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What’s wrong with marching to save even one life… and a woman’s life at that?


Enough is enough! The women of our country can take the abuse and the murder no more.

For weeks and months now, from last year into this, we have been disturbed by the way some women were treated like animals brought to slaughter — beheaded, throat cut or brains scattered by the force of a machete (in the past), or the bullet from a gun today.

We talk a lot about the siege we are under. We wonder when it will come to a halt. Sometimes it seems that we can survive no more. Some men, acknowledging their guilt, commit suicide and got screaming media coverage. When it was too late to hear the reaction of people of conscience, the cry went up “Wah di Govament a do?”

Since the old year passed and the new came in for its year-long stay the trend for suicide has not been heard of as much as before — or occasionally, not at all. Deluded for a brief while, we thank heavens for the hope for peace and justice, assuming that all should be well now.
It isn’t.

The trend has shifted from male suicide to stomach-wrenching murder of females, reserved not only for “big women”, but including even young adults, especially and (heaven help us), school-age girls, some of whom were living in concubinage with men who could be their fathers.

As to the other killers who are still at large, what are they plotting again? Will they ever pay for their crimes? The questions have to be be asked: Must so many of our women face slaughter? And, why are young women being so cruelly attacked? Is there enough room in hell to accommodate the men of evil who have lost mind and soul?

In some areas of our island, compared to others, more women seem to be targeted than others. The reputation of St Thomas has been tarnished far too many times, according to reports, which broke into the news. Manchester, for instance, has had more than enough pain and sadness over domestic homicide. Luckily, there seems to be a break. In western Jamaica, other women disappear only to be found no longer in the “land of the living”, but leaving behind puzzled and grieving relatives to ask the “Why” question.

So many of our women have been paying a high price for mistakes made, but very few, if any, have come forward — as far as we know — to place on record the danger of which they are well aware, but seem to doubt if anything can be done.

With all the bawling out for a change to come, I haven’t heard of any proven strategy to help women, the target of evil, to understand who and how they can help themselves in times like these. Now that there is promise being offered to go after the evil ones, we have begun to hear cries: What is going to be done?

Earlier this week a protest march against abuse of women was carried out with the objective to bring the nation to recognise the evil which has closed in on us. Analysis of the march, or protest action, as some call it, should have focused on strategies based on determination to heal the brokenness which is destroying so many women of whatever class, colour or creed. Woman abuse knows no partiality. When did love dissolve into darkness, pain and loss of life?

When the gossip and the chatter run out we may all have to get involved in turning back what has been there all the while, but which we failed to recognise. When a pressure cooker threatens to blow up, take note that the valve has to be released before disaster comes. So the women’s march was organised.

It was not the first that women in Jamaica have marched for the rights of their gender, but we haven’t seen such response for quite a while. Why shouldn’t we march? In the US of A, very recently, there was a vast women’s march to respond to the Trump who tried to put them down. The women of America have made it clear many times that they will not put up with manipulation. As for us, planning and staging a women’s march of our own here seemed to have irked some people. The women’s action ended up criticised, and even ridiculed as copycats.

Some of the anti-march response also said, “Instead of marching, women should go find something better to do.” What form should that action take, please?

Question: Why has it become so difficult to find common ground on which men and women, alike, can meet to create and enact strategies?

A march may not seem like much in the eyes of some, but as our ancestors used to say: “Walk fi sumpn, better dan siddung fi nuttin.” (Walk for something better than sit down for nothing.) Small comfort though it may seem to so many, the truth is: Somebody must do it. It is all of us who must!

Whether we are “toppa line, middle line, or poor smaddy on the road” it would suit us to face reality. What we need now is to respect life and to accept the message that we have to work together.

Small march or big march, we cannot continue the way we are now. Note well: “One hand alone cyaan clap.”

Member of Parliament for St Thomas comment.

Featured Image -- 9684I am on a visit to the Island of Jamaica, where I actually heard the member of Parliament for Eastern St Thomas made a comment that the people of his constituency don’t need anything.
I must say to Ferguson you are so right as you are the representative of these people for over a decay now but it’s more like representing yourself or your pocket.
Take for example the main road leading from Kingston through to Portland which is in a very Deplorable condition, the potholes are about Ten feet wide and about Eight inches in depth, the sides of the roads are en-caved with woodland and yet these people don’t need anything, your treatment to these people are worst than how you would treat your dog.
It is time you get up off your old ass and at least give them a decent road to travel on, and stop been a Disgrace to Politics as most of you are.
For once do the decent thing for the people of St Thomas or step aside and give someone else the chance to become a good Representative for these Community.
I lost all respect for someone that I personally know, that was a very good and caring Doctor, letting these people down so badly only show how fake a person you are.

Scotland Yard to assess fresh claims over Princess Diana’s death.

