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Teen’s health worsening… needs urgent attention

English: Tracts of the spinal cord.
English: Tracts of the spinal cord. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Scoliosis (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: X-ray of U.S. girl, age 16 years 8 mo...
English: X-ray of U.S. girl, age 16 years 8 months, with pre-operative scoliosis. Front, standing, clothed. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Cobb angle measurement of a scoliosis; concave...
Cobb angle measurement of a scoliosis; concave side on the left; convex side on the right (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

MARSHA Wright, the mother of Tahera Hayden, 13, is at her wit’s end.
Her teenage daughter was last year diagnosed with a case of acute scoliosis and ever since, her offspring’s life has taken a downward spiral.
Scoliosis is a medical condition in which a person’s spine is curved from side to side. It is also defined as a spinal curvature of more than 10 degrees to the right or left.
The disease may develop during adolescent growth spurt and is more often diagnosed in females than males.
Wright told the Jamaica Observer that Tahera has suffered from mental and physical trauma as a result of her condition.
“Her body structure shows a visible curve, causing her to lean/tilt to one side. This, of course, has prompted her peers at school to tease and humiliate her constantly,” Wright said.
Due to the constant taunting from fellow students at the Old Harbour High School which Tahera attends, the child has been unwilling to attend school and her grades have fallen drastically.
“She doesn’t even want to go to school anymore. She has not been doing well at school. It has affected her badly. At nights she wakes up crying. She has to endure terrible pain in her back and knees,” the single mother of three told the Sunday Observer.
To correct the unusual growth in her daughter’s spinal cord, Wright would have to fork out $213,000 for a custom-made scoliosis brace.
Unfortunately, even though she is employed, the daily bump and grind of paying the bills, coupled with the ever-worsening economic times, has rendered her unable to find the cash that it would take to make her second child’s life easier.
“As a single mother, I am unable to finance it and may have to face the fact that my daughter will only get progressively worse. It is with this in mind that I am soliciting any assistance that anyone may be able to afford to offset these expenses and bring about hope for my daughter,” Wright said.
Time is fast running out for the desperate mother and daughter, as doctors at the Bustamante Hospital for Children have indicated that the brace should be fitted by July 24 this year … as a matter of urgency.
“She has asked to stop attending school until we get the brace, but I cannot let her stop because her education is too important to her development,” said Wright, managing to flash a smile despite her woes.

Metastatic Breast Cancer

breast cancer (inverted nipple, lump, skin dim...
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Metastatic Breast Cancer. Just hoping  one day they will find a cure for all these Cancer that is taking people’s life from day to day.

Have You Been Hurt on Facebook? Social Pain by Careless Words (via Chronic Illness Pain Daily Devotionals)

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Have You Been Hurt on Facebook? Social Pain by Careless Words (via Chronic Illness Pain Daily Devotionals).

Have You Been Hurt on Facebook? Social Pain by Careless Words (via Chronic Illness Pain Daily Devotionals)

Jesus with children, early 1900s Bible illustr...
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Leave all your troubles in the hands of the Almighty and he will take care of them for you.

Have You Been Hurt on Facebook? Social Pain by Careless Words Today’s devotional is a little longer than we typically post, but I felt it had a wonderful message and wanted to share it with you. I hope you enjoy. –Lisa __________________________ “Then Jesus said to his disciples, ‘Whoever wants to be My disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow Me.'” (Matthew: 16:24) It still seems unreal to me sometimes that we can connect with people from all over the world through a connection call … Read More

via Chronic Illness Pain Daily Devotionals

Stepdad Force Boy:

Wormwood Scrubs Prison Built by prison labour ...
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It’s been a case which saw a STEPDAD been sent to prison for forcing an 11 year old Boy to sleep in a Straitjacket over the period of 3 years.

Glad to know that the Boy’s mother was also given a prison term for her part in this boy ordeal.

Only hope that on their release after completing their  spell behind bars, they will not be allowed to ever go near children again.

At last some one’s making sense.

This is a graph showing the rate of obesity in...
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At long last someone is making a bit more sense to say, it’s not what we eat but how much we eat that causes the problem of Obesity.
Why can’t we stop telling people what and not to eat but encourage them not to over eat themselves in the process.
I did rather think people would accept that form of information than been called obese or told what to eat.


The photograph shows grade IV capsular contrac...
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Breast implant fears inflate and that’s the cost to women who are not satisfied with their body or their breast, you pay thousand of pounds to blow them up then they go pop like balloons.