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Usain Bolt £20,000 spike stolen

The world’s fastest man, Usain Bolt, yesterday took to popular online social networking website Twitter to express his sheer disappointment regarding the theft of a prized pair of Puma track shoes in the town of Croydon in London, England, recently.

After setting a new 100 metre world record in 2009, Bolt reportedly signed the spikes which were later framed with an accompanying photograph for display. The pair of spikes was reportedly worth approximately £20,000.

According to Scotland Yard, the items were taken from a warehouse located on Gloucester Road in Croydon, London, England, between the dates of April 26-28.

Seemingly disappointed, Bolt called on the robbers to return the shoes, tweeting: “I know u love me … but please why u had to go stealing that signed Usain Bolt spikes in Croydon, England, … I know u going to return it. Right?”

Additionally, the track star tweeted: “Breaking News … All you had to do was just ask me for one … No need to go stealing the ppl things..Come on now..” with an attached photograph of a newspaper article made about the stolen pair.

Meanwhile, British officials are urging persons with information leading to the whereabouts of the missing spikes to contact them.

Ashes 2013-14: Michael Clarke threatens Jimmy Anderson, Alastair Cook slams ‘disrespectful’ David Warner as series turn ugly.

Michael Clarke threatened Jimmy Anderson with physical harm and Alastair Cook attacked David Warner’s behaviour as the Ashes exploded into open hostility.
Australia’s emphatic 381-run win here at The Gabba puts them in a position of strength for the remaining four Tests of the series but the rancour that characterised the final moments of the first match is likely to set the tone for the series.

With Mitchell Johnson trying to take the final wicket, Australia captain Clarke allegedly told Anderson to “get ready for a f**ing broken arm”.

Both captains played down that incident but Cook, the England skipper, was angry with Warner, who had suggested in a press conference that Jonathan Trott, dismissed twice by Johnson, was scared of the Australian’s speed.

“I think the comment by David Warner was pretty disrespectful to any professional cricketer,” said Cook. “Will any action be taken? I don’t know what might happen about what he said.

“When you play each other for quite a few games in a row [10 Tests in six months] the niggles do increase, but it is competitive cricket.

“There are always going to be a few battles and a few words. That’s the way people want to watch cricket being played, so what happens on the pitch is fine.”

The antipathy between the teams seems clear, but Clarke insisted that mutual respect remained – a sentiment Cook did not quite express.

“We have the ultimate respect for them as a cricket team,” Clarke said. “There are plenty of things said on the field that you don’t overhear on the stump mic. That’s part and parcel of the game.

“I can only talk for our team, but there’s not one player on the England team that anyone has a personal vendetta against, or anybody disrespects as a cricketer.

“David Warner, Mitchell Johnson and Shane Watson really love that competitive battle. They love the opposition talking to them or having a crack back at the opposition: that is what drives them. Jimmy Anderson has made it clear that he likes that battle as well.”

Johnson earned the man-of-the-match award for a fearsome display of fast bowling which appeared to spook Trott, in particular. The Australian added: “I’ll keep doing it. It’s working.”

‘Me know nuff gunman’ – Cop tells woman during quarrel

A vendor who accused a police corporal of taking fruits from her stall in Half-Way Tree, St Andrew, and refusing to pay for them, got a scolding from the lawman when she grumbled about it last Thursday.

“Wha you seh a while a go, seh you nuh like police,” the corporal from the Island Special Constabulary Force demanded from the female.

“Cause if a dat you seh eno, you can’t stay ya so,” he told the woman, in reference to the spot where she and other vendors had their wares on display.

‘a you me no like’

Seeking to explain herself, the vendor responded saying she does not have a problem with the police, “a you me no like.”

She later told THE STAR that her dislike for the policeman was because on more than one occasion he has taken fruits from her stall but has refused to pay.

However, her explanation only infuriated the police corporal who was dressed in full uniform and was apparently on patrol with a subordinate.

“Me no fraid a nobody eno cause none a oonu caan do me nutten. Me know the baddest set a gunman and badman dem,” boasted the lawman, who by then was enraged.

He then demanded that the female vendor remove her stall.

“As a matter of fact, lef ya so,” he ordered, as his subordinate tried to restrain him.

“Are you an imbecile ma’am, are you an imbecile?” he shouted to the woman as he was being ushered away by his subordinate.

