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Daddy by Queen Ifrica

Line them up!
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How many of you Fathers being doing the things that this song has Portraiting, come on you Dirty suds clean up your acts. Kids should be love not Abuse.

A brother reaches out – Lead Stories – Jamaica Gleaner – Sunday | April 10, 2011

A 1950s ad for an Amru Sani appearance in Jama...
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A brother reaches out – Lead Stories – Jamaica Gleaner – Sunday | April 10, 2011.

Well done Tony Ps

United Kingdom's Deputy Prime Minster and Lord...
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Seems like we are wasting our breath Tony, as you or should I say as we all know that I can hear but not listen.
You have taken a bite out of many of Topics, but how much will anyone listened to our voices.
At the end of the day, what can we afford in the likes of Cameron.Osbourne and Clegg.
Not really much we can do,not giving up, come on john public let your voice be heard, no more bull-shite from the Con- Dem, watch them sink not to rise again.

The Caption’s that said it’s all.

Ronald Reagan's Cabinet and Margaret Thatcher'...
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Happened to to be reading my faveroiate paper the Mirror this morning when I came across Tony Ps columns which sums up all the questions that comes to mind.
This show’s how much Cameron is determin to follow in the foot step of Thatcher and Blair.

TV Packages:

Cable tv
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Have you ever taught about how your TV Packages Suppliers Trick you into buying their packages.
First it is free set top recordable box with the added half price installation.
But what they don’t tell you is even thou you can record these Favorited program it’s been repeated on about four other channels, so then why would I want to record something that I can catch up on another channel immediately after.
Think about it they certainly know how to rip us off.

We were Warned.

The Sutton Salt Lake is the only Salt Lake in ...
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We were warned about the WELL-UN -FARE ever since the Con-Demed took office.
They told you that the POOR will be getting Poorer and the Rich Richer, so what are we shouting about,band your belly and squeeze salt out of stone for your children,at least no member of the Government will have to do that.
Hail President Cameron and his followers.


Bob Marley live in concert in Zurich, Switzerl...
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This One is For the likes of Leroy Roots if you know the meaning of true Rasta then you would stop preaching Haterage and Racism and preach love and togetherness.
People like you should be put in your own little world with chains around your necks.
For the love of God it’s a children cartoon which is trying do what none of you lot seem to do and that is to teach our younger generation to love one another.
If there’s so much Hate within your heart then why don’t you go back to Jamaica, you people make me sick.
People like you