr Cameron suggests.
Tory MPs said the public was desperate for a meaningful response to migration from one of the mainstream parties and the Prime Minister’s promise of an in-out referendum on EU membership was not enough.
Nigel Mills, the Conservative MP for Amber Valley, said: “On the doorstep, people fundamentally believe immigration is too high.
“If we can’t find a way to answer that, after a bad European election result, it is going to be a very hard situation for the powers that be.
“The key to the general election will be convincing the people who lent their vote to Ukip this time that they should vote Conservative. We have to show that we have heard their concerns.”
Ukip will turn its fire on Ed Miliband this week, with posters claiming that pulling out of the EU would save families £512 a year on food and power bills in a challenge to Labour’s “cost of living” campaign.