Brazil farce hits England as glamour friendly ‘off’ over Maracana safety fears

English: Image of Frank Lampard about to take ...
English: Image of Frank Lampard about to take a penalty against Wales (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
England team (v. Paraguay at the World Cup). F...
England team (v. Paraguay at the World Cup). From left to right: Owen, Crouch, Terry, Lampard, Gerrard, Neville, Ashley Cole, Ferdinand, Robinson and Beckham. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: David Beckham, England, own work (by ...
English: David Beckham, England, own work (by ger1axg). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
World cup England
World cup England (Photo credit: @Doug88888)
Beckham prepares for a set piece. Wow: Beckham...
Beckham prepares for a set piece. Wow: Beckham, Rooney, Hargreaves, Gerrard, Lampard, A Cole, and Terry (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

England‘s friendly against Brazil was in jeopardy after the match was suspended by a Rio court.
The decision will be appealed on Friday morning by the Brazilian FA, who are understood to have the documentation that will ensure Sunday night’s game goes ahead.
Judge Adriana Costa dos Santos put the match on hold after prosecutors claimed there is a lack of safety and said the Brazilian FA do not have the documentation to prove the famous stadium, which was bui lt in 1950 but has undergone three years of renovation work, is safe.
But the local authorities are certain the game will go ahead and issued a statement saying: ‘All safety requirements for the friendly game between Brazil and England have been met. This is only about bureaucratic failure to deliver the document.’
FIFA also believe the fixture will be fulfilled as planned.
A court document said the iconic venue, which has been refurbished in preparation for the World Cup next year, was still full of stones, concrete slabs and building debris that could cause injury to fans watching the match.
After nearly three years of work, the 78,000-seat stadium was reopened last month, four months behind schedule.
Seats were still being installed when the first friendly took place and local reports said there was uneven flooring and flooding, and that photographers were prevented from taking pictures of the problems.

All eyes are on Brazil with the country due to host the 2013 Confederations Cup in two weeks’ time.
The Maracana is one of the stadiums that is set to be used during the two-week tournament.
England’s weary players headed straight for Copacabana Beach after touching down in Rio de Janeiro on Thursday, just 12 hours on from their disappointing draw against the Republic of Ireland
Roy Hodgson‘s men are seventh in the FIFA World Rankings, a staggering 12 places in front of their opponents on Sunday.
England won’t be in Brazil for very long, but they will use the trip as a reconnaissance for the World Cup in 2014, should they manage to qualify.
Frank Lampard has set his sights on yet another accolade as he closes in on a century of England caps.

The 34-year-old Chelsea midfielder has had an eventful season, breaking the west Londoners’ all-time scoring record before winning the Europa League and signing a new one-year deal.
Lampard has also impressed on the international stage and scored England’s leveller on Wednesday night.
Ashley Cole, team-mate for both club and country, captained the side at Wembley after becoming just the seventh English player to reach the 100-caps mark.
It is a milestone that Lampard himself is eyeing, sitting just just four games shy of an elite band of players including Bobby Moore, David Beckham and Sir Bobby Charlton.
‘You can’t not think about it,’ the midfielder said.
‘I am on 96, I have been around for an awful long time.
‘I saw Stevie (Steven Gerrard) get that gold cap, which was well deserved, and then Ash last night.
‘If I can get there and can stay involved in future games then I would be a very proud man if I did reach that.
‘Ash certainly deserves the accolades. To get 100 caps, to start every game and to play at the quality and level he has played for such a long period of time, he deserves everything.
‘I think the fans gave him the very right reception, he deserved the moment and the atmosphere was brilliant.’
Lampard and Cole look set to add to their tally this weekend when England take on Brazil.
Roy Hodgson’s threadbare squad will be hoping to repeat the victory they achieved over the Selecao in February.
Lampard’s stunning strike secured a 2-1 win at Wembley and, having beaten them for the first time in 23 years, now have the chance to get a second win over Brazil in four months.
‘I won’t get carried away, it will be a very tough game,’ he said.
‘I know the Brazilian boys at Chelsea weren’t happy coming here and losing. They are certainly going to want to beat us.
‘If we can go there and get a result that would be fantastic for the lads’ spirit and confidence going into the qualifiers
‘We are trying to keep improving and it is good not to lose a game. We are trying to work on the team and work on our attacking play.
‘There are things we can take away from last night that we are pleased with and things that we can tighten up on.
‘We have a big game on Sunday, then a well-deserved break and then our minds will be on the qualifiers that are coming up.’

Girl’s body found naked in front of church .

