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Jamaican woman sentenced for cocaine in Canada

A Jamaican woman was on Friday sentenced to four-and-a-half years in prison in Canada after she was found guilty of smuggling cocaine into that country.
Jacqueline O’Donahue, 30, was caught with 693 grams of cocaine strapped to her body at the Winnipeg Armstrong International Airport in January, according to media reports.
O’Donahue, a recovering cocaine addict, said she left Canada for Montego Bay, Jamaica with the drugs and that she was to return with US$50,000 from which she would be paid US$2,000.
However, upon arriving in Jamaica, she was told that the plans had changed and that she was to return to Canada with the drugs. She resisted the changed plans, she said in court, but was threatened and sexually assaulted multiples times as a result.
The judge did not believe her story, saying evidence shows she had ongoing contact with a friend in Canada and at no point said she was in danger.

Dutch nationals sentenced for smuggling ganja, hashish

TWO Dutch nationals, who attempted to leave the island with ganja and hashish hidden in their crotches, escaped mandatory prison sentences in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday.
Instead, Anthony Bello and Raymond Almoy — both of Aruba — were fined a total of $55,200 and $55,800 respectively, for a little over seven pounds of ganja and 4.11 pounds of hashish.

Bello was ordered to pay $700 or serve six months for possession of ganja; $1,400 or six months for dealing in ganja; and $2,100 or six months for taking preparatory steps to export ganja. Almoy, meanwhile, was ordered to pay $800 or serve six months for possession of ganja; $1,600 or six months for dealing in ganja; and $2,400 for taking preparatory steps to export ganja.
In addition, each was ordered to pay $15,000 or serve six months for possession of hashish; $12,000 or six months for dealing in hashish; and $24,000 or six months for taking steps to export hashish.
The sentence was handed down by Senior Magistrate Judith Pusey when the foreign nationals appeared in court for sentencing. The men had previously pleaded guilty.
They were found with the drugs on August 8 after they checked in at the Norman Manley International Airport for a flight to Curacao.
According to the police, Bello was observed by an officer walking with a limp, and shortly afterwards a package with ganja fell from his leg.
He was then searched and two other packages containing ganja and hashish were found strapped to his crotch.
Almoy, who was earlier seen talking with Bello, was then apprehended and was similarly searched, and a package containing ganja and hashish was found in his crotch.
Both were then taken into custody and charged.
On Tuesday after the sentence was passed, Bello enquired how much time they would be allowed to pay the fine. He was told that they had to pay it immediately or start serving their six-month sentence.
Bello then complained that they had no family in the island and would have to phone their relatives as they had no money.
But Pusey told them, “That’s how it is in jail.”
They were then remanded in custody.

What if gay people aren’t born that way?

A Heapin' Plate of Conservative Politics & Religion

By Tom Quiner

The young woman said she had never really been attracted to other women.

But when she was in college, she was seduced by another woman and decided she was gay.

In other words, she wasn’t born gay. I heard her candid story on a radio talk show as she defended the gay lifestyle.

I mention the story in light of my post yesterday which defended the right of gay people to pursue therapies that can cure unhealthy same-sex attractions.

A Quiner’s Diner reader responded that people are “born that way.”

In the case of the woman above, that wasn’t the case.

On the other hand, I know someone with a child who is openly gay. They acknowledge that, indeed, it seems their child was born that way, that he exhibited behavior at a very early age that pointed toward same-sex attractions.

On the other hand, actress Anne Heche…

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Prisoners mistake cross-dressers for women

A group of cross-dressers created quite a stir inside a police station located in the St Andrew North Division on Emancipation Day, after prisoners who were held in custody mistook them for females, THE STAR understands.

Information reaching our news desk suggests the lawmen stood watch over the group of men until they were able to depart the station unharmed. The police were forced to adopt that stance out of fear for what might have transpired after residents gathered around the station yard as news of the men’s attire spread throughout the area.

Our news team gathered that in the end, the men were whisked away by an alleged taxi operator who was summoned to the station for a pickup.

A male resident told THE STAR, “Yow, mi couldn’t believe it especially ina di big big holiday (Emancipation Day) di … dem dress in skirt and lipstick with woman hairstyle and a talk up a bag a tings cause di police dem a stand guard. If di people dem did eva hold one a dem, about four a dem di car mussi broke down wid”

THE STAR was told the incident took place during the daytime and lasted for close to half an hour.

A female resident told THE STAR that the crowd that assembled at the station alerted her as to what was taking place.

She said, “Mi a go bout mi business and mi hear the commotion, so mi go look. Mi couldn’t believe me eyes. Mi hear bout dem type of behaviour deh especially the likkle one weh dem kill a Mobay weh day. Mi mean di man dem hota dan all me. Jamaica gone, the people did want hold dem but the police dem wouldn’t allow it.”

When THE STAR contacted the police station, an officer who declined to be named told our news team that he was not on duty but he could shed some light on the matter.

THE STAR gathered that all hell broke loose when the prisoners in custody learned that the persons they were attracted to, thinking they were females, were in fact a group of men.

The police personnel said, “My understanding is that the ‘men’ were inside the station seated on the prisoners’ bench when they attracted some responses from the unsuspecting ‘straight’ men who were in custody. The men in custody thought those on the bench were actual females until they were told otherwise.”

The officer continued, “There was a commotion inside the station after the fact was revealed and then passers-by got wind of what was happening and joined in. The men were later released, they were not arrested and I am not certain why they were brought to the station in the first place.”