Jamaican’s Called It Showa

Firstly I would like to congratulate the Jamaican people and their new Prime Minister. I must say that as one nation there was more unity and love amongst both side of supporters which kind of give…

Source: Jamaican’s Called It Showa

Jamaican’s Called It Showa

Firstly I would like to congratulate the Jamaican people and their new Prime Minister.
I must say that as one nation there was more unity and love amongst both side of supporters which kind of give the feelings that these people have come of age to show the rest of the world that there can be an election in that country without violence.
I now get to the point that I would like to stress on, over the years many promises have being made to these people during these Elections that are broken.
Now what is needed in Jamaica now is Investment and this should be one of the new Government priority, they should be going out and seeking others to Invest there so that Jobs can be created for the unemployed.
Working together is another project, without working together then all these promises will never be delivered.
All eyes will be watching.

How To Delay Your Sp’erm To Last Longer In Bed

Premature Release can get you down and ruin your s’ex and marital relationship. In our usual way, we will guide you on how to delay Release and last longer in bed.
These simple tips will help you to know how to delay and prolong Release. This will enable you and your partner to enjoy a healthy s’ex life.
The following are 14 ways on How To Delay Your Sp’erm To Last Longer In Bed
Kegel exercises – Kegel exercises can help you prolong Release. Kegels are those muscles that you use for controlling urination. So, flex these muscles about 30 times a day to delay Release.

Squeeze technique – Prolong Release and delay it by holding the tip of the head of the man-hood. Squeezing the tip of the man-hood can help control premature Release.
Testes – The scrotum rises as a man reaches cl’imax and is on the verge of Release. So, delay Release by pulling the scrotum away from the body.
Change focus – Rather than concentrating on Release, concentrate on your partner’s pleasure.
Combination of thrusts – Delay Release or male cl’imax by combining shallow thrusts with deep thrusts. This technique helps prolong Release and will make you last longer in bed.
Massage the prostate gland – When you practice delaying Release, the prostate gland turns sore. Hence it is important to massage the gland to prevent any kind of pain.

Perineum pressure – Delay Release by applying pressure to the perineum, which is the spot between the anus and scrotum. The prostate gland expands and contracts while reaching cl’imax or Release. So, by applying pressure on this spot, one can prolong Release.
Pelvic muscles – Squeeze the pubococcygeous muscle to stop ejaculating. Contract these muscles, which are used for controlling urine; doing so regularly helps you delay Release.

Blueberries – This berry is known to delay Release, as it relaxes the nerves in the man-hood.
Woman-on-top – This s’ex position reduces your chances of premature Release, thereby helping you last longer in bed. Switch to the woman-on-top s’ex position to delay Release.
Start and stop – When you have the urge to release, stop, pull out and then thrust again. Also, the start and stop method helps a couple to last longer in bed and enjoy the full s’exual experience.

Self service – self service can help you prolong s’ex, so delay Release by self servicing at least an hour before intercourse.

Control your climax – Without any lubrication self service to the point of cli’max and stop. Do it a couple of times and then release; over a period of time you can control Release.
Before engaging in intercourse, engage in foreplay – ask your partner to gently massage the man-hood along with lubrication. In time this method can help you prolong Release.

Boy, 11, convicted of murdering eight-year-old girl after she refused to show him puppies

An 11-year-old boy has been found guilty of shooting dead an eight-year-old girl after she and her sister refused to show him their puppies.
A court in Tennessee this week sentenced the boy, who has been identified by American media, to remain in custody until he turned 19.
In his sentencing order, Judge Dennis Roach, said the boy needed rehabilitation and treatment.
“A child who commits first-degree murder cannot be willy-nilly turned loose into society,” he wrote.
The court heard how the boy was in his mobile home in October last year, speaking through the window to McKayla Dyer, her sister and a friend, who lived in the same trailed park in White Pine.

When he asked them to bring their puppies and they refused, he disappeared from the window for a few minutes.
“[He] returned with a 12-gauge shotgun and BB gun,” said the judge’s sentencing statement,
[He] then announced to the girls that he had guns.
“The victim then laughed at [the boy] and stated that she believed they were not real.
“[He] then made certain the gun was loaded, cocked the hammer of the gun, and shot the victim just above the heart at a downward trajectory from a distance of three to five feet from inside the window.”
The girl fell backwards and quickly lost consciousness. She died shortly afterwards in her mother’s arms.
The judge noted that boy had been trained in firearm safety and had hunted with his father and grandfather, but offered no first aid in the aftermath of the shooting.

Rob Johnson, a spokesman for Tennessee’s department of children’s services, said officials were still trying to determine where he should be held.
“Like any other child who comes into custody, he would need a thorough assessment and evaluation to determine the best placement,” he said.
“At this time, it would likely be at an intensive treatment program at one of our private providers.”
The shotgun was legally owned by the boy’s father.