English: Title: Ms. 3 Weddasé Māryām, Anqaṣa B...
English: Title: Ms. 3 Weddasé Māryām, Anqaṣa Berhān, Yewédeswā Malā’ekt, Mālk’ā Māryām, Malek’ā Eyasus Project : Ethiopic Manuscripts Content Type : Manuscript (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Ethiopian orthodox church in Addis Abeba
English: Ethiopian orthodox church in Addis Abeba (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Taken in Jeffery Manor, Chicago, IL, United States
Taken in Jeffery Manor, Chicago, IL, United States (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Soldiers of the United States Army Criminal In...
Soldiers of the United States Army Criminal Investigation Division inspecting a crime scene. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The rock-hewn Church of Saint George in Lalibe...
The rock-hewn Church of Saint George in Lalibela, Ethiopia is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Crowds gather at the Fasiladas' bath in Gondar...
Crowds gather at the Fasiladas’ bath in Gondar, Ethiopia, to celebrate Timket – the Epiphany for the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The Chapel of the Tablet at the Church of Our ...
The Chapel of the Tablet at the Church of Our Lady Mary of Zion allegedly houses the original Ark of the Covenant. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Ethiopian Orthodox Church in Addis Abeba
English: Ethiopian Orthodox Church in Addis Abeba (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

RESIDENTS of 89 Maxfield Avenue were in shock yesterday morning as they woke up to find the body of a naked teenaged girl at the gates of the St Phillips Anglican Church.
The body was not identified up to press time yesterday but a police officer on the scene told the Jamaica Observer that the deceased appeared to be between the ages of 16 and 19.
“She appears to be an adolescent,” said the policeman from the St Andrew South Police Division who secured the crime scene.
A report from the Constabulary Communication Network said the body was of brown complexion, slim build, about 163 centimetres (5 feet 4 inches) long with braided extensions.
Police said the body had several stab wounds in the neck and abdomen. A bloodied underwear was found several feet from where the body lay in a pool of blood and the brassiere was cut off her body.
The young woman‘s unclad body was near the entrance to the Norman Manley High School and due to police yellow tape some students of the institution were inconvenienced as they were prevented from entering school as officers tried to preserve the crime scene.
Staff at Norman Manley High, Glenhope Place of Safety and the Maxfield Park Children’s Home — all located at that section of Maxfield Avenue which is close to the communities of Frog City and McDonald Lane — were given a chance to view the corpse in a bid to ascertain the victim’s identity. However, none of the persons who viewed the body were able to identify her.
“It seems she was not from around here either as none of the residents who saw her could identify her. No one seems to know her,” a policeman said.
One man who resides at the nearby Ethiopian Orthodox Church complained that thieves were plaguing persons who traversed the road on foot and said a woman was robbed of her cellular phone and slashed several times as she made her way to work one morning about 8:00 am.
“This road is very dangerous as they rob people very regularly even in the day. We have reported this to the police and asked them to patrol the road regularly. It gets worse at night as the road is pitch dark. The thieves use the football field as their escape route,” he said, suggesting that those robbers could be responsible for the young woman’s demise.
A woman who had gathered behind the yellow tape said it was possible that the young woman was raped and killed at the spot where her body was found. “It coulda happen right there as when night come not many people walk around there,” she said.
After the police handed over the body to funeral home workers and the curious crowd converged on the spot where the woman’s body lay, a knife blade was seen at the blood-soaked earth by the residents who showed iti to the police.
The blade was retrieved and taken into evidence.
The police said vaginal swabs will be conducted on the body to find out if the female was sexually abused.

Police: ‘Skinny suspect with Scottish accent raped girl of 12’

English: Halleys Commet Public House. Although...
English: Halleys Commet Public House. Although on one of Milton Keynes estates (Bradville), this public house stands on Bradwell Road, which has been around far longer than the “grid system” of MK, as has much of Bradville. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: A montage of images of Milton Keynes.
English: A montage of images of Milton Keynes. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Thames Valley Police OU57 AZX
Thames Valley Police OU57 AZX (Photo credit: kenjonbro)
Thames Valley Police Transit
Thames Valley Police Transit (Photo credit: kenjonbro)

Police have today appealed for information after releasing details of a suspected rape attack on a girl of 12 in a Milton Keynes park.

Investigators say the crime was committed at 3pm on Saturday, March 23 but details have only just been reported to them

Reports indicate that the young victim was on her own in a park in Bradville when a man pulled her into woodland and attacked her.

Forensic examination of the scene off Harrowden has been carried out by specialist officers.