Scotland Yard said last night it was “scoping” new information about the deaths of Diana, Princess of Wales and Dodi al-Fayed. The new file, passed to the Metropolitan Police by Royal Military Police officers, includes allegations that a former SAS soldier claimed to know who “arranged Princess Diana’s death and that it had been covered up”.

The allegation is contained in a letter written by the former parents-in-law of an ex-serviceman. The letter emerged during the most recent court martial of former SAS sniper Danny Nightingale, 38, who was convicted of possessing a gun and ammunition. The former soldier accused of having knowledge of Princess Diana’s death is an ex-colleague of Sgt Nightingale.

Diana, Dodi and their chauffeur Henri Paul died on August 31, 1997 in a car crash in Paris. An inquest found they had been unlawfully killed because of a lack of seatbelts, excessive speed and Mr Paul’s drink-driving.

A three-year police re-investigation of the circumstances – Operation Paget – rejected previous claims of murder by Dodi’s father, former Harrods owner Mohamed al-Fayed.

A Scotland Yard statement said: “We are scoping information in relation to the deaths and assessing its relevance and credibility. The assessment will be carried out by officers from the specialist crime and operations command. This is not a re-investigation and does not come under Operation Paget.”

A spokesman for Mr Fayed said he had no comment to make, but that he will be “interested in seeing the outcome”, adding that he trusts the Met will investigate the information “with vigour”.

EURO JUDGES said Life in Imprisonment is Wrong.

English: Close up of a five euro note
English: Close up of a five euro note (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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de: Mitgliedsstaaten der Euro-mediterranen Partnerschaft en: Members of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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Flickr friends (Photo credit: Meer)
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My first question to these European Judges,is have you ever had any of your family member Life been taken by some unjustifiable two legged beast.
I guess not, as they would have think twice before making such drastic decision by saying that by it is cruel and degrading and would breach their human rights.
Shouldn’t these Murderous,cold hearted scum’s think about this before they carried out their acts.
Well if this view of a few do gooders is about to change the Law of the land, then it’s only going to be one simple solution,which is once you have taken a life,then your life should be taken also.
Who suffer’s the penalty of these murders,Not the murders but the Families and Friends of each victims.
They need to think twice on this one before it’s too late,God Bless.

Azelle Rodney ‘Unlawfully Killed’ By Police

English: Armoured Jankel Guardian riot truck i...
English: Armoured Jankel Guardian riot truck in London (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: London
English: London (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
MPS officers responding to an emergency call i...
MPS officers responding to an emergency call in a police car in 2005 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Independent Police Complaints Commission
Independent Police Complaints Commission (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

An inquiry into the death of a man shot dead by police eight years ago has concluded that he was unlawfully killed.
Azelle Rodney, who was 24, died after the car he was in was stopped by armed officers in London.
An official report found the police marksman who shot Mr Rodney had no reason to believe he had picked up a weapon – so there was “no lawful justification” for killing him.
The officer who fired the fatal shots could now face criminal charges after the case was referred to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS).
Mr Rodney’s mother Susan Alexander said the report backed her view that her son was “executed” and demanded an apology from Scotland Yard.
Former High Court judge Sir Christopher Holland released his findings following the public inquiry into the shooting in Edgware, north London in 2005.
The VW Golf in which the victim was travelling with two other men was stopped by officers who feared the trio were on their way to stage an armed heist on Colombian drug dealers and had an automatic weapon capable of firing 1,000 rounds per minute.
Mr Rodney was shot six times, once each in the arm and back and four times in the head.
Sir Christopher’s critical conclusions raise the possibility of the officer, known only as E7, facing criminal charges for the shooting.
He found that even if the armed officer believed Mr Rodney had picked up a weapon, it was disproportionate to fire the four fatal head shots.
E7 told the inquiry that he had seen Mr Rodney start moving around, reaching down and then coming back up with his shoulders hunched.
But Sir Christopher’s report dismissed this account, which was also contradicted by eyewitnesses.
It said: “E7’s accounts of what he saw are not to be accepted. Prior to firing he did not believe that the man who turned out to be Azelle Rodney had picked up a gun and was about to use it.
“Further, on the basis of what he was able to see, he could not rationally have believed that.”
The officer has written to the inquiry to claim that the findings against him are ” irrational”.
Three guns were found in the Golf – a Colt .45 calibre pistol, a Baikal pistol and a smaller gun that looked like a key fob.
The Colt was not loaded, the Baikal was loaded but was not cocked and the safety catch was on, and the key fob gun was loaded, cocked and the safety catch was off.
During the 11-week public inquiry it emerged that E7 had previously shot two men dead during an incident in the 1980s, and injured another two.
Inquests into the men’s deaths later found that they had been lawfully killed, and the officer received a commendation from the-then Metropolitan Police Commissioner for his conduct.
The two injured men were later tried and jailed.
Sir Christopher found that Operation Tayport, which led to Mr Rodney’s death, was not run in a way that would minimise the threat to life.
He also concluded that the “hard stop” on the Golf “fell short of the standards set by the MPS”.
Drivers were not supposed to deliberately ram the suspect car but two of the police cars did.
The firearms officers were also supposed to be wearing police caps, but the two that could be seen in a video of the shooting were not.
Two officers also fired rounds into the tyres of the Golf after it had been rammed and hemmed in by unmarked police cars.
Sir Christopher has recommended that Scotland Yard now nominates a senior officer to carry out a review of the operation.
Speaking after the report was published, Mr Rodney’s mother Susan Alexander said: “I do not seek to justify what Azelle was doing on the day he died, but he was entitled to be apprehended and, if there was evidence, to be charged and brought before a court of law to face trial before a jury.
“The fact that he was strongly suspected in being involved in crime does not justify him or anyone else being summarily killed.”
She said she did not want any further delays in investigating what happened to her son, and asked for apologies from the police and watchdog the Independent Police Complaints Commission.
Met Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe said: “I have read the findings carefully and want to express my personal sympathy to Mr Rodney’s family.
“The MPS deeply regrets his death, and I recognise how distressing the inquiry must have been for them.”
He said the force accepts recommendations made by Sir Christopher about how officers are debriefed after firearms operations.
The CPS said in a statement: “Following the publication of the report into Mr Rodney’s death, the IPCC has written to the Director of Public Prosecutions to ask that we review the case in light of new evidence provided to the Public Inquiry.
“This review will be completed as soon as practicable, in close liaison with the IPCC and in accordance with the Attorney General’s undertaking to the inquiry.”

