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‘Me know nuff gunman’ – Cop tells woman during quarrel

A vendor who accused a police corporal of taking fruits from her stall in Half-Way Tree, St Andrew, and refusing to pay for them, got a scolding from the lawman when she grumbled about it last Thursday.

“Wha you seh a while a go, seh you nuh like police,” the corporal from the Island Special Constabulary Force demanded from the female.

“Cause if a dat you seh eno, you can’t stay ya so,” he told the woman, in reference to the spot where she and other vendors had their wares on display.

‘a you me no like’

Seeking to explain herself, the vendor responded saying she does not have a problem with the police, “a you me no like.”

She later told THE STAR that her dislike for the policeman was because on more than one occasion he has taken fruits from her stall but has refused to pay.

However, her explanation only infuriated the police corporal who was dressed in full uniform and was apparently on patrol with a subordinate.

“Me no fraid a nobody eno cause none a oonu caan do me nutten. Me know the baddest set a gunman and badman dem,” boasted the lawman, who by then was enraged.

He then demanded that the female vendor remove her stall.

“As a matter of fact, lef ya so,” he ordered, as his subordinate tried to restrain him.

“Are you an imbecile ma’am, are you an imbecile?” he shouted to the woman as he was being ushered away by his subordinate.

Girl,12, branded with hairpin, raped and sold for sex at £600 an hour.

Raped with Eyes: Daydream
Raped with Eyes: Daydream (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Raped by an Angel
Raped by an Angel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Length of stay in U.S. foster care
Length of stay in U.S. foster care (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The nightmare began shortly after her 11th birthday. Forced to care for her sick parents, she was desperate for any love and attention.

So when Mohammed Karrar entered her life, bought her perfume and treated her like an adult, she believed in him. But the ‘nicey-nicey honeymoon period,’ as she described it, would last barely a year.

After grooming her, Karrar made sure she was ‘out of it’ on drink and drugs before raping her on his sofa. She was still 11.
From that moment she became his ‘property’ and a sex slave loaned out to abusers around the country for up to £600 an hour.

Over five years she was repeatedly attacked in what she described as ‘torture sex’. Injected with heroin, she was sold to groups of Asian men who violently gang-raped her in bedsits and guesthouses around Oxford and elsewhere.

Now 19, the victim identified as Girl D for legal reasons, frequently broke down in tears giving evidence via videolink as she described her horrific ordeal.

Following the rape, Karrar’s sadistic attacks became commonplace and sometimes he made ‘porn’ movies of her.

If she refused, he would beat her up and threaten her with weapons, once beating her with a baseball bat.

He even raped the girl, who came from a troubled family, at the home she shared with her deaf parents.

Karrar and his brother Bassam forced her to have sex with one of them while she performed a sex act on the other.

Sobbing as she recalled telling Karrar about her pregnancy when she was 12, she said: ‘He was f***ing fuming. He said I should have been a bit more responsible.’

Given two ‘ecstasy-like’ tablets, she was driven to a house in Reading where she was forced to undergo an illegal abortion using a long hook.

The teenager said she could not remember much of the procedure, but believes it took place on a hard living room floor. No doctors or nurses were present, there were no painkillers or medication.
On one occasion, when she was still 12, Karrar branded her flesh with hot metal.

He took a hairpin from her hair, scraped off the paint, bent it into the shape of the letter M, for Mohammed, then held it over a lighter flame.

‘After heating it for a while, he stuck it on my bum, so that I belonged to him,’ the girl said. ‘He was branding me so that if I ever had sex with someone else, people would know I was his.’

Over the following four years Karrar took the girl around the country and sold her for ‘£600 a time’.

She was made to wear short skirts and bikini tops before being repeatedly raped. Parties were held at which she was asked to meet the sexual requirements of up to 15 ‘important guests’.

At the age of 15 she was moved into a foster family away from Oxford and the nightmare stopped.
Two years later she met Karrar after he convinced her he had changed.

During a conversation at his home she demanded to know why he had abused her and sold her for sex. He became angry and raped her a final time.

One victim said she had been so brainwashed by her abusers that even now she sometimes failed to see the evil in the men who had raped her.

Known only as ‘Girl Three’, she endured three years of abuse at the hands of the gang whom she had met when she was 12.

‘It was brainwashing. Even to this day I can almost say, “They were OK”,’ she said. ‘It’s delusional.

They turned me against my mum. They knew everything that they had to say to get a vulnerable person, a young person, on their side.’

Like many of the victims, she had experienced abuse as a child and was in care.

She was later adopted but rebelled by running away and drinking.

Women say Kids get in the way.

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For those Women who think’s that having Children gets in the way of their life style,careers or looks, thgeir is only one question that I would like to ask.
When you are unable would you ask another person child to assist you, I guess not, as I did rather say let your lifestyle,career and looks do you the honours or rotted in hell.

I Feel Like Taking My Hat Off:

London Victoria station, used by the London, B...
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I am travelling on 20:17 Train from London Victoria to Littlehampton and Ore.
As the Train sits in the platform at Heward Heath station I over heard a young White male conversation on his mobile, in which he was trying to correct the next person at the other end of the line that Black is Black and that the terms Coloured is Racist.
The point is that his words has given me a sense of relief to know that there is others out there who know that it make sense to describe one complexion as they are, look forget about those PCs big wigs they need to get out more and mingled to know the true dept of other people.

RASTAMOUSE landed BBC in race row.

Character for children of FCC"Broadband"
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Load of Bullshit, how can one little programmed cause such of sturr this is not like these children are not hearing these phrases everyday whether it may be in the school playground,on the bus, train or where ever there is Black children it will always be used and heard.
The point is the 95 people who complained about the animated character speaking mouse are themselves creating racial friction by saying that they do not want their kids to hear or speak these phrases.
My daughter is of both Black and White parents and I would not like to see or hear of been treated in any way different because of which ever.
If they are so stuck up to their ass then they need to live on a different planet, can’t they see people is trying to live as one without seggration, come on people lighten up and don’t be a drag.


cropped from :Image:Races2.jpg 1820 drawing of...
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Why in these modern days when some White person make a comment about a black person it become such a topic for Racism.
How is it whenever the Black discriminate against the White it is not all over the paper.
The same people who are crying out racism they are the racist within these argument.
As for Richard Keys remarks about CHOCO JOCKO I woul dismiss it as a mare joke, I personally call Black people worst than that as most of the Black Bastard deserved to be called names.
Anyone who sold their brothers for a loaf of bread I hate their guts.
One word of advise if you don’t like to be called names then don’t call other people names, do unto others as you would like them do to you.

The Weather Forecaster

Christmas in the post-War United States
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The Weatherman was been beaten again by their doggy forecast for White Christmas sure as hell I did see a drop in my area,bless god’s handy work.