The victim is described as white, 5ft, slim, with shoulder length brown hair and glasses.

The man, who was about 45 and skinny with short grey and black hair, ran off after the attack.

He spoke with a Scottish accent and was wearing a black leather jacket, blue jeans and black Dr Martens boots, police said.

Det Ch Insp Justin Fletcher of Milton Keynes police said: “We would urge anyone who saw the victim or a man answering this description in the area around that time to contact us as a matter of urgency.

“We take all allegations of a sexual nature very seriously and understand how difficult it can be for victims to come forward.”

Police have appealed for any witnesses to the incident or anyone who has information as to the identity of the suspect to call the Thames Valley Police non-emergency number 101, quoting URN 589 05/05/13.

Anyone with information can also contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or online at crimestoppers-uk.org.


English: St. Jago de la Vega Cathedral i Spani...
English: St. Jago de la Vega Cathedral i Spanish Town, Jamaica. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Ontario Provincial Bailiff Shoulder Flash
Ontario Provincial Bailiff Shoulder Flash (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The Star (Malaysia)
The Star (Malaysia) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
European Wasp on a white background. Specimen ...
European Wasp on a white background. Specimen is about 12mm. Taken in Swifts Creek, Victoria, Australia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Members of the Spanish Town bailiff office who went to seize items from a man yesterday had to beat a hasty retreat after being attacked and stung by a swarm of bees. During the attack, it is said that the owner of the house was in bed and remained untouched by the insects.

The incident occurred about 10:30 a.m. along Andrews Lane in Central Village, St Catherine.

“Yes, we went to do a seizure at a pre-mises. When we entered, we saw the bees on the walls and roof. Suddenly, they started to sting us,” a member from the bailiff team said.

He said the alarming thing was that the owner of the bees remained in bed unhurt.

The burly built officer said that he received stings to different parts of his body.

Many persons told The Star it was as if the insects were protecting their master, who had been living with them for sometime.

“Da man deh and him bees a live good for a while now. So, any violation get the bees dem angry,” A man said.

When The Star checked with the head bailiff for St Catherine, Ralston Thomas, he acknowledged the bizarre incident.

The bailiffs said they were forced to leave the property empty handed and are considering another course of action to recover the items.

Meanwhile, it is revealed that members of a police party which accompanied the bailiff were not hurt as they locked themselves inside a jeep.

Discriminating Britten

377448 between Gatwick Airport and Three Bridges
377448 between Gatwick Airport and Three Bridges (Photo credit: Mr MPD)
South Terminal, . Taken from Norfolk House in ...
South Terminal, . Taken from Norfolk House in the South Terminal building, overlooking the loading bays. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Gatwick South Terminal international arrivals ...
Gatwick South Terminal international arrivals concourse (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
171721 at Ashford International
171721 at Ashford International (Photo credit: TheJRB)

This title has arrived from a personal experience of which I have witness the other evening.
Commuting on the Southern Rail into London, a returning holiday couple boarded the Train at Gatwick Airport, on departing from Clapton Junction a Black male decided to walk up a few carriages which would have taken him closer to the exit on reaching Victoria,but then he realise that the couple luggages were blocking his path, he then decide on stopping in that carriage, the husband then look him in his face then turned to his wife and asked her to hand him the carrier bag she was holding,she resented at first,but he grab the bag from her hand and muttered to her by saying don’t you see that he referencing to the Black guy stop there,the wife laugh, but I was a bit disgust as for all the years that I have been living here and heard about these kind of people it was my first experience in witnessing such form of Discrimination against one’s complexion.
I should have taken his picture just to show others how arrogant some people can be because of your skin.

The Home Guard Team

A PCSO on duty with two police constables. Not...
Image via Wikipedia

So here we go folks Britten has now gone into reversed into Policing our streets.
Here comes the returned of the National Home Guard in replacing our regular Police Force, as we cannot afford to maintained our existing Policing Services.
Such a shame our Government has down graded what use to be the World once TOP Police Force to what one would now call a Pan Head Force.

Home (via the1stoffebruary)

Satellite navigation using a laptop and a GPS ...
Image via Wikipedia

That’s traveling between lines and it really hurts on a sleepless nite.

Home So after a few hours of travelling,  I’m home. I fell asleep about an hour after I got in because I was shattered and hungover. I’ve missed my bed. And my family, mates etc. But I already miss Bournemouth! 😦 I also managed to get lost on the way back.. in my own village. Yeah nice one, silly sat nav! … Read More

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