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Can’t believe I married a ‘wutliss’ man.

I am in my early 20s. I got married eight months ago. We are both Christians. The problem that I am having with my husband is that he is very childish and immature. It is like I am the man and the woman in one. I have to figure out how or what we can do to move forward. He doesn’t even know how the bills are paid. We don’t have jobs at the moment, but we know that there are little things one can do to make money.

I suggested to him that we can try to raise some chickens, but it seems as if he is not interested. He just wants to sit down. I have to be pushing him like a wheelbarrow to do something. This man frustrates me so much. Pastor, I am tired. Sometimes, I regret that I got married to him. Whenever I try to talk to him about his behaviour, he walks out of the house and doesn’t listen to what I have to say to him. He can’t even have a good conversation. I wish I were still single.

When I got married, I was still a virgin. I am a well-kept young woman. I can’t believe that after waiting for so long this is what I got myself into. One day I was talking to him about not being flexible, and he took up a basket to hit me and he put it back down in anger and ended up breaking the handle off. I was so shocked, I started laughing. I told him that if he had hit me, I would have stabbed him up. Sometimes I feel like I hate him so badly.
Please, tell me what to do.

What’s wrong with marching to save even one life… and a woman’s life at that?


Enough is enough! The women of our country can take the abuse and the murder no more.

For weeks and months now, from last year into this, we have been disturbed by the way some women were treated like animals brought to slaughter — beheaded, throat cut or brains scattered by the force of a machete (in the past), or the bullet from a gun today.

We talk a lot about the siege we are under. We wonder when it will come to a halt. Sometimes it seems that we can survive no more. Some men, acknowledging their guilt, commit suicide and got screaming media coverage. When it was too late to hear the reaction of people of conscience, the cry went up “Wah di Govament a do?”

Since the old year passed and the new came in for its year-long stay the trend for suicide has not been heard of as much as before — or occasionally, not at all. Deluded for a brief while, we thank heavens for the hope for peace and justice, assuming that all should be well now.
It isn’t.

The trend has shifted from male suicide to stomach-wrenching murder of females, reserved not only for “big women”, but including even young adults, especially and (heaven help us), school-age girls, some of whom were living in concubinage with men who could be their fathers.

As to the other killers who are still at large, what are they plotting again? Will they ever pay for their crimes? The questions have to be be asked: Must so many of our women face slaughter? And, why are young women being so cruelly attacked? Is there enough room in hell to accommodate the men of evil who have lost mind and soul?

In some areas of our island, compared to others, more women seem to be targeted than others. The reputation of St Thomas has been tarnished far too many times, according to reports, which broke into the news. Manchester, for instance, has had more than enough pain and sadness over domestic homicide. Luckily, there seems to be a break. In western Jamaica, other women disappear only to be found no longer in the “land of the living”, but leaving behind puzzled and grieving relatives to ask the “Why” question.

So many of our women have been paying a high price for mistakes made, but very few, if any, have come forward — as far as we know — to place on record the danger of which they are well aware, but seem to doubt if anything can be done.

With all the bawling out for a change to come, I haven’t heard of any proven strategy to help women, the target of evil, to understand who and how they can help themselves in times like these. Now that there is promise being offered to go after the evil ones, we have begun to hear cries: What is going to be done?

Earlier this week a protest march against abuse of women was carried out with the objective to bring the nation to recognise the evil which has closed in on us. Analysis of the march, or protest action, as some call it, should have focused on strategies based on determination to heal the brokenness which is destroying so many women of whatever class, colour or creed. Woman abuse knows no partiality. When did love dissolve into darkness, pain and loss of life?

When the gossip and the chatter run out we may all have to get involved in turning back what has been there all the while, but which we failed to recognise. When a pressure cooker threatens to blow up, take note that the valve has to be released before disaster comes. So the women’s march was organised.

It was not the first that women in Jamaica have marched for the rights of their gender, but we haven’t seen such response for quite a while. Why shouldn’t we march? In the US of A, very recently, there was a vast women’s march to respond to the Trump who tried to put them down. The women of America have made it clear many times that they will not put up with manipulation. As for us, planning and staging a women’s march of our own here seemed to have irked some people. The women’s action ended up criticised, and even ridiculed as copycats.

Some of the anti-march response also said, “Instead of marching, women should go find something better to do.” What form should that action take, please?

Question: Why has it become so difficult to find common ground on which men and women, alike, can meet to create and enact strategies?

A march may not seem like much in the eyes of some, but as our ancestors used to say: “Walk fi sumpn, better dan siddung fi nuttin.” (Walk for something better than sit down for nothing.) Small comfort though it may seem to so many, the truth is: Somebody must do it. It is all of us who must!

Whether we are “toppa line, middle line, or poor smaddy on the road” it would suit us to face reality. What we need now is to respect life and to accept the message that we have to work together.

Small march or big march, we cannot continue the way we are now. Note well: “One hand alone cyaan clap.”


Money cash
Money cash (Photo credit: @Doug88888)
I Get Money
I Get Money (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Need an image of this woman... (no ha...
English: Need an image of this woman… (no hairdo) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A man who said he was unjustly accused of assaulting a female who he claims he provided with money for a new hairdo in exchange for sex was offered bail in The Corporate Area Resident Magistrate‘s Court yesterday. Charged with assault at common-law is Ronaldo Wilson of a Green-wich Town address, who received $20,000 bail until August 7, when he is set to go on trial. The Crown is alleging that on the day of the incident about 4:30 p.m., the accused attacked the complainant with a machete and chased her but was prevented from chopping her after witnesses intervened. However, the defendant told the court that he is a scapegoat and explained that the complainant might have been forced to make a report against him. ask for money again He said the complainant is known to him and he often assists her by providing her with money whenever he can. He said that on a particular day, she asked him for money again to do her hair but he did not have any cash readily available, so she proposed to have sex with him and he accepted the offer. “She bring sex to me, Your Honour,” Wilson explained. He said he offered her $3,000 but after she got the money, she could not be found despite his numerous efforts to find her. When he located her, he confronted her and asked her about his change but he said she was reluctant to reimburse him, and lied that he was trying to assault her which attracted a crowd. He said he was injured by a member of the crowd who had a grudge against him, and he suspects it’s that person who coerced the woman to make a complaint against him.

SNIP SNIP: Woman slices man’s testicles – Victim claims he fell on scissors – News – Jamaica Star – April 20, 2012

The right testis, exposed by laying open the t...
The right testis, exposed by laying open the tunica vaginalis. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Daniel press shot
Daniel press shot (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Testicle of a cat: 1 Extremitas capitata, 2 Ex...
Testicle of a cat: 1 Extremitas capitata, 2 Extremitas caudata, 3 Margo epididymalis, 4 Margo liber, 5 Mesorchium, 6 Epididymis, 7 Arteria and Vena testicularis, 8 Ductus deferens (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

SNIP SNIP: Woman slices man’s testicles – Victim claims he fell on scissors – News – Jamaica Star – April 20, 2012.Very interesting wonder what he has done to this woman, would have been better if it was a rapist or pedophile or maybe this woman have had enough as most Jamaican men thinks that they are God’s gift to women.

Anyhow if he do recover from his ordeal he should run 10 miles from women and don’t look back, lol.