Facebook White Hat security bug briefly exposes user contact info

Illustration of Facebook mobile interface
Illustration of Facebook mobile interface (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Dear Facebook
Dear Facebook (Photo credit: JAMES ANTHONY CAMPBELL)
Facebook Notifications Management (Mark as Spam!)
Facebook Notifications Management (Mark as Spam!) (Photo credit: @superamit)
Profile shown on Thefacebook in 2005
Profile shown on Thefacebook in 2005 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Information (Photo credit: heathbrandon)
English: An image of the debate at Saint Ansel...
English: An image of the debate at Saint Anselm College during the New Hampshire primary… facebook sponsored the debates, I had the honor as a student to take the image (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The Facebook nightmare of a security bug exposing the contact information of some of its more than 1 billion members has come true, the social networking company admitted today.
The good news is that the impact was minimal, outing only 6 million members’ email addresses and phone numbers in a very roundabout way, and Facebook has already corrected the White Hat glitch.
“No company can ensure 100 percent prevention of bugs, and in rare cases we don’t discover a problem until it has already affected a person‘s account,” Facebook said in a statement.
“A bug may have allowed some of a person’s contact information (email or phone number) to be accessed by people who either had some contact information about that person or some connection to them.”
Inadvertently stored information

Facebook’s friend recommending service, which asks to use a member’s third-party contact lists and address books, is the source of this White Hat bug.
“We try to match that data with the contact information of other people on Facebook in order to generate friend recommendations,” explained the company.
“Some of the information used to make friend recommendations and reduce the number of invitations we send was inadvertently stored in association with people’s contact information as part of their account on Facebook.”
No evidence of malicious hacking

There is no evidence that this bug was exploited maliciously, according to Facebook, which said it has not received complaints from users or detected anomalous behavior.
That’s probably because it would have taken a little work for a chance to access the exposed information.
“If a person went to download an archive of their Facebook account through our Download Your Information (DYI) tool, they may have been provided with additional email addresses or telephone numbers for their contacts or people with whom they have some connection.”
“This contact information was provided by other people on Facebook and was not necessarily accurate, but was inadvertently included with the contacts of the person using the DYI tool.”
Facebook immediately disabled the DYI tool and fixed the issue within 24 hours, however, it’s still emailing the 6 million potentially affected users.
It stressed that “no other types of personal or financial information were included and only people on Facebook – not developers or advertisers – have access to the DYI tool.”
“Your trust is the most important asset we have,” Facebook said at the conclusion of its statement. “We are committed to improving our safety procedures and keeping your information safe and secure.”

Mother charged with assault – News – Jamaica Star – April 20, 2012

Jamaica Trip
Jamaica Trip (Photo credit: 04deveni)
Deutsch: NASA
Deutsch: NASA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Coming Home Jamaica
Coming Home Jamaica (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mother charged with assault – News – Jamaica Star – April 20, 2012.Now this is what I call Political Correctness gone MAD as shit I did rather die in prison to protected my little girl from some scum of a twat than stand aside and watch her dating her Grandfather.

This Judge doesn’t have chick nor child, therefore she may not know about good parenting.